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Journalist & Political Analyst

A former politico, Brian Troutman has been involved in politics since 2008. He has worked on several campaigns, ranging from county board races to a gubernatorial election. Troutman left the political campaign circuit in 2014.

Troutman graduated Northern Illinois University with a BA in Political Science. He currently works full-time as a news producer at an NBC affiliate station, and freelances on the side.



Outside of politics, I have a diverse set of interests.

I love to travel. There is nothing that I love more than exploring a new city.

I am a huge technophile and self-described nerd. I can debate the merits of Android over the IOS any day, and I once developed my own Android app, a digital version of the drinking game "Circle of Death", just for fun.

My guilty pleasure is really unhealthy food.

If you want to know more about me, just ask.

Favorite movies

Star Wars


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