Thursday 20 Nov 2014

Tansgender Day of Remembrance

Monday 8 Sep 2014

TransWoman Highest Paid Female CEO in America

It never ceases to amaze me the different venues and careers in which trans people exist. Further proving that we can do and accomplish anything. Most of society only sees the steryotypes of trans woman who are in the night clubs, walking the streets or in porn- places where we are most visible. No one ever stops to think of the trans woman with eductions and successful careers co-insiding in the "real world' with "normal" lives. Fortunatley the tables are turning and within the last two years trans people have been getting notiriety and exposure in positive arenas, more so than ever before.

With transwoman such as Jennifer Pritzker, Janet Mock and Lavern Cox opening up the dialoque and breaking down walls, paving the way for other successful trans people to expose themselves and to give hope to the younger generations of trans people. I would like to add another name to this list of pioneers- Martine Rothblatt who just made the Fortune 500 list as the Highest Paid Female CEO in America. You all probably know her as the founder of Sirius Radio. I am excited for the progress of the trans movement and all the amazing transmen and transwoman coming into the light and getting the recognition they deserve. 

Below is a link to a New York Times artilcle that was just currently written on Martine. Even though I think there was some problamatic reporting and misgendering on the reporters behalf, it is an article worth the read.


All the Best

Kinley Preston

Tuesday 26 Aug 2014

Stop the Hate

         Only in United States can you claim to be Patriotic yet attack and kill your fellow Americans. I am disgusted with all the hate speech spewing out of white conservatives about African Americans in Ferguson and Muslims these past few weeks. They are Americans too and have just as much right to everything this country has to offer, the same rights as white people and Christians have. 

        For those conservatives abusing the Christian faith as an excuse to justify their words against Muslims in this country like Andrea Tantaros on Fox News saying the only way to deal with a Muslim is "a bullet to the head" -how is this kind of news debating even allowed. Let me fill you in- NONE of our Forefathers where Christians and in the 1796 Treaty of Tripoli it states "not in any sense is the United States founded on the Christian religion" The Pledge of Allegiance says "Liberty and Justice for ALL" ALL meaning every singe human being that lives in this country no matter their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, etc. Take a good look at what is written on the Statue of Liberty.

        I am sick of the myth and propaganda that we continue to feed and ponder to the base that all Muslims are terrorists- Let me remind you of the American Evangelical Christians who are currently destroying thousands of lives in Uganda. While it was horrible that around 3,000 people lost their lives in 911- in retaliation George Bush verbally used God and Christianity as an excuse for the United States to kill 15,000 innocent woman and children in Afghanistan and we killed 50,000 innocent people in Iraq on a quest looking for weapons of mass destruction that where never found, you know what we did find there- OIL. The millions of Africans that White Americans slaughtered and enslaved all while misusing the Bible to justify it. Yet people have the gull to sit back and think because they are White or Christian that they are superior to others and other human life does not matter.

        If we are going to start generalizing terrorist groups then I think it is safe to say that White Christian Americans are the ultimate terrorists. Not all white people are bad and not all Christians are bad, just like not all Black people are bad and not all Muslims are terrorists. Every race and religion has their extremist and extortionists. People need to realize this and stop lumping different groups of people together.

        I grew up in an all White conservative Christian community that had their minds completely closed to other races and other religions where not accepted (not all people in my hometown are like this but most where and still are) Racial/religous jokes and the "N" word was said all the time and no one batted an eye or thought it was unacceptable. I am ashamed to say I use to be one of these closed minded people. Living in Chicago has been a true blessing and eye opener. It has made me realize how horribly wrong and dangerous this kind of thinking and speech is. People need to stop being afraid of people who are not like them, you would be surprised how much better life is when you forget what you have been told and taught about other religions and races and just allow your heart to accept and your mind to view everyone as a human. I am so fortunate to of had the ability of positive change enter into my life.

         Some of my best friends today are African American and Muslim. I am honored to have them in my life and will stand by them for the injustices they are fighting. It is time for White people to stop the insanity and for Christians to stop ruining the reputation of their faith and what it is suppose to stand for by their destructive actions and words.

All My Best 

Kinley Preston
Tuesday 29 Jul 2014

I'm Back!

Hello to all you beautiful people out there in the GoPride Network. I just wanted to give you all a quick shout out and let you know that I am back with GoPride and am super exited to get started again. Over the next few weeks you will see some changes and updates to the TransChannel. I will be blogging about current topics and event on a local and national level so stay tuned!!  You can also follow me on GoPride's "Whats the T on Kinley P"
Wednesday 20 Nov 2013

National Transgender Day of Remembrance


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