Thursday 20 Apr 2006

life in general

alright i know i need to get a better job when i cant even live the lifestyle of a teen anymore. new clothes? yeah right... new anything... fat chance! I feel like i need to move out of this area because it is so.... dead. no nightlife, no clubs, no ways to get out and meet women. i feel empty. sometimes like i'll always be searching for something but i don't know what that something is. i miss the life i used to live.. but i know deep down it's not me. i need to find ways to get out of my shell a bit more. i just feel hopeless at a time when i am normally extremely optimistic. I have no coming out story yet because the conditions arent right for me.i feel like a big chunk of life is falling out of myreach and my grasp with reality is slipping.
Buck up Kiddo! It's never that bad! Even when it's at its worst and seems as if it you're in a hole that you can't climb yourself out of, it's still not that bad. Trust!

Sure, not having money sucks but everyone has tough times every once and a while. I've been broke-ass-poor for the last two years! You just have to believe that it will be all right~and it will be!

The road to fulfillment is going to have some potholes for sure. Just stay true to yourself and your path and you will get there. I promise.
Posted by JasonPaul on Fri, 4/28/2006 11:04 AM
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