Wednesday 23 Jan 2008


I was thinking about how tragic it was that HEATH LEDGER was dead and I started to think about all the actors that I wish could trade places with him:

01.George Clooney
Thinks that he’s a hot commodity in Hollywood just because he “directs” or stars in a movie about a serious subject.

02.Brad Pitt
He totally ruined a good movie like SEVEN, he acts the same in every movie and is heading down the same road as Clooney.

03.Will Smith
He ruined 2 movies with such potential -Men in Black (I read david duchovny was interested in that part) and I ROBOT (Isaac Asimov must have been rolling over in his grave over this one). Watching him in movies is like watching the Fresh Prince on the big screen.

04.Ben Affleck
Tried to do the same thing as clooney with Hollywoodland.
Oh yeah he cursed us with that JIGGLY movie.

05.Wilmer Valderrama
This f**k has been on my radar since THAT 70’S SHOW. I think he’s currently doing some thuggish show for 14 year olds. You would think that as one of the few actors with a spanish background he would want to be behind something more positive.

-Well those are my top 5-
Thursday 10 Jan 2008

I'm back!!!!

Yes it's been awhile, did anybody miss me?
Hey justin I got your message, thanks for checkin in. I didn't forget my favorite ball busting target (I mean ball busting in the most sincerest of ways).
I hope one day we can meet in person - no pictures please.

Al Sharpton in Chicago, good or bad. At first I thought great thats all we need another asshole in chicago we already have daley to deal with but I soon changed my mind. I saw on the news that he intends to keep on daley's ass until he cleans up these corrupt cops. I agree with sharpton 100% especially since daley wants the Olympics to come here and this city doesn't even have it's shit together. Daley finally has somebody breathing down his back that he can't touch.
1. sharptons an outsider.
2. If daley did try to silence him he would have all the nutjobs that follow sharpton on his ass.

This city has a lot of problems like a housing shortage (actually we do have housing but it is only available to those that can afford $2000 a month).
It actually worked out the way daley wanted it because almost all the minorities have been run out of chicago (the city anyway).

Now I think I'll chime in on this presidential crap. First of all let me just say that I think their all a bunch of crooks. I wouldn't vote for any of them and I'm not. Which one do I think should win? I think OBAMA should win just for the simple fact that he really has no major ties to the white house and the good old boys club. Plus we need to get some new blood in there and get rid of some of those old codgers that are currently in the white house. On the other hand I would love to see HILARY win because it would drive the republican's nuts to know that another Clinton is in the white house and also the oreilly's, hannities and limbaughs would have a shit fit.

My main concern is the illegal alien problem we have, why they can't put up a 20 foot gate with razer wire at the top and armed guards at the bottom is beyond me. I would go over there and help put up the gate myself for free if it met that the a gate would go up immediately.
Monday 8 Oct 2007

I'm Back...

Yes it's been awhile since i visited, but it's been one of those strange months for me.

I'm leaving my job of 3 1/2 years do to irreconcilable differences, so i've been kinda walking around in a daze trying to think about what i'm gonna do next.

Well i've decided to just take a vacation (which i haven't had in awhile) and then when i come back i'll figure out my next move is gonna be, which of course will involve looking for a new job.

Unfortunately this will mean that i will no longer be working in boystown.

Well thats it for now, so no I didn't fall off the face of the earth!!!
Friday 17 Aug 2007

Just being friendly….

Have any of you ever been in a situation where because of your job you had to be friendly (not that I'm a prick). I was in a situation during MARKET DAYS where I had to be friendly in order to attract some customers which I don't mind doing but I always get the nut job that thinks I'm trying to "hookup" with them. The "hookup" is for the benefit of any brothers that may be reading this, I normally don't use that word so don't go assuming that I'm one of those people that uses that word on a regular basis!!! And I better not forget to mention that I'm listening to the "ball buster suite" or Nut Cracker as you people call it and I've been drinkin a lot of jack, yes alone at home. It's a normal thing to do, I'm not one of those drunks, you **cks that are thinking that. You see now you got me all worked up and I'm straying away from my original subject matter!!! Thank god for this spell checker cause believe me it's getting a good workout on this blog entry. Well anywho, I got this dood that thought I was trying to score a date with him just because I was talking to him, when all I was trying to do was get some more people into the establishment where I work at. It was creepy because he kept on coming back to the same area and staring (eyes open and fixed) at me, I tried my best to ignore him but luckily it was near quitting time. I'm not gonna say where in Boystown I work at because I don't need any of you **cks coming over here and messing with me, especially that JUSTIN, he's all hands!!! I once saw him at a clam bake and he fondled every clam before I got a chance to taste em (mind you these were straight acting clams so I don't know which way they swung). The moral of the story here is just because somebody at a business is very nice to you it doesn't mean that they are looking for a date.
Friday 27 Jul 2007

Should be on "Who gives a shit channel"

01. Brick Ovens, the ones used for cooking PIZZA. I'd rather have one
of those TombStones pizzas you put in the oven.

02. Porta Potties, that's what alleys are for, especially if you can
find one of those just poured concrete drive ways, I've stained
quite a few of those.

03. CHECK PLEASE! I watch that show just to find out where not to
eat. I wouldn't want to sit next to any of those jags that think
they know where good food is.

04. Musicals about Murder, the real story is much more fascinating.

05. That prick that has that cooking show on PBS that thinks he's
Mexican and that he can cook the best Mexican food just because
he gives you that useless information about their origin.

06. Any restaurant that charges more than $5.99 per person (excluding drinks).

07. Amusement Parks, nobody goes to them any more, they'd rather
stay home with there cable and internet.

08. Global Warming, Who cares were all gonna be DEAD by the time any
of the "positive effects" take place.

09. Vice President Dick Cheney will undergo minor surgery Saturday morning
to replace the battery that powers a device implanted in his chest.

10. Hundreds of oil-covered Magellanic penguins have surfaced off the
Atlantic coast of South America in the past few weeks.

11. Dow Industrials and S&P 500 Index Conclude Worst Week in 5 Years.

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