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Teespring pulls controversial swastika tee

'F**k you, I lost family members with that symbol,' wrote one angry commenter

Clothing website Teespring has removed a line of shirts apparently aimed at the LGBT community trying to reclaim a controversial Nazi symbol.

Photo of the controversial shirts :: ka design
Photo of the controversial shirts 
credit :: ka design
PinkNews reports that KA Design released the shirts which feature swastikas with the words "peace", "zen" and "love" on Teespring.

"The swastika is coming back together with love, peace, respect and freedom," read KA Design's description of the shirts.

Reaction on social media has been swift and fierce. There was near-universal condemnation of the product on the company's Facebook page. Facebook user Jay-Ron Berko commented:

"F**k you, I lost family members with that symbol. You think branding is the problem? You're erasing part of nazism by taking that and rebranding it. Who are you to mess with our memories? I say 6 million of my blood relatives perished and you have no business spreading that symbol again."

A spokesperson for Teespring said that KA Designs is "in no way affiliated with Teespring and does not reflect the company's views."

Teespring also made a donation to Yad Vashem, The World Holocaust Remembrance Center.

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