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Transgender resources in the phonebook

Gender Identity: A persons deeply felt psychological identification as a man, woman, both or neither that may or may not correspond to that persons external body or assigned sex at birth.

Sexual Orientation: Describes a pattern of emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual attraction toword a man, woman, both genders, neither genders, transgender or another form of gender.

Androgyny (also androgynous, bi-gendered, no-gendered): A person [a] who identifies as both or neither of the two culturally defined genders; and/or [b] who expresses and/or presents merged culturally/stereotypically feminine and masculine characteristics, or mainly neutral characteristics. May or may not express dual gender identity.

Asexual: refers to and individual who has absolutely no sexual desire or sexual feelings toward a person of any sex

Binding: The practice of taping or compressing the chest or "breast tissue" so that one can pass as a man, this is done with extremely tight bras, elastic bandages, and other methods.

Bigender: describes a tendency to move between feminine and masculine gender-typed behavior depending on context and envirioment the individual is in at the present time

Bisexual (Bi): A person who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted to those of either gender. However a person who identifies as bisexual is usually only attracted to the physical makeup of man or a woman and is NOT attracted to transgender people.

Cross-Dressing : A person who wears the clothing considered typical for another gender on occasion, but does not desire to change their gender. Reasons for cross-dressing are usually for a need to express a feminine or masculine side. Cross-dressers can be of any sexual orientation, but within this community, there is a large percentage of heterosexually/straight-identified individuals

Drag (also Drag King, Drag Queen, Female/Male Impersonator): Wearing the clothing of another gender, often with exaggerated cultural/stereotypical gender characteristics. Individuals may identify as Drag Kings (female in drag) or Drag Queens (male in drag). Drag often refers to dressing for functional purposes such as entertainment/performance or social gatherings. Drag has held a significant place in LGBT history and community.

F2M/FTM (Female to Male): Used to identify a person who was female bodied at birth and who identifies as male, lives as a man, or identifies as masculine.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)- refers to surgical procedures that alter the human face to bring its features closer in shape and size to those of an average female human.

Gay: A person who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted primarily to members of the same gender. A person (usually male) who accepts their same gender attraction and identifies as gay.

Gender-Bender : A person who merges characteristics of all genders in subtle ways or intentionally flaunts merged/blurred cultural/stereotypical gender nonns for the purpose of shocking others, without concern for passing.

Gender Non-Conforming: refers to people who do not adhere to society's rules about dress and activities for people that are based on their sex. A gender non-conforming person may choose to present as neither clearly male, nor clearly female, but rather as a gender-free individual.

Gender Queer: A term which is used by some people who may or may not fit on the spectrum of trans, or be labeled as trans, but who identify their gender and their sexual orientation to be outside the assumed norm.

Gender Reassignment Surgery—GRS/Sex Reassignment Surgery—SRS: Permanent surgical refashioning of genitalia to resemble the genitalia of the desired gender. Sought to attain congruence between one's body and one's gender identity.

Heterosexual: An individual who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted primarily to those of the opposite gender.

Homophobia: is a range of irrational negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality and people identified or perceived as being homosexual, often results in discrimintation that is critical, abusive, and violent behavior.

Homosexual: An individual who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted primarily to those of the same gender.

Hormone Therapy / Hormone Replacement Therapy: Administration of hormones to affect the development of secondary sex characteristics of the opposite assigned gender; this is a process, possibly lifelong, of using hormones to change the internal body chemistry. Androgens (testosterone) are used for female-to-males, and Estrogens are used for male-to-females.

Intersexed : An Individual born with full or partial genitalia of both genders, or with underdeveloped or ambiguous genitalia. Surgery is common in infancy, when a singular gender is assigned. Many who have surgery develop feeling a sense of loss of an essential part of themselves.

Lesbian: A person who identifies as a woman and who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted primarily to members of the same gender. A female who accepts her same gender attraction and identifies as lesbian.

LGBT: Acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

M2F, MTF, Male-to-Female: Used to identify a person who was male bodied at birth and who identifies as a female, lives as a woman, or identifies as feminine.

Pansexual /Omnisexual: An individual who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted to those of any gender or physical makeup.

Pre-Op (also Pre-Operative): Transsexual individuals who have not attained gender reassignment surgery, but who desire to and are seeking that as an option. They may or may not cross-live full time and may or may not take hormone therapy. They may also seek surgery to change secondary sex characteristics.

Post-Op (also Post-operative): Transsexual individuals who have attained gender reassignment surgery, and/or other surgeries to change secondary sex characteristics.

Queer: Used to identify someone who aligns themselves with the trans, bisexual, lesbian, and gay (GLBT) community, a term which is often taken back in a positive way for self-identification, and a term historically used only in a negative context to ridicule and label anyone not conforming to heterosexual persons and societal gender expectations.

Straight: An individual who is emotionally, spiritually, physically, and/or sexually attracted primarily to members of the opposite gender. A person who accepts their opposite gender attraction and who identifies as straight.

Top Surgery: Surgery "above the waist," usually breast augmentation for MTFs and breast reduction for FTMs. There are many different issues that cause each person to make the decision either to have or not have the surgeries, some factors include: desire, expense, physical health, age, and access to medical care and information. There are also many difficulties that can occur with these surgeries, which will factor into each individual's decision-making process.

Trans/ Transgender: Those who transgress societal gender norms; often used as an umbrella term to mean those who defy rigid, bipolar gender constructions, and who express or present a breaking and/or blurring of cultural/stereotypical gender roles. This includes: androgynes, cross-dressers, gender-benders, intersexed individuals, shape-shifters, transvestites, and transsexuals.

Transition: The period during which a transgender individual (usually transsexual) begins to live a new life in their gender. Also, includes the period of full-time living.

Transphobia: The irrational fear of those who are perceived to break and/or blur cultural/stereotypical gender roles, often assumed to be queer. Expressed as negative feelings, attitudes, actions or behaviors against those perceived as breaking and/or blurring cultural/stereotypical gender roles. Often results in discrimination that is critical, abusive and violent. Many transpeople also experience homophobia from people who incorrectly associate their gender identity with homosexuality.

Transsexual (also Female-to-Male (FTM/F2M), Male-to-Female (MTF/M2F), Pre-Operative, Post-Operative, Non-Operative): A person who, through experiencing an intense long-term discomfort resulting from feeling the inappropriateness of their assigned gender at birth and discomfort of their body, adapts their gender role and body in order to reflect and be congruent with their gender identity. This may include cross-living, synthesized sex hormones, surgery and other body modification which may or may not lead to the feeling of harmony between a person's body and gender identity.

Transvestite: Dressing in clothing of the opposite sex, usually for sexual or fetish purposes, often seen as a derogatory term when referring to a person who is transgender

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