Saturday 13 Apr 2013

5 Easy Steps To DIY Rhinestone iPhone 4 Cases

There are a lot of bling iPhone 4
cases online but some are us wish to have something unique. The best way to
have unique iPhone cases is create your own rhinestone phone cases. Today we
will give you some short intro for the item you should prepare such as
rhinestone element, crystal cases, pen, paper, super glue, tweezers and

5 easy steps

1.)Buy plain iPhone 4 cases,
advise to buy a clear type as it look more elegant since you can use different
colors of rhinestone. you can buy it from online shopping site such as ebay,
amazon or sw-box since it is cheaper.

2.)Search for some online craft
store, find some rhinestone elements with different size. you can find from
some online store such as artbeads, ebay or ioffer. You can buy pen, paper,
glue, tweezers and scissors online from ebay or amazon

3) Once all item prepared, try to
drop a layout of pattern on paper. Once ready, cut out the pattern and put it
on the back of iPhone cases and draw in the cases.

4) put some glue on the iPhone 4
cases you have mark and use tweezers to pick up the rhinestone element and put
it on the iPhone 4 cases.

5. )Once finished, Please remember
to keep it dry at least 24 hours to avoid drop the rhinestone elements. Now,
you have your own unique bling iPhone 4 cases.

If you think it is difficult to
make it, don't miss a list of Rhinestone
iPhone 4 cases
. That is for today, if you think have any easy way,
you can welcome to comments.

Sunday 7 Apr 2013

Top Cases for the iPhone 5

If you own an iPhone 5 and you wish to ensure that it stays looking pristine and sexy, then you need to get some decent protection. Here's a brief article that may help you find cheap iPhone 5 cases that suit your taste.

Best iPhone 5 Cases

1.Cygnett Vector Case

Cygnett Vector Case

Unlike other cases available around on the planet, Cygnett Vector won't take the issue of impact resistance' lightly. This 3D textured protective cover is simple to grip and includes raised edges a iPhone looking like new without obscuring the digital camera or burying the buttons.

2.Speck PixelSkin HD

Speck PixelSkin HD

 If flexibility is the craving, then Speck PixelSkin's rubbery and soft grip design will not likely disappoint. It is not only attractively designed but in addition is quite tough and durable. Probably the most outstanding thing about this superior case is its raised bevel that is essentially this way to defend the buttons from dings.

3.QDOS Smoothies

QDOS Smoothies

QDOS was created to make sure that your iPhone is entirely safe from any kind of external pressure while providing you unlimited usage of buttons. The elegantly designed case steers well clear of the digital camera and includes a clear fascia for straightforward operability.

4.Griffin Survivor

Griffin Survivor

Griffin survivor can be a sleek designed iphone cover that should withstand the impact of pretty much anything the world can throw for your phone from rain, shock waves to sand and dirt. They come in a built-in screen protector, shatter resistant polycarbonate and dock plugs for

5.STM Opera Case

STM Opera Case

This protective case is extremely thin and light-weight to make sure you enjoy every bit of your respective iPhone's goodness without worrying about damage. Not only is it fine textured but additionally can be found in different colors including black, blue and pink.

6.Snugg Squared


To be able to rest assured of one's iPhone's safety, you'll need a case that should withstand shocks and drops. Hardly any other iPhone 5 case meets this description superior to Snugg Squared cover which is built with rubberized silicone and rounded rims for total defense against any style (or forms) of external impact.

7.Piel Frama iMagnum2

Piel Frama

This is the handy case that is made from excellent cow skin leather with regard to added flexibility and durability. Just about the most outstanding features that propel it miles prior to the pack is its thermoplastic polymer structure that is supposed to sustain complete to protect your iPhone5.

8.Proporta Leather Style

Proporta Leather Style

If you're looking for something that isn't tough but is powerful enough and also hardwearing . iphone safe, then this casing is important try. Among notable features that produce Proporta Leather iPhone 5 casing an immediate darling to many people include its flexible design meant to allow enough easy access to buttons without upsetting camera operability.

9.Griffin Reveal

Griffin Reveal

Another brain child in the superior Griffin Uber Protective Technology Griffin Reveal's cutting-edge rubbery design is perfect for anyone looking to expose the advantage of their machine without necessarily compromising on its security. It is built with a transparent poly-carbonate shell.



This case carries a stylish premium look and is sure to convert your iPhone5 into a large way to obtain fun. It really is packaged with snap camera controls and boasts super-tech Bluetooth connectivity for unforgettable photography escapades. It may not be 'cheap' as such but is ultimately worth equally of your respective attention.

That's it for today, but honestly you will have a couple of new cheap iphone 5 cases entrants as time passes. We do hope you enjoyed reading.

Wednesday 3 Apr 2013

Cheap iPhone 4 Cases Under USD3

There are a lot of iPhone 4 Cases price range from USD3 - USD90. Today we are going to select some bargain iPhone 4 Cases which is cool and it is under USD3 with Free shipping

1.) Credit Card Matte Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 / 4S ( USD2.18 )

Credit Card Matte Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 / 4S

It is Easy to fit 2 credit card which is suitable for people who don't want to bring a lot of thing. It look fashion and unique.

2.) Old Telephone Booth Design Hard Case For iPhone 4 / 4S ( USD2.26 )

Old Telephone Booth Design Hard Case For iPhone 4 / 4S

Still remember this? Most of us will not use it anymore since Cell phone released. Do you still hanging there around and call your girlfriend in phone station?

3.) Detachable Matte Hard Plastic Case Cover for iPhone 4S / iPhone 4 ( USD2.21 )

Detachable Matte Hard Plastic Case Cover for iPhone 4S iPhone 4

It design for easy and convenient to install your iPhone 4, and it provide anti slip grip and make it more comfortable feeling to hold it.

4.) Rhinestone Studded Raised Flower Pattern Hard Case For iPhone 4S ( USD2.69 )

Rhinestone Studded Raised Flower Pattern Hard Case For iPhone 4S

It is suitable for lady since it look bling include yourself when you dress up this case.

5.) Circles Plastic Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 / 4S (USD1.85)

Circles Plastic Hard Case Cover for iPhone 4 / 4S

It you need a simple plastic cases for your iPhone, maybe this is your choice for it.

6.) TPU Case Cover With Logo Cutout For iPhone 4S ( USD1.73 )

TPU Case Cover With Logo Cutout For iPhone 4S - Purple

Simple pattern makes your phone look more sophisticated and distinctive.

7.) Hexagon TPU Skin Case Cover for iPhone 4 ( USD1.97 )

Hexagon TPU Skin Case Cover for iPhone 4

It is simple and stylish cases where suitable for someone who like simple.

8.) Retro Tai Chi Bagua Pattern Silicone Case For iPhone 4/4S ( USD 2.77)

Retro Tai Chi Bagua Pattern Silicone Case For iPhone 4/4S

Chinese pattern "Yin Yang" case, suitable for someoone who like china culture

That's it for today reviews, there are list of cheap iphone 4 cases you can find it at SW-BOX, Ebay or Amazon. 

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