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BOI-Witched - A Halloween Feature

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"BOI-Witched" By George St. George

When I mentioned to friends that I met a cute boy into witchcraft, I received comments that one would expect from my overtly sexual gay comrades who imagined me chanting spells and taking part in hedonistic sexual rituals.
One can't really be shocked at this misrepresentation due to the countless horror flicks revealing ridiculous adolescents partying, screwing and then trampling naked through a forest or "haunted house" screaming while a masked maniac chases them to their inevitable gory demise.

In contrast, my meetings with witches has always been nothing but comfortable and an experience I can best describe as one of "self discovery". My visit with a local witch, Shivian Balaris , introduced me to Potionwood; his "witchcraft parlor specializing in unique, spiritual solutions for your every wish." Self-taught in the history and traditions of pagan rituals, Shivian masters his craft of tarot readings for the inquisitive; potions and charms for the resolute; and the magick of witchcraft for any desire you yearn for.

Shivian dismisses the stereotype that witchcraft is evil explaining that it is "a tool, wielded the same as a sickle of the harvest. One can cut grain with such a tool to feed the multitudes or can cause bloodshed and anguish. The tool (Witchcraft) itself is not one of evil, nor good... merely a tool."

With Potionwood, Shivian uses the techniques, ingredients and rituals influenced by the ancient or created in the modern. He expresses his vast knowledge of pagan traditions from numerous cultures around the world. Whether a Tarot Reading or his other services such as personal Astrological charts, House Blessings and Witchcraft, Spells and Magick, he provides a relaxed atmosphere that will be kept 100% confidential.

While Witchcraft may sound like a bunch of hocus-pocus, it is a spiritual practice that can be very self empowering and healing. There are several types of magickal options available for your witching needs. Feel free to explore witchcraft and magick for Love, Money & Career, Protection, Lust, Revenge, Justice, Parting Ways and more.

Shivian offers professionalism that one would expect from anyone offering spiritual guidance. He offers an experience that is both enlightening, comfortable and fun. For more information on his brilliant crafts visit his website or you may contact him by email at


Halloween may be a season of mystery and magick, but has as much to do with evil and hedonism as it does with a bloated trick or treater, sick from too many sweets. Partly amusing and misaligned, Gothic tales, sweets and fantasy costumes often invade this sacred pagan holiday and it's true earthy intentions.

Halloween is a holiday taken very seriously by many as a celebration with positive earthly energies. Unlike the dark ages of history when it was associated with devil worship or an evil holiday, modern, more liberal minded people recognize that halloween is a feast celebrating the natural forces of seasonal changes. Deeply rooted in pagan history and tradition "Samhain" and "Hallow's Eve" have influences on even the most conservative Christian beliefs, celebrating the end or death of the harvest in the natural cycle of seasons.

Rooted in serious beliefs or not, Halloween or "Hallows Eve" is undeniably a time when gays take to their costumes, makeup and parties and is marked with the most colorful of celebrations. Costume pageantry of this fantasy night is one reason that it appeals to gays almost everywhere, whether it be an excuse to cross dress or masquerade in one's fantasy. Just glance down the strip of bars and clubs of Boystown (and even where hetero singles frolic) and one will see the most serious of grown adults costumed in submission to their every fantasy, impersonating anyone from Cher to monsters of folklore.

Whether devout pagan or just a partygoer, Halloween is meant for the celebration of the positive death (and rebirth) of nature's seasons and not the negative horror and evil superstition. Flamboyantly fun, it is a season in which revelers both children and adult, can't seem to get enough of each year. Have a Safe and Happy Halloween !

