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GoPride Community Connection Senior Vice President of Community Affairs, Bill Pritchard can be found promoting, hosting and producing events nation wide in the LGBT community. His personal campaign is to challenge, inspire and promote opportunities to make a difference in the lives of individuals, entities and communities around the world.

"What's the T?"
Transgender news and events

Random Walk through the City
Finding the hidden gems - people, places, products - that make this city tick. Or at least makes Chicago the fun, unique city that is is.

Paul Blackburn
My blog will be dedicated to the community that will always welcome us home. My blog may be edgy at times, may rub some people the wrong way, and may bring to light some issues that most people want kept in the dark, but no matter what it will be dedicated to you; the Citizens, Visitors and most importantly, Future Visitors & Citizens of Boystown Chicago.

Making A Difference's blog to bring attention to events and individuals making a difference in our community

Boystown Blog
The Boystown Blog is managed by the editorial team of and provides the latest daily news and hot event happenings. Check back often!

The Chappell Report
The Chappell Report includes features on the community’s rich city of talent, culture, and more, and nightlife exclusives on Chicago’s hottest destinations.

The Miss Foozie Blog
Once upon a time, Miss Foozie had found something that made her happy. She had found something that made people laugh. She had found something truly special. Miss Foozie is not a "drag queen"; Miss Foozie is a "personality." She is funny! She'll make you laugh. She will also love you because Miss Foozie loves people. She always does.

Feast of Fun
The Feast of Fun podcast is a talk show hosted by Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion that features celebrity guests, artists, musicians, actors and members of the LGBT community. The program is a roundtable discussion of unusual news, social trends and interviews.

With over eight million downloads to this date, the Feast of Fools has the distinction of having one of the largest audiences for a comedy talk show produced from Chicago, and the largest audience for a GLBT-themed podcast in the world. It's one of the most popular daily audio programs of its kind for any audience.

Feast of Fun: Gay Talk Show won the People's Choice Podcasting Award for "Best GLBT Podcast" three years in a row. Other awards have been: "Best Podcast" (Pressie Awards 2006, Chicago Free Press), "Best Podcast" (Gay Bloggies), "Best Podcast" (Best Gay Blogs), "Queers Who Make Chicago Great 2006" (Time Out Chicago) and a Windy City Black Pride "Esteem Award."

The Erik R. Sosa Blog
Fatherhood. Videos. Music amd Art. It helps me pass the time. Without lines, there is no diection. Without color, there is no emotion. Composition breaths life.

Ryan K's Photo Blog and Nightspots photographer Ryan K's photo blog.

Trying to take life one blog at a time.

HIV Lives
Learn the in's & out's of HIV. The latest news, public interaction and reactions. Should this label you? Be how you live your life?

OutworldTV Blog started as an idea last July to cover events and create shows and web-based content about and for the LGBTQA community. It took a while to find the right web fit, but once the site was designed we hit the ground running, currently we have produced, shot, edited, in some cases written and performed in 100 clips and climbing. The goal is to have constant scheduled programming going up daily, let me know if you have any ideas you would like to see on the site!

Les is More
This blog is managed by CPAmy, and features musings and news about the lesbian community and more.

The SnapSaint Report
As photographer to Socialites, Artists, Celebrities, and the Gay Social Scene in general, I've created this blog to have an open forum in which we can discuss social issues, fun events, and of course sssscandalous gossip !

Pride Newsroom
GoPride News bloggers compile the best news from our content providers and search the Web for the most interesting news stories so you don't have to.

Whats A Boy To Do
Michael is always asking the question that no one wants to ask, the one who usually raises his hand first because everyone else is chicken and typically doing the wrong thing, but What's A Boy To Do?

Gab! all the gossip worth repeating...

At Large in the community

That Blog!
Nightspots editor Kirk Williamson takes you for a walk in his sensible shoes.

Watching a Supermodel
Following Chicago's Ronnie Kroell on Bravo's "Make Me a Supermodel" Thursday's at 9PM Central.

From the Editor
News, events and scoop of interest in and out of Boystown Chicago.

LGBT around the globe
LGBT news, places and events from around the world

zoozoo6 Blog
This blog is managed by zoozoo6 How is every body out their doing? I was just wondering if anybody else out there experiences the same thing I do and if they do, how do they deal with it (please excuse all the dooos). I frequent most of the clubs and bars in BOYSTOWN, I love them because they always have interesting things going on and they play the best music. Mind you I am straight but have grown to love the gay community. In most cases they are very accepting of every one. During the early 90's (1991 to 1994) I used to go to all of the straight clubs but soon grew tired of all the usual macho crap. I was never the type of guy that picked up strange women in clubs and till this day I don't do that type of thing (I'm 35). I don't have any of those typical stories of chicks that I've picked up over the years and had drunk sex with (the only thing that I do while drunk is indulge in silly conversation, I'm open to any type of conversation when I'm drunk (also when sober) and no I'm not one of those violent drunks, I've been hit on by more guys than I can count and had my bottom grabbed a couple of times at SPIN, I was very flattered!!). Well now to get to my point, I noticed that when ever I go to like say BERLIN (I go by myself, my friends aren't very opened minded so they don't like these types of clubs, they have the attitude that if they can't pickup any women they aren't interested in going) no one will indulge me in any type conversation? What usually winds up happening is that if I talk to a guy the whole conversation falls apart when we get to this part; he says "so do you have a boyfriend"? And I say "I'm straight", at this point he walks away. With women they either walk away when I try to start a conversation or they want me to dance with their boyfriends (I don't dance, does anybody out there want to give me dance lessons?). Sometimes I wonder if it's because people see me alone they think "something must be wrong with that guy, he's here all by himself". Is any body else out there experiencing the same thing?

