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Vatican rocked by gay prostitution scandal

The Vatican is reeling from allegations of a gay prostitution scandal that has already claimed the services of two men, Rome-based La Repubblica reported.

A probe into corruption charges in the awarding of public works contracts by Italy's Civil Protection Agency has also unearthed an alleged organized gay prostitution ring involving Angelo Balducci, a former member of the board of Italy's public works department and a consultant to the Vatican on major construction projects.

Balducci, now behind bars, held an esteemed post in the Vatican serving in The Gentlemen of His Holiness, an elite group of ushers who serve visiting dignitaries.

La Repubblica reported Wednesday that Ghinedu Ehiem, a Vatican choir performer originally from Nigeria, provided men, including seminarians and students of ecclesiastic colleges, for Balducci, a married man.

In nearly a year of wiretapped conversations leaked to the Italian media, Ehiem details the men to Balducci. "I have a situation in Naples," Ehiem says in one conversation. He continues every two or three days, "I have a situation from Cuba," "a German recently arrived from Germany," "two blacks" and "the player."

Another contact, Lorenzo Renzi, is heard explaining the job to a potential client. "Do not break his cock!! You need the money ... put a little music, you take out the [inaudible] … you drop the Viagra there. And away!"

Both men have reportedly lost their Vatican posts.

Balducci's lawyer called publication of the conversations "shameful," adding that the Italian media had no right to publish material unrelated to the investigation.
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