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May 30, 2018

Nunn on the Run:
U2 brings experience to town


U2 brings experience to town
The rock band from Dublin known as U2 continues to evolve with a lengthy career. The latest album Songs of Experience is the 14th studio album and continues their collaboration with producers such as Steve Lillywhite.

This one has a more relaxed feel with tracks such as "You're the Best Thing About me." It would not the U2 without poltics being a part of it and reflects his brush with mortality during the recording.

U2 brings experience to town
The new Experience + Innocnece Tour brought that music to Chicago for two nights at the United Center. This was return to the Windy City after the Soldier Field's performance of Joshua Tree.

It immediately was different from the large video screen that ran down the runway to the stage setup where the band was more accessible to the fans.

On May 22 there was a long delay because of technical difficulties that singer Bono joked about. With no opener offered this time around the audience had a test in patience. The app that was suggested to download was not engaging to kill some time beforehand.

U2 brings experience to town
The set list varies throughout the run of this tour, but in Chicago the rockers started with "Love Is All We Have Left" the first track from the latest album. Another new song "Lights of Home" was played before well known "I Will Follow" began. Once again the folllowers were tested.

Many of the major hits were not to be heard that night, instead it was many rare cuts like "The Ocean" and "Staring at the Sun."

The length of time was also satisfying with well over two hours, many of the longtime listeners had a full evening of music that they can remember for a long time to come.

Will the band ever find what they are looking for? The attendees didn't as that song was not played or many of their usual live hits.

As an experience this show had ups and downs. The LED entertained with cartoons and powerful images, but when the four powerhouses separated to the corners of the runway, people were given what they came there for. A well oiled machine that has stood the test of time and one band everyone should see before they die. Bono and the boys are going to continue to tour until their last dying breathe "With or Without You."

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