Maleman delivers
So why do both men and women lie> It is getting colder, doesn't someone want to cuddle and stay warm all night? I do.....

RobHadley Blog
This blog is managed by RobHadley

Give Me Botox or Give Me Death!
The better you look, the more you see.

Pinklipstick Blog
This blog is managed by Pinklipstick

Absolute_Vanilla4u Blog

My Blog
It's a blog do you need to say anything else?

The Gay Games Experience
Here is one athlete's view of the gay Games VII experience.

The ramblings of my life
Gabriel's Blog...

Inside Eric's Studio...
A copy-and-pasted-from-my-Xanga recount of my life and thoughts...

romangod17 Blog
This blog is managed by romangod17

My Rant's
This blog is about what is wrong with the world

pierced_0021 Blog
This blog is managed by pierced_0021

The Fun Things In Life
This is just a collection of fun readings.

Danilicious Blog
With These Words With these words I lay my heart at your feet; I put my life in your hands. I will love you until the sands of time have all washed away for eternity. I’ve always loved you and I always shall. You are truly my reality, you are my weakness, but you are also my strength, my life, my salvation. My soul lives within you. My heart beats through yours. I have come to realize, have always known, my life isn’t complete without you. How much I need you, like the air I must breathe to keep me alive. I have come to realize that I can’t live without you. With these words I give you all you’ve given me; I give you my soul, my heart, my love, my life. I’ll stand by you through thick and thin, be there for you in every way possible, through the worst and the best, through the happy times and the sad, through sickness and health. I will honor you, treasure you, cherish you, and love you like you’ve never been loved before with all that I am, with all that I have. I will be forever faithful, be your partner in life, be your hearts desire, and be all that you need. I will never be away from you, I will never leave you. I will love you forever and always, for eternity.

Bobbixoxo Blog
Can anyone tell me why good studs always fall for the worst women in the world? Nobody wants a good stud. I don't cheat I pay my bills and I try to do all I can for my woman but my best is never good enough. Is love really suppose to hurt. I thought when you love someone you love them no matter what? Well I guess the saying is true NO MONEY, NO HONEY.

To veiw a life long told story of another i think is boring but to get to know the person is were the spice is. I have this dream and when I wake up I look at the person lying next to me and I scream on the inside because he hurts mentally and I don't know how to shut him out, he has never laid a hand on me but with every breath he breaths it's another insult that I have to ignore and blow back at him when he wants the sugar spot because I hold all that anger in to fuck the shit out of him.

exoticnymphie Blog
This blog is managed by exoticnymphie

This blog is managed by RJULES1982

Back2Blonde2 Blog
This blog is managed by Back2Blonde2

This is my rant and rave section. I read..then comment!

I'm Emotionally Undemanding
The deepest thoughts and feelings of Brian Taylor a.k.a. Emotionally Undemanding.

AudioA Blog
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Confessions of Chitwnrnbwchck
Daily Inspiration

Intuit Blog
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Decoi's Digitalis Demonstration...
Word life ...

AnnaRoberts1990 Blog
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RayT.467 Blog
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BryanClifford Blog
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Essay writing
Useful tips how to write an essay

onlinekitrx Blog
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daynighthealthcare247 Blog
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News from Chicago area businesses
Local entertainment, lifestyle and business news around Chicagoland. This blog is managed by Kurman Communications

markchristian Blog
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amandarooks Blog
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Best Orthodontist in Chicago
At Orthodontic Experts of Pilsen we work with children, teens, and adults to create confident and beautiful smiles by restoring poorly positioned teeth, bad bites,. facial deformities and speech impediments. Our orthodontic office provides a comfortable, safe, and friendly environment, where we treat each patient with great care, understanding, and respect. At Orthodontic Experts of Pilsen we offer traditional braces, ceramic braces as well as Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen™ invisible braces in Pilsen.

bethpatterson Blog
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AnnabelleBlanch Blog
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BeSafeMeds Blog:
Hi my name is Dr. Segun Ishmael and I am a local Midwest doctor with over 20 years of experience. I am the co-founder and CEO of BeSafeMeds, a new website application that allows you to treat STDs or STIs from the comfort of your own home. Currently, we operate in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Florida, and New Mexico. For more information you can go to

ElizabethThomas Blog
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Assignment Writing Service
I know it is hard to write when there is an important document because it requires the perfect blend of words suiting the topic, which is not possible for everyone to write in the proper way.

iPhone unlock jailbreak Blog
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AnnaBlanch Blog
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Sam Loveless
This blog is managed by Sam Loveless

ShowBizQ Blog
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Every Day
Everything you might need for your everyday life

Laurenpower Blog
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KnowItAll Blog
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DawnTaylor Blog
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Christina967 Blog
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Amy824 Blog
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AnnMosley Blog
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life coach certification
Discover power & transform your life in weeks. Our online life coaching courses will teach you how to change old habits, using the power of your brain. Life Coach Certification

José Rafael Cordero Sánchez -
Blog dedicandole un espacio al activista venezolano José Rafael Cordero Sánchez en chicago.gopride.