Great work as always GSG! I sure wouldn't mind if that cute "boy witch" would put a spell on me. He's KA-ute!
Posted by CPBill on Wed, 10/21/2009 11:43 AM
And Bill HE DOES PORN TOO ! Not someone I would personally want as a Spiritual Guide but he knows his stuff in the hocus-pocus field (or is that Poke - Us ?) LOL It's all meant to be "entertainment".
Posted by georgesaintgeorge on Thu, 4/28/2011 3:50 PM
Saturday 5 Sep 2009


Berlin Nightclub Thursday Sept. 3rd

Cazwell gave an energetic perfomance at Berlin Nightclub this past Thursday. For those of you who have missed this event, Cazwell will be parfroming at Fitzgerlad's "Swank Dance" Party in Sawyer Michigan this Saturday / Labor Day weekend. For more info visit:
Monday 24 Aug 2009

Scandalous Socialites Part 1

The Snapsaint Report by GSG

Years back I decided to take a break from the excitement of parties & nightclubs. I accepted a position as caregiver for a retired "Skull & Bones" Yale lawyer family, thinking that if I surrounded myself with geriatric gay scholars I would be exposed to a more stable social scene with less drama. WRONG ! The cast of characters that surround those with money was littered with Ponzi scheming con-artists, waiting for these socialites to keel over so they can snatch the priceless Kirchner and Motherwell paintings off the walls before the old souls are cold and planted in the ground.

My first week as caregiver was a disaster. The octogenarian auto heiress showed me around her summer home. When we entered her "gallery" my eyes lit up at what I suspected to be an original Degas painting. The old darling didn't even flinch at the alarms shrieking through the marble halls as I approached the French masterpiece, triggered by sensor lasers protecting the treasured canvas. "Oh how I hate that alarm ! " she complained.

Her socialite friends behaved like aging starlets out of Fellini's, "La Dolce Vita". They gossiped about her fabulous life as part of the Jet-Set. The women were almost always widowed and accompanied by their retired ivy leaguer gay friends whom they termed as "Walkers".

A "Walker" is an elderly gay socialite invited to escort the widowed lady socialites to parties. When the widow finds a straight dance partner (which is extremely rare given the women often outlive the men), the "Walker"... walks away. They are the geriatric opposite to the Generation X "Fag Hag". In their gay world of "Hags" and "Walkers", the Hags win in the end.

She traveled constantly. Her children called me to check on their mother whose sole contact on land was myself caring for her only concern in the world, her ailing shih-tzu. Her elderly children were an impatient lot, they could no longer wait for mother to sink with the ship, so they could inherit what was left of daddy's fortune before the old hag had spent it all.

I often teased her greedy offspring, "Did you hear your mother changed her Will before her trip? She's leaving everything to "Cuddles" the Shih-tzu ! " Their crafty mother often put me up to this game to make her children more attentive.

She'd fly to London only to remain there for a few hours before embarking from Southampton for the maiden voyage of yet another cruise liner like the RMS Queen Mary or something ridiculously massive. Each year the excuse being that THIS ship was BIGGER and FASTER than the previous luxury liner. I joked with her, "You survived the sinking of the Lusitania, and you're not scared of another Cunard Cruise ?! "

She gossiped about the trivial authenticity of her friends jewelry, yet she was never skeptical of the greed around her. Some characters who befriended her seemed suspicious, so I ran a background check on every new face in her social circle. It became known to us that some were con-artists and we cut the purse strings immediately. Often these vultures had more skeletons in their closets than she had husbands in the ground.

It wasn't a reward that I sought in protecting her wealth. It was my job to be a trusted caregiver. However, after working for this old darling for years I was eager to return to my life with my peers in the clubs and nightlife.

Years later, a delivery came after my dear old friend had died. It was from her trustees, containing a collection of trinkets. The note read, "To George, Madame mentioned how much you admired her late husbands cufflinks and pins, so we send this to you in appreciation of the excellent care you gave her."

Included in the box was a gold Yale University secret society "Skull and Bone's" pin. Having sought a Dominick Dunne adventure among the rich, this relic of a privileged underground society was a gift I will treasure from her forever.
Tuesday 21 Jul 2009

BOI Mag Column JTLYK - Vacationing in Michigan


Just to Let You Know, city life is not always glamorous and can even socially exhaust us party glitterati. Sometimes when you are invited to every party in town, you feel the need to retreat for an occasional summer weekend to the other side of that world renowned Lake Michigan. We've all heard of scandalous Saugatauk and the rural myths that surround the infamous Michigan rest stops (even yours truly once found "love" with a blonde mohawked trucker). But Michigan is sometimes unjustly dismissed as just a sexual haven for the gay mid-western traveler. Nestled between the megapolis that is Chicago and that already bustling gay mecca appropriately named "Su@k N Fu@k" is a surprisingly relaxing yet thriving beacon of culture in quaint Berrien County townships such as Sawyer, Lakeside and St. Joesph.

