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The Interview

Ximena Sarinana

"When I was fifteen that was when the alternative part of me switched on so then I was listening to Radiohead, Bjork, and Fiona Apple."

by Jerry Nunn
Mexican singer, songwriter and keyboardist Ximena Sariñana has scored multiple Grammy Awards nods along with being named a "You Oughta Know" artist on VH-1 and the only Latin artist in iTunes Best 10 Albums of 2008. The daughter of acclaimed film director Fernando Sariñana, Ximena has also been acting since the age of 11.

Ximena's first album released in 2008 was anything but Mediocre with Rolling Stone giving it four stars. Now with her English-language debut album, Ximena is ready to break into the America market with a catchy self-titled sunny offering.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hola, Ximena. We talked last when your flight was delayed the day you opened for Sia at the Metro.

XS: (Ximena Sarinana) That was intense! It was a long day and chaotic. I'm glad we could reschedule.

JN: How do you feel the show went at the Metro?

XS: Amazing, it was fun. It was the first show on the tour so we were literally getting used to the stage. I loved getting to know Oh Land and Sia.

JN: Is that the market you would like to tap into?

XS: Yeah, I am open to whatever as far as fans, as long as they like my music. I like all kinds of music. I may not be the typical Radiohead fan. I don't believe in clichés for fans.

JN: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

XS: My family used to listen to a lot of Latin American folk songs, also Paul Simon, and Tracy Chapman. So I listened to that growing up. I was into jazz music. When I was fifteen that was when the alternative part of me switched on so then I was listening to Radiohead, Bjork, and Fiona Apple.

JN: Your second CD just came out. How was the kick off for that?

XS: It was great. I am really happy just to know it is out there.

JN: I listen to "Wrong Miracle" all the time. It has been great discovering your music.

XS: Thank you. That is so sweet!

JN: You kept on Spanish track called "Tu y Yo." But the last album Mediocre was all in Spanish.

XS: Yes, correct so this is for a new audience.

JN: Where are you originally from?

XS: I am from Mexico. I was born in Guadalajara. The first five years of my life I lived in LA then lived in Mexico City until recently.

JN: You did telenovelas when you were young?

XS: Yes, from when I was 10 to 13 then I did films.

JN: Where are you going to next?

XS: I am going to Dallas with Oh Land then off to play the Jay Leno Show. After that it is Europe. Then I am returning to Chicago to play at Schubas.

JN: It is great to see a new generation of music coming out. I wish you best of luck!

XS: Thank you so much.

Ximena's self-titled album hit stores August 2. She plays at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, Dec. 22 with Graffit6 starting at 9:00 p.m., visit for tickets at only $12.00.

Check out her new video for the song "Different" with some hot pool boys at
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