Profiting from Solar Energy
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liping8388 Blog
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Alva Blog
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sendachan Blog
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anth1016 Blog
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AdrineSantos Blog
This blog is managed by AdrineSantos30 Blog
This blog is managed by

Blog For Students
This blog is managed by VictoriaVein

Serena213 Blog
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Education Matters
This blog is managed by Serena875

Vaccine Center Chicago Blog
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MichelleT Blog
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LGBT Trending Now
The most current viral and clickable trending and breaking news stories, videos and photo galleries of interest to the LGBT community.

menshealthresource Blog
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centwisisa Blog
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Michaelzi784 Blog
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Garcinia Cambogia Reviews & Side Effects
Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss Reviews and Side Effects

DougKondor1982 Blog
This blog is managed by DougKondor1982 Feel free to send comments Check back shortly for updates

varu Blog
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NCAA Football 2014 Live HQD
NCAA Football 2014 Live HQD

Where To Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?
Where To buy Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia - 2014 Dr Oz's Garcinia
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Why to Buy Pure Garcinia Cambogia? - Best Places To Buy Garcinia Cambogia - Highly effective Garcinia Cambogia (Hca) Extract Along with Where To Buy It

Health professionals have connected the unnecessary eating addiction with the feelings. Studies demonstrate that a hormonal known as this is responsible for moodiness. The lower stage of this hormonal outcomes the bad feelings. However, meals is one way to improve the stage of this but it outcomes the unwanted excess bodyweight. People in bad feelings commonly eat more, that is what wellness professionals call psychological unnecessary eating.

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1 Percent Club Review -Binary option trading
1 Percent Club Review -Binary option trading software

Next the Gadgets Tech Information Blog's
All the world cool gadgets tech information the apple's the android's etc all in the list blog's

#LGBT Trending
Sharing LGBT stories of interest.

Queer Apparel for ALL!

Endarkim Football Blog 2014
This blog is managed by Endarkim

Professional Web Designing Services
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Charity Noxi Blog
This Blog Is Managed By Charity Noxi

CPTom's Blog
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How To Date Older Men
Lot of women these days are dating older men but they are finding it hard to maintain their relation.

Algonquinwrestler Blog
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bekkyman Blog
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Victorneal09 Blog
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Wholesale Cartoon Mascot Costume
Meilleur offre Mascottes de dessin animé et des costumes de mascotte à acheter pour divertissement et produit des promotions, avec l'expédition dans le monde entier.

jewelry007 Blog
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FTM: Scouting the Unknown
This blog is managed by TransmanRyan. Here Ryan explores various issues affecting the LGBTQ community with a particular focus on transmen.

HostGator Promo
Whenever we purchase something through the internet, we search for discount coupons.

TheGreatPhotoGuy Blog
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lindsay Blog
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Cool Gadgets Blog
I love to write some cell phone accessories review, feel free to send me your comments.

trystanmendicino Blog
This blog is basically various stories of my life, the emotions that go coursing through my mind, and my eternal struggle for acceptance from my family which I will never receive.

Juxtapositions by Precious Jewel

jonasrailey Blog
Home remodeling project

Miss Ross
A transgender woman who wants it all. To be a boss in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

What is So Good About the iPad?
Steve Jobs just good at increase pleasure and anticipation? Effectively, I'll allow you to be the judge. Let's dive in and see what all Apple's new brainchild, the iPad, has to offer. First, this a strong hand-held device. It doesn't matter if you are a gamer, a business skilled or an avid internet-surfer, the iPad can handle it. It has a very sleek and trendy design that will catch anyone's eye. It solely weighs 1.5 pounds. Not solely that, it is extremely person-friendly. It makes surfing the web a piece of cake. Effectively, just tap and go. And with its revolutionary, 9.7-inch, excessive-resolution, Multi-Touch display screen, it is possible for you to to view the entire internet web page with none problems. It's identical to your PC, however smaller and rather more capable. The iPad provides you a good internet-surfing experience. However that is not all you can do with the iPad. It's also possible to view photographs, watch movies, download music, learn books and rather more, all with the tap of your finger. Lots you want is right in your palms, literally.

LPSO's Blog
This is the LPSO's blog - where we'll feature news about our orchestra, feature our members, and other fun stuff.

ReginaUPright Blog
A little insight as to where I will be, what I will be wearing, and dishing the dirt.....

ScottHermanFitness "Health Tips!
This blog is managed by ScottHermanFitness

jeffreycollins07 Blog
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this is to good

Isle of Palms
this is to good

TMI Blog by ChicagoCarl
This blog is managed by a team of professional writers, producers, researchers and personal assistants. Or, ChicagoCarl.

ConnectiontoFun Blog
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Diva Amy Armstrong
Based in Chicago, music and comedy legend Amy Armstrong has graced stages coast-to-coast, both large and small, and in over 20 countries with her one-of-a-kind wit and musical prowess.

Geek Out!
A Mild-Mannered FanBoy in a Boystown World.

An intern's blog at
International student life in Chi-Town.

Exploring everything Gay Chicago has to offer.

Advocate with Arthur
Arthur Chaney gives his points of view in the gay community and hopes to inspire others.

STEPHEN STYLE: GoPride's Fashion Authority
STEPHEN STYLE features fashion and design from the perspective of a sassy, and slightly eccentric, young CHICago socialite. Finding style in all the right spaces.

