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I'm a monogamous FTM no-ho queer (Kinsey 3) living out in Chicago's northwest suburbs. I'm out to my family and friends, although I'm not out to everyone at work, and I'd like to be with someone who would be comfortable introducing me to her/his family and friends if we got to that point. I want to hold your freaking hand in public, is that so much to ask?!?! I've got no patience for the condescending parts of the urban "scene" and snide comments about how I'm enjoying the spacious parking in the suburbs. Which I am, by the way. I may be the only person in Chicago who doesn't like improv, but I like jazz, burlesque, and independent movies.

Likes: Intelligence, having a passion for something while still being secure enough to take an interest in other people. I'm looking for the basic important things, someone who is honest, affectionate, and knows what they are looking for.

Turn-offs: Smoking and cat allergies. Power tripping and micromanagement. And, can I be frank with you? What's the big deal about yoga, anyway?



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