DiVine Spirit

The Round Barn Winery & Distillery is home to the midwest's first premium estate vodka. DiVine Vodka is 1 of only 4 vodkas in the world made from grapes. Specifically, it is produced in one of the Midwest's richest fruit belts in Southwest Michigan, using grapes harvested from the Lake Michigan Shore. Not only is it truly unique for premium vodka to be produced in the U.S.A. but more importantly, distilled from grapes instead of grains or potatoes. Voted "The Best" by Chicago Magazine, it's not surprising DiVine Vodka comes from a Michigan vineyard not far from our discerning urban taste palates. For more information on this fine spirit visit


Covering five acres in Sawyer and bordered by a wooded ravine, these 2 magnificent Victorian country homes are surrounded by English gardens buzzing with hummingbirds, water fountains at every corner and a large tranquil pool that reflects the blue sky. Foxglove Farms is the ideal for anyone who needs a country escape from the pressures of a busy life, and although they each have their own privacy, they're close enough together to be ideal for larger groups, sleeping a total of up to 17 people. For information on this lush wooded oasis visit

Fitzgerald's of Sawyer

A Pub style restaurant opened by the owners of Berlin Nightclub this local eatery features magnificent appetizers and entrees. Fitzgerald's boasts a Thursday live Jazz night with Gina McLaughlin and a Saturday party called "Swank Dance" featuring Chicago DJ's such as Ralphi Rosario and Greg Haus who travel with their talented beats. One cannot argue that Chicago's Berlin Nightclub is legendary and here at "Fitz", Swank is a dance party that moves the Berlin sound to the other side of the pond. For more information on Fitzgerald's restaurant visit For the Saturday Swank Party DJ lineup visit

Abigail Heche Designs

The sister of Ann Heche, Abigail is a celebrity in her own right, creating jewelry that evokes a feeling of sensuality and delight. With her background in healing arts, the glimmering coastline of Lakeside, Michigan compliments her crystalline necklaces, bracelets and rings. Although Abigail's work is showcased in galleries across the country, she is just one example of many artists who retreat to the quiet comfort of this stretch of forests reflected by Lake Michigan. To preview her artistry visit

Lakeside Antiques

Joining the many artists and galleries that stretch the southwest region of Lake Michigan, Lakeside antiques fills three large buildings with an array of furniture styles and accessories, fine art, European and Americana antiques and more. Open seven days a week during summer from 11 am - 5 pm this amazing collection can be found at 14876 Red Arrow Highway, Lakeside, Michigan. Phone: (269)469-4467

Judith Racht Gallery

Combining contemporary art with the treasures found at auctions and rural estate sales, Judith Racht opened her first gallery in Lakeside, Michigan in 1986. Not long afterwards, she relocated the expanding gallery to a schoolhouse in the village of Harbert. In addition to showing contemporary art, the gallery hosts the Outsiders Outside Art Fair with exhibitions running September 4th - 6th. For upcoming artist exhibits visit


The Outcenter, a LGBT social network in Berrien County, hosts a monthly afterwork social mixer that takes place at a different venue each event. July 8th is at a local hangout called "Babes" located at 565 Riverview Drive in Benton Harbor. "G2H2: Guys and Gals Happy Hour" is a group of Men and Women who get together on the second Wednesday of every month. For more information on this hopping monthly party visit them at or email

George St. George aka GSG has been a Notorious Nightlife & Entertainment Photojournalist for BOI Magazine since our first issue in 2000. The fabulous People, Places and Parties he photographs and writes about in his journals can be found at You may also contact him by email at

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