Drake's Blog
This blog is managed by Drake

Angel Mason is one of America's most talked about civil rights activists and HIV advocates. He is an extraordinary poet and writer who is known for his breakthrough revolutionary book, Love Won't Let Me Be Silent, which is becoming a testament for many gays and lesbians struggling with their sexuality and the need to come out to their family and friends. What started out as a self-published nonfiction book has now become a literary phenomenon consistently earning him numerous literary nominations; while at the same time, gaining a place of reverence in the hearts and minds of millions of readers—both men and women worldwide.

My Duromine (Phentermine) Weight Loss Story
This blog is managed by ChloeDaniels

Casual Dating Women
Find your partner through online.

munbe Blog

Wolfboy Blog
This blog is managed by Wolfboy-WBworkout

'LGBT' What do all the terms mean?
'LGBT' What do all the terms mean? 'LGBT' or is it LGBTQIAAP ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, allies, and pansexual) As a TransWomen in the LGBT community, I felt it was my responsibility to learn the history and understand how we came to be, where we are and how I can help us all move forward. Many on both inside the LGBT community as well as outside the LGBT community do not know the definitions and how they are used. The majority of acronyms and definitions (based on GLAAD's glossary of terms ), even through with some disagreement within our community: * Lesbian: a woman whose enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attraction is to other women. Some lesbians may prefer to identify as gay, or as gay women. * Gay: the adjective used to describe people whose enduring physical, romantic, and/or emotional attractions are to people of the same sex (e.g., a gay man, gay people). * Bisexual: an individual who is physically, romantically and/or emotionally attracted to men and women. * Transgender: an umbrella adjective for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the physical sex they were assigned at birth. The term may include, but is not limited to, transsexuals(have had the SRS surgery), cross-dressers(dress in female attire PT) and other gender-variant people. Transgender people may identify (gender identity) as female-to-male (FTM) or male-to-female (MTF). Transgender people may or may not decide to alter their bodies hormonally and/or surgically. * Queer: traditionally a pejorative term, "queer" has been appropriated by some LGBT people to describe themselves. However, it is not universally accepted even within the LGBT community and should be avoided unless quoting or describing someone who self-identifies that way. * Questioning: the adjective used to describe people who are unsure of their sexual orientation. * Intersex: the adjective used to describe a person whose biological sex is ambiguous. There are many genetic, hormonal, or anatomical variations that make a person's sex ambiguous (e.g., Klinefelter syndrome). The term "intersex" is not interchangeable with or a synonym for "transgender." * Asexual: an individual who is not physically, romantically, or emotionally attracted to others. * Ally: a person who is not lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, or pansexual but who supports the LGBT(QQIAAP) community. * Pansexual: a person who is attracted to all others without taking gender or biological sex into account. A large percentage of mainstream America currently does not even understand the differences between sex, gender, and sexual orientation. A common misconception is that gender and sex are the same. Wrong. Sex is based on the physical reproductive organ supplied at birth, whereas gender identity is the mental perception you have of yourself and then there is sexual orientation, or your sexual preference (e.g., heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, etc.). Note: In other words, your sex is between your legs, your gender is between your ears and your sexual orientation is between your sheets. For the large majority of our population, gender and sex are congruent and they are heterosexual. For example, Josh is born with male sex organs, his gender (the way he mentally perceives himself) is male and his sexual orientation is heterosexual. In my case of being born with male sex organs, my gender identity is female and my sexual orientation has always been toward women. So then I am a TransLesbian (TransWomen). I hope this information has given you a more clearer understanding of who we are!


matilda Blog
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ArmandoTerrence Blog
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Fashion Blog
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Life of an ally
Josalabastier writes about youth perspective, self indulgence, survivalism, and community involvement

Q.B. Of Da' Midwest Twitter @qbofdamidwest

Iyengar Yoga Teacher cycle 575 miles for AIDS
IN June 2011, for my 14th Year, I will participate in an event to benefit the S.F. AIDS Foundation called AIDS LifeCycle. Each year, I cycle 575 miles (from S.F to L.A, CA.). And, I complete the ride knowing I did the right thing Check it out:

huaxia Blog
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edwebu Blog
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PaulaM's Blog
This blog is managed by me.

This blog is managed by zmqc

ChristyM Blog
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AuroraBottom Blog
This blog is managed by AuroraBottom I wish I could meet a couple of down to earth guys that want to be close friends and hang out for good times and lots of fun together . does not have to be something that gets in the way of real life or a partnership. Just want long term friendship. I love to please or be there more then be pleased. I am real and am a good guy to know and have as a friend. Ray,

On the Mark
A blog on gay life in Chicago by talk show host Trademark

OrlanT Blog
This is about business issues

Lezbefriends71 Blog
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This blog is managed by PUREENERGY312

AlmirA Blog
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Waymon Hudson's Blog: The HomoPolitico
While my main passion is LGBT activism, advocacy, and politics, I do try to blog about diverse issues, from personal to pop culture to political. You can also see my writing on The Bilerico Project, Huffington Post, Pam’s House Blend, and other LGBT blogs.


