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Choose London South Bank University

"Entertainment and event-management" is suitable for those who want to organize large-scale celebrations and events, promotions, business meetings and conferences, to understand all the components of the process - from the idea to the logistics and event policies. The unit "Nutrition and Hospitality Management" includes specialization in hotel management, restaurant management, bar, catering, as well as design, marketing and product development. By the way, if you need academic writing help just click on link.

From hotels, hotels country clubs to airlines, tour operators and restaurants - Bachelor graduates in LSBU be able to build a career in any sector of the entertainment industry, choose something that will bring them pleasure, which want to grow and develop. 

Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management is designed to develop students' entrepreneurial acumen and other skills needed to work in the tourism business. The curriculum is suitable for professionals working in both the commercial and the non-profit sector, as well as those who will establish partnership relations with the state and individuals.

Program in Law and legislation LSBU have professional accreditation recognized by the legal community in England, in particular - the Joint Scientific Council on Education Standards (Joint Academic Stage Board of the Bar Standards Board). Among the outstanding graduates in law LSBU - Bridget Prentice, Member of Parliament for Lewisham East, currently Deputy Minister of Justice, and Mandy Lavigne (Mandie Lavin) - Head of Education Standards Board. Since rigorously course, all students are LSBU legal practice, which allows them to acquire the experience, skills, and increase their chances of finding a job and join the volunteer legal work. 

LSBU ranked first and third in London in England among modern universities conducting research in the field of Engineering (RAE 2008). In addition, the University is in the top 20 universities in England on the importance of its scientific activities. 95% spent on the basis of research LSBU meet international quality standards.

Faculty of Social Sciences LSBU has a national and international reputation. Here, in the course of training are affected such things as employment equity, criminology, racial and gender politics, the problem of refugees, sustainable and international development. The research taking place in this vein on the basis of the faculty, shape public opinion and influence the trends of modern society.

Relation LSBU University with ACCA, as well as with other professional bodies such as the Institute of International Auditors (IIA) and the Royal Institute of Public Finance and Accounting (CIPFA) provide students demanded the formation of recognition on the labor market and attractive career prospects.

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