Sunday 12 May 2013

Illinois Democrats, PASS SB10 NOW!

I learned something very important in the quest for equality over this past month of protesting against the hate group Illinois Family Institute.  We may have to vote FOR some Republicans who are not influenced by the church or religious zealots.  AND NOT VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS who are not stepping up to support marriage equality.
People like Mike Madigan should be in front of what President Obama clearly stated about inequities with regard to marriage.
Marriage is NOT a religious issue.  It is a civil rights issue.
I had an IFI person come up to me with his "God created marriage" bullshit.  I said to him, YOU choose to make your marriage a religious sacrament.  It is a contract.  I said, if that marriage doesn't work out, your pastor cannot void that marriage.  He says it can be annulled.  I said yes, through the courts.  YOUR PASTOR HAS NO LEGAL POWER TO NEGATE ANY MARRIAGE CONTRACT!!!  Can your church issue marriage licenses?   Fucking morons.
Marriage is a contract.
"God created marriage"  really?  I suppose that there were reporters in heaven with God cast Satan out.  Yeah, the bible is really factual.
That's why churches have to get you to buy into "FAITH".  Every good fiction writer does it to some extent only they call it "SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF".  That's when something doesn't quite add up to reality so they quickly move past that point in hopes that your are not paying attention.

DEMOCRATS get this bill passed or you may see the LGBT community voting for Republicans like Ron Sandack who get that our families are just as important as heterosexual families.

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