TheWindyCityEmpire Blog
This blog is managed by The Windy City Court of the Prairie State Empire, a 501c3 NFP serving the GLBTQA community of Chicagoland through fundraising events throughout the year. We are associated with The International Court System which is, after the Metropolitan Church, the largest LGBTQA Organization in North America. Our members come from all walks of life and all ages to include Leathermen, Female Impersonators, Nerds, Dorks, Jocks, and all sorts of people bent on having a great time! We hope you will come to our events and enjoy them as much as we do and join us in Fundraising for the betterment of all.

I'll Say It So You Don't Have To
Musings, amusings and general observations about life, love and laughter in today's celebrity-obssessed world.

The Real BGC (Black Gay Chicago)
Highlights and features everything from events, programs, topics, and issues specific to the African American LGBT addition to anything else FABULOUS!!

This blog is managed by Mis(ter)Congeniality

Billy TheTwink
The daily musings of a WeHo boy named Billy

GoGoDC Blog
This blog is managed by GoGoDC. I say what I want...when I want...

swflsunshine Blog
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Jordan's Humble Opinion
You know what they say about opinions; I hope to convince you that I'm not the prime example.

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CPMike Blog
I wish I was Miss Manners!

Did you hear the one about.....

Dan's Encounters
New to the whole scene. So why not write about and elaborate on the new things I see, people I meet, food I try, dances I embarrass myself with, etc. Hoping this will be a nice and refreshing read for all of you.

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The Life of Timothy Elliot
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60613 to 90210
Hey ya'll - thanks for visiting my new blog. I hope to have some fun and provacative questions each and every week for all you guys and gals out there!

Freedom Reigns Underwear
I am promoted of freedom Reigns Underwear which born in Los Angeles California last year and is the hotter and amazing brand just check out

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Tranny Talk 101
The hottest in Transgendered entertainment and news! The highly successful first season aired in March of 2008 with high ratings and became one of the fastest growing trangendered podcast! With creator Kennidi Monroe and her company they have formed this awesome resource site and the podcast which you can download on I-tunes through site or by searching on I-tunes "tranny talk 101" Last Season Kennidi had the help of her friend Reina Valentino and Bianca Chablis, they did live shows and interviewed Margaret Cho, CoCo Van Cartier, and Mercedes, Miss Continental Plus 2008. We have reloacated the show down to Austin where we are starting a whole new season!

Monique's Musings
Monique Marquette (aka The Queen of Mean, aka The Wicked Witch of the Midwest) will tell it like it is! She will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth! This is The Real Drag World....where people stop being polite and start getting real!

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**My Lyfe <3 My Words**
I am going to try to keep a daily blog of events that happen in my life. I have not been so good at this before but, maybe I can do better this time :P

Living Life Today
The Past is gone, the Future is just a glimmer. All we have is NOW.

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Gay Health Blog
All about STDs, HIV, and how to keep yourself safe in the dating world.

Chicago Music Promotions
Chicago Music Promotions is one of the biggest music networks in chicago that promote independent artists, club djs and independent record labels in chicago and other states and cities. We also throw events here in chicago at nightclubs in boystown and wrigleyville so i am always hitting the streets giving out flyers or promoting my events in some aspect. Feel free to say hello.

Emily Haytts's Blog
Blog for someone who needs Full Body Massage

Dan's Inner Workings
This is where I will write pretty much whatever I am feeling/thinking at the time. Pretty self-explanitory, right?

LaurenJacobs Blog
The Bitch is Back Tour!

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SweetPeace Blog
Any ideas for a GSA club??? :]

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Countrygirl07 Blog
These are my random day to day thoughts and opinions.You wanna read? go ahead its worth it lol.

Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. Some of you all may know me or have seen me perform in some shows around Chicago Like; Velvet Rope,Circuit,Temptations,Club Escape, etc..And Also Volunteering for Chicago Pride and GLAAD . My OLD Drag name was Blacke Velvet now Rhea Listick (Ron Stowe) and I have been performing and doing makeup for the last five years starting off in New Orleans. You can call me J.R if I am out of drag and I am very personable. I love to blog and meet people, as well as getting out there and trying to make and impact and make a difference and also being an inspiration from others. I am 28 Years old, I love to take photos/videos, eat, and sometime drink. I have many friends, and the ones that I do have I cherish. My job consist of helping people stay off the streets(, as well as being a drag entrepreneur and volunteering. Also I ran on Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 and I had a blast(I will be back next year) Thanks so much for reading and if there is anything you want to know or to meet me, just get in contact with me:) See ya This blog is managed by Rhea Listick Catch Me On Facebook/Youtube@

The Truth In Reality
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The occasional gay
For years, as a newspaper editor, I wasn't free to opine at will. Well, I'm no longer a newspaper editor. Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Ryan's Blog: A Savant's Guide to Idiocy
I have many rants and shenanigans, thus...might as well blog them!

Mitchin Blog
These blogs are random series of events in my life. -Peace

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The ~Vq~ Says
This blog is to release His Majesty Stresses in life. Do enjoy.

