Saturday 15 Mar 2014

Welcoming You To Me

Hello All.

I'm Inspire To Start My Own Web Page. Just As I Start It, It Will Still Be Connected To My Other Pages I Have. My Inspiring Heart Is Big As My Drive To Be Happy In What I Want Do And Share With The World. I Was Inspired To Start Life And Try To Search For Hope In Other People Who Have Been Through A Lot. Who Wanted To Come And Talk And Be Each Other Support, So We Can Heal And Understand The Meaning Of Fighting For What Is Pure, Then The False Wrong Of Our Life.

Welcome To My Station: MyTubeStories,This Is My Description,Names,Words, Music,Songs, Album, Were All Writing By Me,

So Please Don't Copyright Anything That I upload On My Page, If I See It On Another Page, Without My Permission, I Feel That's, A Violation Of My Life, Unless That I post It

Myself, This Is The Real Life Story, Of Me And My Life, So I Hope My Videos, Find A Way To Help, (Please Note That MyTubeStories,

Are For Mature Audiences; Not For Anyone Under 17, Contains Strong Language, (It May Or May Not Be Censored) It Has Explicit, Sexual Content, And Graphic Violence In Spoken Saying, No Nude, Or Things,That No Harm Was Done,)

The Colors Of The Rainbow Is Us As People Who Have A Will To Love Our Selves And So Much More. We Maybe Different On The Outside But We Our So The Same Driving Through Our Body, We Have The Color Of Red That Is Always Pumping Through Our Hearts Everyday, We Our Alive. We Must Stop The Bullying And The Hatred. Show Love And Hold Our People Close To Our Hearts As We Can Show Them That Love Is Better Then Hate. Love Is Love. Always.

MyTubeStories Is My Testament...

I've Lived My Life As A

Gay Man Who Needed

To realize That I Am

A Person Who Needed

To Share My Gift With

The world, So It Be Can The Light

When Dark Times Come Through...

I've Seen Times When I Thought

My Fight Would Never End,

But, Now I See Me Fighting,

More More Then Ever,

But, That's A Great Thing...

This Is Just My Start....

I Was Named Shaun Lee Enriquez, But Now I Go By Shawn Lee Enriquez, I Was Born July 19, 1977.

My Life Started When My Mother Gave Birth To Me And My Sister, In The Begin Of My Life Was Okay, Just As Everybody Else, But Soon Later As A Kid. I Realize That My Grandfather Was A Man Who Didn't Like Black People, Or In A Better Saying, He Didn't Like Black Men Dating His Daughters, And His Daughters Dating Black Men. My Grandfather Had Black Friends. Well I Always Thought That was Funny, That He Couldn't Let Black Men Date His Daughters, But He Could Have Black Friends.

I Figure Down The Path That I Wouldn't Be Like That, But A Person Who Would Love All People.

Soon After, His Life Was Taking From Us.

He Was Named Benard Enriquez.

He Fought His Battles And Wars.

We Love Him And Miss Him Very Much.


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