Thursday 4 Oct 2012

Power Level OVER 9000! Increase Your Strength!

Are you looking to increase your POWER LEVEL?  This routine will help you get over 9000 in no time!  You will be focusing on lower body exercises and if you have never done a strength training routine before make sure you do not just jump into lifting super heavy.  Progressively increase your weights while being supervised by a workout partner to help spot you in case you have to bail on a lift.  Keep track of your weight each week and always try to add 2.5 to 5 pounds a week.  For optimal results, combine this routine with “Power Level Over 9000! Increase Your Strength! (Push/Pull)” and do them both 1-2 times a week.  You can also choose to pick two days out of your normal workout week to do these routines if you want to add some strength training to your current routine schedule.  BEAST MODE ON Hermanites!  TEAR IT UP!
Tuesday 25 Sep 2012


April is stress awareness month.  What better way to eliminate stress than to CRUNCH it out!?  The SHF ABS of GLORY routine will get your abs looking SO GOOD that there will be nothing to left to stress!  Well, other than finding enough places to show them off!
Tuesday 28 Aug 2012

Nutrition Nation! Macronutrients

Macronutrients are very important and you need to keep track of them on a daily basis if you want to hit your fitness goals.  Here, we give you a brief rundown of what they are and how to calculate them when trying to put a meal plan together.

If you still need some help, check out the meal plan system on my website.  It does all the calculations for you and helps you determine what your daily calorie intake should be as well.

Check it out!
Tuesday 21 Aug 2012


This is a total body workout meant to rip and tear you apart from head to toe.  Summer is on its way and I know many of you are trying to trim that last stubborn layer of fat over the abs.  This routine will help get you shredded and ready for fun in the sun in no time!
Wednesday 15 Aug 2012

LEG-endary! Build Massive Legs!

Pain and punishment, these are your new best friends that will accompany you during this brutal leg workout!  Size is all about volume and there are plenty of reps to go around!  Form will be key during each exercise, especially the Squats and Romanian Deadlifts.  If you have never done these exercises before, please watch the demonstration videos for them on  I am looking forward to seeing your results Hermanites!  Remember, friends don’t let friends skip LEG DAY!

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