Saturday 30 Dec 2006

Seat Hogs part 2....

It looks like the holidays aren't keeping those bastards at bay!!!! I passed by the StarBucks on North Ave and Wells and it was still business as usual. The same idiots taking seats from other tables so that their whole party can sit in one area, not realising that some one might want to sit at that table. They need to start some kind of policy where you can only sit there as long as you are buying something and that you have to buy 1 item per hour. Maybe they can set up some kind of undercover operation. Starbucks Ghestapo something or other. All they have to do is have some employees pretend to be customers so that they blend in with the crowd, then when ever they see somebody go over their 1 hour limit they flash some type of badge, identifing themselves as starbucks employees and let the person know that they are in direct violation of one the rules. Of course they would have to put a large sign somewhere on the walls in plain sight.
Monday 18 Dec 2006

Growing Roots!!!! part 1

Whats the friggin deal with all these laptop junkies hogging up all the seats at the coffee houses!!! Can't they surf the net at home? These people go in there and they latch on too a seat and don't let go. It's not like they really spend money in there anyway. I've been to the starbucks at North and Wells and seen the same people sitting in there all night. DON'T BE SO DAM CHEAP, USE YOUR OWN ELECTRICITY!!!!! It's not like thier studying, who can study with all that racket. I know that you try to look like your doing some reserch or something, well thats what the library is for!!!!!
Tuesday 14 Nov 2006

Feeling Girly...

I'm a girl, and by me that's only great!
I am proud that my silhouette is curvy,
That I walk with a sweet and girlish gait
With my hips kind of swivelly and swervy.

I adore being dressed in something frilly
When my date comes to get me at my place.
Out I go with my Joe or John or Billy,
Like a filly who is ready for the race!

When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curls,
I float as the clouds on air do.
I enjoy being a girl!

When men say I'm cute and funny,
And my teeth aren't teeth, but pearls,
I just lap it up like honey.
I enjoy being a girl!

I flip when a fellow sends me flowers.
I drool over dresses made of lace.
I talk on the telephone for hours
With a pound and a half of cream upon my face.

I'm strictly a female female
And my future I hope will be
In the home of a brave and free male
Who'll enjoy being a guy having a girl... like... me.

When men say I'm sweet as candy
As around in a dance we whirl,
It goes to my head like brandy,
I enjoy being a girl!

When someone with eyes that smoulder
Says he loves every silken curl
That falls on my ivory shoulder,
I enjoy being a girl!

When I hear the complimentary whistle
That greets my bikini by the sea,
I turn and I glower and I bristle,
But I'm happy to know the whistle's meant for me!

I'm strictly a female female
And my future I hope will be
In the home of a brave and free male
Who'll enjoy being a guy having a girl... like... me.
Monday 30 Oct 2006

Late-Night Post-Partying Grub Part 2

I cut through all the fancy business and go straight to eats.
WHITE CASTLE is all that you need after a night of heavy drinking. I like to go there eat and then walk home, I can usually make it home before I barf but hey nobodys perfect. If you live near the Addison and Kimball area and you go out to take the trash and discover that some one has tossed thier cookies on your nice clean asphalt driveway, chances are I was there. Also you don't have to look at any fancy menus you just put in your order of white castles and your done. Who the hell has time to sit and eat anyway, especially when your on the verge of passing out. I can eat 12 white castles and walk at the same time, I'm done by the time I get home. Here's another thing that I like to do. If you have access to a copy of Saturday Night Fever, it's a great movie to watch while drunk and eating White Castles, theres a scene in the movie where they eat at a white castle which was my inpiration for eating at white castles after a night (or day) of heavy drinkin.
Some tips:
1.Don't eat all day .
2.Get the hard drinks (jack daniels on the rocks)
3.Don't drink too much beer because then you'll wind up having to find some nice clean alley to urinate in (it's hard do find a dark alley nowadays)
4.Wear really dark sunglasses that way nobody can tell that your tanked.
5.Try not to stumble around so much (control youself).
6.Chew a lot of gum.
Wednesday 25 Oct 2006

Thanks youth of today!!!!!!

I don't know if anybody cares but Tower Records is going out of business thanks to the IPOD carrying zombies that you see walking around plugged into head phones. Now where in the hell am I gonna buy my Japanese movies? Yes I can order them from the internet but then I have to worry about them getting lost in the mail. I don't know what has gotten into this society that everything to them is disposable and they need it right away. This situation bought back the same feelings I had when I came to the realization that I was going to have to buy a CD player because they were no longer gonna press stuff on vinyl. We lost a very good record store in that time too, WAX TRAX records on Lincoln (near the Biograph). It's funny how there are a lot of people (my age) that never got into music until CD's came around, which by the way have been around for awhile, since the 80's to be exact. I used to go to this record store in downtown called BIG DADDY's. I remember buying the New Order record CONFUSION there. I was browsing and noticed an isle with some strange looking items, I didn't know what the hell they were at the time but I knew that they were very expensive, I did see some familiar album covers that I recognized: EURYTHMICS, CINDY LAUPER. After awhile Wax Trax started to sell CD's and before I knew it I could no longer find some titles on vinyl. I remember when you could actually buy vinyl at Tower Records, they got rid of them but recently a little section reappeared again. I been going every day to see what bargains I can pickup, I felt some tears starting to well up in my eyes but I managed to choke em back before I got to the check out counter.

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