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February 27, 2017

Nunn on the Run:
Get Into Get Out


Get Into Get Out
The new movie Get Out is brought to you by half the duo of Key & Peele's Jordan Peele. He rightfully saw a hole in the horror market and went for it. When is the last time we have had a Black protagonist in this genre? Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington who goes home with his girlfriend to meet the parents over a weekend. After hearing that Catherine Keener would be in this movie I knew she wouldn't sign on to a stinker. She plays the girlfriend's mother with her usual grounded personality.

Get Into Get Out
The movie has lots of twists and turns with a surprisngly big amount of humor that lampoons racism and liberals.

It doesn't wind up falling into the horror genre but instead has a lot of suspense and mystery. It is a surprise to release a movie at this time of year instead of October, but the film is determined to be different. Audiences have already taken to it, so before someone spoils the surpise get into the theater for Get Out!

Get Into Get Out
Another small budget movie that looks scary as well, but is in fact a dark mystery is Cellar Door. It is done locally in Chicago with the Chicago PD crew. Fatal Funnel Films is releasing it to encourage funding for the more of the project.

The entire cast showed up at the screening at the AMC on Illinois in Chicago recently.

For more information on the thriller visit

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