Thursday 31 Jan 2013

Remodel and start saving money

Are you looking into remodeling but not ready to spend all that money? Consider an energy efficient remodel. Not only can it change the look of the house, but it will save money every month when the bills are due. That’s right; it would be an investment that keeps returning every month. There are a number of simple remodels that will literally begin paying for themselves.


It’s no secret that heat rises, so the easiest way to save on a heating bill is to keep that heat from escaping through the ceiling. In addition to putting in new insulation, homeowners can also seal any cracks around windows, doors, and other areas.


Another way to save on energy bills is to make sure that sunlit rooms are well ventilated. Also, install ceiling fans rather than regular light fixtures.

Water heater

Get rid of that bulky water heater and replace it with a tankless one. Not only will it free up some space, but it will only run when needed rather than 24/7.

Energy efficient appliances

Get rid of all those old appliances you didn’t like anyways and replace them with more energy efficient ones. Not only can they save money in the long run but they can totally change the appearance of the kitchen and laundry room.


While resituating the windows might not be a job for amateur remodelers, it is yet another way to save on heating costs. Try to have windows on the side of the house where the sun will shine directly. Putting higher quality blinds or curtains over the windows can also go a long way to save on energy costs. Also, skylights in the ceiling provide more natural light so the lights won’t be on as often.


Replace darker colored shingles with lighter ones. If the outer walls of the home are darker, repaint them a lighter color.

Remodel now without the guilt

Don’t put off remodeling any longer because spending the money just can’t be justified. The above ideas are just a few ways that a remodel could end up saving more than it costs.

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