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The Interview

Brad Goreski

by Jerry Nunn
The Rachel Zoe Project went bananas with Brad Goreski for two seasons and continues the drama with season three. ChicagoPride caught up with Brad right before the launch.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hello, Brad. We haven’t talked in awhile since last season.

BG: (Brad Goreski) I know it’s been a long time.

JN: I still see you on Facebook every once in awhile. It’s a good way to keep in touch.

BG: Yeah, absolutely.

JN: So, how have you been? Tell me what’s going on with you.

BG: Oh my god. So much. Well I have a new position at Rachel Zoe, which has been really fun and exciting. I’ve been promoted to the style director of her company, which means that I’m basically in charge of everything and anything that has to do with the styling aspect of her business.

JN: So, now you have the big money. You got a raise, right?

BG: Big responsibility. Major responsibilities.

JN: What’s going on with, the blonde girl, what’s her name?

BG: I don’t remember.

JN: She’s out of the picture? That’s over, right?


Who are we talking about? No, I’m just kidding. Actually, I have no idea because before I haven’t talked to her since before November before she was let go, so I don’t really have any idea what’s going on with her.

JN: So, basically now it’s the Brad and Rachel show now, right?

BG: And Rodger. You can’t forget about Rodger.

JN: He pops in every once in awhile, right?

BG: He brings it this year. He’s the CFO of the company. So, he’s very very involved in the office all the time. So, there’s lots of Rodger.

JN: Now do you guys hire someone new?

BG: We did hire somebody new. You’ll have the pleasure of meeting her on the show.

JN: You have more guest stars this season. You have Demi Moore.

BG: Yeah, Demi Moore, Molly Simms comes back with a vengeance again. There are definite also some amazing surprise guests. By amazing I mean people are going to lose their shit when they see these people interacting with Rachel. I don’t want to spoil it because they’re big Hollywood names but we have amazing guest stars this year. I think, even more so than last year. You know, a lot of season 1 and season 2 was more focused on inter personal relationships, which of course it still is because our lives are so finely intertwined with each other. So, it’s still all of that drama, misunderstanding, miscommunication, love, fashion orgasm, and all of those really good things, but I think here the viewer gets a really insiders perspective into what happens in fittings and with Rachel’s relationships with her clients. Getting to see Rachel on set with one of her clients, Demi Moore, for a photo shoot. It’s pretty exciting this year.

JN: What do you think of other shows, like Styl’D on MTV?

BG: I know about those show but I haven’t really watched a lot of them because I’m like a Housewife junkie and a diehard Bravo fan. I do like to dip into the Real Word every so often but those shows are competition related and they’re cash and prizes shows. Rachel is like the number one stylist and I’m already her assistant so I’m still kind of trying to make sure she’s happy and that task is kind of a challenge. It’s actually my life. It’s what I eat, live, and breath. Any kind of exposure people get and any kind of influence that the Rachel Zoe Project has had on these other shows to allow younger people and younger hopeful stylists, stylist assistants a chance I think it’s fantastic because it’s a tough industry and getting your foot in the door is half the battle. The other half of the battle is being good at what you do.

JN: Do you feel like you have thicker skin since you started three seasons ago?

BG: Oh my God, beyond. You’ll see the happy, dancing; fun, silly Brad is still there. When Taylor was let go I didn’t have any inkling that it was going to happen and it was just me. I had to quickly take on a lot of responsibility and it was just before award season and it was a lot. My first job out of the gate was the Demi Moore photo shoot that you’ll see, and there were other jobs on top of that. So, I really just dove into it. Having to do that I had to develop a new set of skills. Become more of a ball buster, so to speak, and I think you see progressively through the season how I start. I mature a lot in my job and if that means saying no to Rachel or if that means enough is enough. I’m very good and keeping things clicking along, very quick answers, very quick decisions, and keep things moving along. So, I think you see I’m more of a taskmaster.

JN: That’s good.

BG: Yeah that is good because I think not only in terms of the show but I think in my personal life and in my own trying to pass as an assistant, to an associate, to a director it’s like you have to keep growing in whatever job you’re in. Developing new skills and being able to work with different personalities all the time. So, I’m really happy with where I’m at.

JN: Are you in a relationship still?

BG: I am. We just celebrated nine years on July 2.

JN: That’s great, congratulations. I didn’t know it was that long.

BG: Thank you!

JN: Any kind of trends you see coming up? The bow tie thing kind of got big there.

BG: Yeah, the bow tie thing became big, which was really cool. I think, you see a little bit in the show you start seeing stripping away, you know with my new position, I felt like I need a new look. So, you’ll see that throughout the season. I’ve been hitting the gym a little bit, you know. I think in terms of trends and stuff like that there’s a really big military influence. There’s a lot of army green coming through. I think flannel is still very in for the fall but I think there’s a little bit more sporty edge happening. I think America’s sportiness is trickling in, again. Casual luxury, I like to call it. Like a hoodie lined mink.

JN: That’s awesome. All right, well thanks Brad. I appreciate your time today. Good talking to you again. Looking forward to the new season and maybe season 4. You never know.

BG: Absolutely, thank you for speaking with me again.

Watch what happens to team Zoe on the Bravo channel. Check for listings and information.

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