CP Social Network
Welcome to the Social Blog where we engage CP readers and followers through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Black Tie Cleaning -- your butlers in Boystown (773) 382-7001 Black Tie Cleaning is a full-service butler and personal assistant service, operating in: * The Loop * Gold Coast * Lincoln Park * Lakeview * Boystown * Uptown * Edgewater * Andersonville * Rogers Park * Bucktown Call us for a free estimate and home walk-through, where Bryan Phillips, professional lifestyle consultant, will work with you to set up a plan that takes care of you best. He’ll listen to what’s frustrating you, what makes you happy, and how you enjoy using the space that you live and work in. Together, you’ll come up with a detailed list of what needs to be done, so stress and aggravation can be taken off you. Bryan will help make your condo or apartment into a real HOME, creating a calming and comforting environment for you to come home to after a long and frustrating day. Under all the mess and chaos is a peaceful refuge waiting to be discovered; times are stressful and everyone needs a place where they can get away and recharge. Bryan will help you create that. His team of tuxedoed butlers are your personal assistants.They work for you and will make your home the welcoming environment you’ve only dreamed it could be. They are much more than a cleaning crew; they’re an amenity that can take care of your personal errands, your shopping, and really cater to all your needs. They’re the “Gary Poppins” of Chicago, like something from a fairytale or Cinderella story: handsome, smart, friendly, and polished (and some of them can even sing, too!). Just imagine coming home after a long day of work and having a young, cleancut butler show up at your door in a sharp tux, like something out of Edwardian England, with a big smile on his face and a determination to treat you like the queen or king of your very own castle. Sit down. Relax. Let him fix you a drink before he starts work. Have him order in a meal for you and set your table the way you like it. As you enjoy your favorite TV shows, DVDs, music, or a good book, let him do your laundry, take out your trash, organize your closets, and do all the other mundane things that take up so much of your time. Let him pamper you. Let him free you up to enjoy the home and things you work so hard for. Bryan Phillips will setup a weekly or monthly routine that starts off with a deep initial cleaning, followed by maintenance cleaning according to the schedule you determine. Black Tie Cleaning is also available for special events, holiday parties, and other occasions where you need a professional staff to help you entertain. You can finally host those parties you’ve always wanted to have in your beautiful home…and you can at last ENJOY them, since Bryan and his team will do all the work. Just imagine being able to put all the details, all the hassle, into someone else’s hands. Instead of running around getting everything ready, you could be relaxing when your guests start to arrive…and can actually enjoy their company instead of spending all night working your own party. Enjoy your time with your guests. Let us handle the rest, and the cleanup afterwards. Whether you are looking for traditional black tie, tuxedoed servers or something more whimsical, like Santa’s little elves for a holiday party, or something a little more risque, Black Tie Cleaning is your one-stop-shop, with a friendly and professional crew that can wear any uniform you want to get the job done to your satisfaction. Call Bryan Phillips to arrange a consultation so Black Tie Cleaning can start making your apartment or condo into a real home, your very castle, while relieving your stress and giving you the respect and attention you deserve.

Rhzoo Blog
Too many animals; not enough cages in this zoo of life...

Skye Design & Event Planning
Skye Design and Event Planning offers event planning services for businesses hosting off-site meetings and personal events such as Social Events, Corporate Events, Weddings, Fundraisers, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Galas, Product Launches, Celebrations, , Company Parties, Holiday Parties, Openings, We can save you time and money by using Skye Design and Event Planning Why try to do it all yourself when you can have Skye Design and Event Planning do all the information gathering for you so you can decide which budget best suits your needs. call gio at 847-630-9041 or ghada at 847-651-5951 check us out on the web at

Southernmiss Blog
I'm calling out all drag kings. I'm interested in starting a club w/the best women in town. I moved back here almost four yrs ago and haven't been happy because there isn't much here that entertains me. I love drag kings and upon my moving back here it seems to be a lost art. If you are a drag king or are interested in becoming one please feel free to contact me. I've been looking for you for four years now w/no success. Can anyone tell me where if anywhere I can find a good drag king how here. I live in Hammond so I'm not far from the city. Someone help me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smnthgllgs Blog
This is going to be my attempt at a daily blog!

Shavon30 Blog
What's on My Mind

Lady Vera Parker's Blog
Hello Poodles! This is my blog!

Diva Suites

Confessions of a newly out dyke
This is my blog of everyday things. I just moved to this city and I just came out to most everyone. This is my first gay pride month and parade. I moved to this city and I dont know a soul here. So you will learn what it is like for a new baby dyke in a city all new to her.

Drag Queen Fashion Blog
Daily drag queen fashion news, reviews, trends, and reviews from for drag queens who care about looking their sexiest on stage or off.

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Reina V's Blog
This blog is managed by Reina Valentino!

Spankz Blog
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Pat Lee's Photoblog
I'm a 28-year old photographer living in Boystown. I've been lucky enough to have photographed some amazing male models over the past several years.

pinneaple Blog
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FfisyY Blog
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HardRoc Poems & Blog
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Kennidi Monroe's Hot Topics
This blog is brought to you by the Transsexual Sensation of Kennidi Monroe. She will be bringing you information on her huge tranny site called Tranny Talk 101 with her good friend Reina Valentino, also let you know about her upcoming album FOR! Also what is the hot topics going on in Chicago?

CPJay Blog
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Hi all, I have a yahoo group and we are very active! I dont always post all of our events on here sorry just not enough time. If u want something up to date join my group. Here is some information here..... We are a social and activities group for gay and lesbian's in the south west burbs of chicago illinois. We post events from all over Illinos. We are predominantly Lesbian's from all over the chicagoland area This is one of the most active meetup groups for lesbian women in the area. We encourage our members to organize lesbian social activities for this group. We welcome all single ladies and couples. I have events every month up to 3 to 4 and our next one coming up is a singles event the end of the month. In april we are going to campit...please do join my group. Members that show up to events are 10 to 15 thanks ladies here is my link:
This group is for the south suburbs and the western burbs. Our Group MEETUP locations that we have events are: Crest hill, Joliet, Lockport, Lemont, Darien, Oak Brook, Naperville, Woodridge, Bolingbrook, Willowbrook, homer glen, Orland park, downers grove, lisle, lombard. For our outdoor activities we can meetup anywhere in illinois

Stories From The Farm
How Chicago has changed the face of the world for a young man who experienced a home away from home in Chicago.

