Saturday 8 Mar 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog with

My name is Tom Elliott. I moved to Chicago just over a year ago from Austin, Texas to work at Center on Halsted. I worked there for a year and joined this past January as their Director of Community Outreach.

You’ll often find me out and about taking photos at events going on in Boystown and at fundraisers and benefits for LGBTQ organizations. (You can see photos here, here and here.) 

I’m also going to be writing a regular column for titled, “What Do You Do?”, which will give me the chance to talk to young adults doing really interesting and awesome stuff with the LGBT community and share their experiences with you. 

My first profile piece is on my friend, Scott Malinowski. I first met Scott last year when I joined the shhh…OUT! Lakeside Pride Jazz Ensemble to start playing trumpet again after several years of my old horn collecting dust in its case in my closet. We have a concert coming up on Saturday at Center on Halsted, and I thought talking to Scott would be a perfect opportunity to share what I know (and learned) about this fantastic trumpet player!

Check out my interview with Scott here. And be sure to find his response to my question, Single & looking or happily married? It’s a beautiful response that makes me realize his boyfriend Chuck has found a good catch

Oh, and visit to get tickets to the concert tonight and see me and Scott playing trumpet!


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