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Gay military magazine to arrive at bases on DADT repeal

OutServe will appear on bases the day DADT is repealed

Washington, DC — With the formal repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell less than a month away, a new gay-themed military publication is set for distribution at Army and Air Force bases. 

OutServe magazine, whose target audience is gay members of the military, will go on sale at bases on Sept. 20, the exact day the Pentagon repeals DADT. It's the first publication of its type to be distributed on military bases. 

The magazine was launched in the spring by active members of the military who have been forced to serve secretly gay for years under the decades-old discriminatory military policy, which bans gay and lesbian troops from serving openly. 

"Our first objective with the magazine is to let all the gay, lesbian, bi, and trans members currently serving know that they are not alone," said JD Smith, OutServe's co-director, an active-duty officer who goes by the pseudonym while DADT is still in effect. "And we also want to communicate to all troops that there are capable gay military members serving honorably, and that accepting that and moving on will make our military stronger."

The new September issue, which is the third edition of the magazine, will feature a photo spread of nearly 100 people who are members of OutServe and will be the first time these service members have been able to make their sexual orientation known among the military ranks. 

OutServe will be available for free at US Army and Air Force bases. 

The publication has expanded its interactive offerings at 
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