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Actor85 Blog
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Mariah's Blog
We are all Different and unique I can be no one else but me. Weather you like me love me or dislike me I am still me living my life One day at a Time.


BuddhaboyChicago Blog
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lilzuzu87 Blog
Bringing to light well-known and not so well-known issues of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Blurbs from a Catholic Gay
Just some of my thoughts from growing up with an intense Catholic background.

Jason's Blog
My Blog

The World According To DJ Plez
This blog is managed by DJ Plez, Music Editor of

Ground Fresh
CAUTION: Hot Topics! Thoughts that make think. Enjoy!

jeffyxb Blog/tina the torch
fun stuff around the city and planets

My 1st Blog
I moved to Chicago in 2005. I hail from N.Y. I had some terrible tragedies occur right before I decided to move to Chicago. This city has been my savior. Chicago is rather friendly but also a superpower, in its own. I feel like I'm part of this unit, making a difference and I feel strong. The past is the past and you can't change it but you can certainly move on and make the future better and brighter- that's my life goal!

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Small Shark in the Big City
Just a blog of a lady trying to "make it," whatever that means to her on that particular day...

tracy7451 Blog
Weekly Online beauty contest need extra cash look us up must b 18 to enter for more infor e-mail or text (312)330-4852

oopsieguy Blog
OMG I am sooo excited to start this bog thingie here on Chicago Pride. Well Lets see...The Topic of Today is...Guys...LMAO Why is it some Gay Guys have such huge Coinsidedness attitudes? There are some guys out there that are total jerks...They might look really cute and all, and it turns out that they are total assholes. NOT me...I am a total nice guy! I not stupid by any means, but I am not coinsided or Mean...anywho. I am going back to work cuz I shouldnt be here on the site while I work...LMAO. Peace!

marthafocused2 Blog
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Licensed Massage Therapist
Information about Javy

Alfie's Redeye Chicago Blog
This blog is managed by Alfie Martin.

An Outsider's View
I've started this blog to just give my thoughts and opinion on the gay culture and community from outsider's p.o.v.

We need help for kilt sales at Pridefest
This blog is managed by gotkilt

PhiloftheFuturama Blog
Phil of Ze Futurama Presents....

Blog Update for Olin
Hi Chicago bois and girls! This is just a quick update on what's going on with me. I am recently single, and I got my own place and move in Nov. 1st. I'm really excited to start afresh at this time because I actually just started with a new company 3 weeks ago as well. I'm working with Helios Realty, selling and renting real estate. It's a great company to work with and I am having a blast helping people find their new places to live!! If any of you out there need assistance in looking for a place to rent or buy, or if you're looking for someone to list your property, please let me know, and I will be more that glad to help you out. Also another quick note, Miss Foozie and myself were chatting at cocktail about a week ago and got a chance to spend a good 30 minutes talking to Ted Allen from Queer Eye. He is such a nice guy, so down to earth and he speaks so highly of Chicago and loves visiting. So if you have a minute, get on line and drop him a hello sometime. Thats the Olin update, hope everyone has a great weekend and Halloween!! O

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Becca's Run-on's...
Feel free to comment or give me some input....

darkangel Blog
This blog is managed by darkangel: Anyone who has a motorcycle and would like to ride with the Dykes on Bike in the parade please let me know via e-mail.

Not Your Daddies' Sidetrack
Mikey's Insights on the goings on at Sidetrack

gayjaydenton Blog
This blog is managed by gayjaydenton Hi I am Jay Denton, a gay male looking to move into the Chaicago area. I just wab=nted to introduce myself for now.Looking forward to the site

Daily Recordings
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Flawless Blog
The thoughts that run through my head.

In the Know, On the Go
A list of weekly event picks from the editors of Chicago's Boi Magazine.

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Cameron Blog
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Rhett's Blog
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What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?

You may have heard of "The Gay Moralist" John Corvino's lecture entitled "What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality?"
It was recently released on DVD -- available at
In case you haven't seen him speak, check out the site for a preview of the DVD.

Because of the power of John's message,
Paradise Valley Media has decided to create a feature-length documentary based upon John's lecture.

Please read on:



We’re looking for anyone who has suffered because they have been
deprived of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as a consequence
of certain people’s beliefs that homosexuality is morally wrong.

Here are a few examples:

~A soldier who was dishonorably discharged from the military for being gay.

~A husband who felt it was his duty to “do the right thing” and enter into a heterosexual marriage and have children despite knowing he was homosexual.

~A girl who grew up extremely religious, but whose experiences with homophobia from the church drove her to question her faith.

~A mother whose children were taken away from her, either by her family, her ex-husband, or the state -- not because she was a bad mother, but simply because she was gay.

~A teenager who is homeless and works at a fast food restaurant to eke out a living because their parents kicked them out of the house for being gay.

~An older gay person whose longtime partner recently died. Death happened quicker than it needed to, or could have been avoided, if the surviving person’s employer offered health insurance to domestic partners.

Do you or someone you know have a story to tell?
We’d love to hear it!
Write to us at

Sabrina Blog
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Coi's Demonstration.

Dan's Musings
These are just thoughts and words....I invite you to read along. :-)

Kissa Needs a Degree
Follow me on my road back to school

magelet Blog
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Youngb Blog
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MickeyGrl2607 weekly crap
poems and writings about how it feels to be in a family that half approves of my life choice and the other hates it. Blog
The doings of with Kathy

tommytom Blog
I guess I am looking to return to chi town after living in florida for 10 years. People this florida is so nice wrong! I've been done wrong.Is there anyone out there that can help? Maybe comment

Eyes and ears of rainbowgirl61
Never thought i'd live to 40--plenty of reasons i might not have! In the meantime, developing new goals and interests (who knew i'd need more? LOL); getting to know myself and others better; saving 2 puppies and, starting with 2 parakeets, now proud mother of 8!; finally comfortable enough with my real self to show a lot more of it; twice pursuing two go-rounds with EEOC, with even less qualms the second time around....i'm keeping myself busy. What with learning Chinese and Hungarian, Tai Chi and how to play the violin; being busy creating art in several mediums; having had enough of house ownership, i'm looking for an apartment for my Pepper and 8 birds and i to kick back and relax. Natch, i continue to enjoy reading, doing crossword puzzles, creating and doing word searches, my therapy ball, my music, and getting to know myself better. It's amazing how it feels to appreciate the effort and learning and coping it's taken me to get to this age. I hope i never stop learning in a positive way. Meanwhile, i'll get back to my final preparations to start packing in earnest. Me being me, i've got the boxes and tape ready...!

Skin Care For Men and Women
NutriMin C RE9 Skin care by Arbonne is the best product I have ever used go to my website to see more offers.

renob20002000 Blog
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Hotstudtx Blog
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MTV Documentary
True Life: I'm Addicted to Cocaine

woman2womanlove "What do you have to say"
"lets hear what you have to say"

Single Again.. Dammit.
This is a blog of a recently dumped woman that received no explaination for the breakup. Questions? Comments? I can take it.

sypher Blog
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lyriclyimthabest Blog
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Dreamlover Blog
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vurgun Blog
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Erika in Flanders
What she found when whe crashed through the looking glass was much different than she thought.

bikingbilly Blog
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subboy Blog
I'm new at blogging so please be easy!!

Queer Conclusions
This blog is managed by rainingmen. Please feel free to give me feedback.

angeloceanic Blog
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Pride parade on the web!
Video clips on the web

medicinmich Blog
A blog about ma vie!

metrogirl Blog
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Fluid Thought
Rosdubh's Dreams, Ideas & Meandering Thoughts.

hey yall its ya boy roeguy well just to let ya know its almost my bday and im fuckin excited ill turn 20 so hope to here a happy bday from ya holla..

martini Blog
This blog is managed by martini wat sup this ya boi martini tryin ta keep uit cute over here just joined the site and so far i am not dissapointed did you guys here a bout that catstrophe at virgina tech? that was horrible they said that over 33 people were killed while on ly 15 remain injured why is it that something like this always has to happen before we finally decide to take action?> just like with 9/11 security was not as tight as it is now un til terroist attacked us. and i actually thank them because now i feel a little bit safer in my own counrty but i feel that if we continue on eventually security is going to begin to slack because we will have forgotten about what happend martiini out!!

WhatyaKnow Blog
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Succulent1 Blog
This is my weekly blog. Feel free to send me your comments.

froggy Blog
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Rodney Dodger's Blog
where Rod the Bod posts his thots, pics, vids, and linkx!

NW Indiana Rainbow Days, Blog
This blog is, fron NW Indiana Rainbow Days, news and events. NW Indiana Rainbow Days or NW Indiana Rainbow Days, is a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals, in NW Indiana, and surrounding areas, that come together, with friends, family and their supporters, to celebrate life, living and the joys of meeting other, like themselves.

jmichael20 Blog
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How Do You Introduce Yourself to a Total Stranger
Entering the dating scene again after twenty-some years. I don't really believe in pick-up lines, so I would like to know how one introduces oneself to total strangers without making a fool of herself???? Jerry McGuire only had to say "Hello" to capture his love's heart. But in the real world, I think it takes a little more than that . . . right? So, the question is: How does one introduce oneself to a total stranger without making a fool of herself???? Feel free to send me your comments.

Fun times
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Hot Spots
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Touchingwater Blog
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Mindless Blathering by Rachie
Useless information for my enjoyment!

Wyndel Blog
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jenkins Blog
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lovehurts Blog
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Scott Foval On HuffPo
Scott Foval's HuffPo Blog

chitownlova Blog
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bigbaby Blog
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Decoi Speaks ..
She brings heat when she speaks, so from this point bleak chiQ's ought to cling to what she thinks...

newbie_takeme ; I wanna cock!
This blog is managed by newbie_takeme I REALLY want to play with a cock or two, jack u off, suck on it... I dont know anyone to do this with.. I gave head once, but he was passed out.. lol.. only into tight bodies, shaven or trimmed. up for anything. damn, i want a cock now. its a new urge. a hot one. must be discreet.

ericbtmlkvw Blog
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jane Blog
This blog is managed by jane. talk to me.

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