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Accessories For Autumn-Winter, 2015-2016

Fashionable earrings, fall-winter 2015-2016

Earrings are another fashionable detail of a wide variety of images. Earrings, as well as all the accessories in the new season can be both large and miniature. The vogue is improving and some people become to use only one earring as a decoration. It must be a massive and hanging that will certainly draw attention to the face and neck bends. If this option is not fancy, you can were two earrings, do not forget to pick them bigger. There is a tendency to make earrings of geometric design (like triangles and spheres). Fashion earrings were presented on the catwalks by Giorgio Armani, Jason Wu, Lanvin, Marni, Miu Miu.

Trendy rings

Now you cannot resist the urge to put everything at once. This applies to rings. Those, who wore a ring on every finger, may continue to do so in the autumn-winter 2015-2016. This trend remains. Rings with massive stones have now become an indicator of style and good taste. In all the variety of shapes and colors, the rings are highlighted on two or more fingers. For example, the fashion house of Versace showed letter-shaped rings occupying several fingers. Also, the original decorations can be seen at the fashion shows of Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Jason Wu, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli.

Fashionable belts

Thin belt that emphasizes the waist is must have in the fall-winter 2015-2016 season. Even strict office dress is able to shine, if decorate it with colored thin belt, the designers advise to wear two belts at once. Wide leather belt-like corsets, which can be combined with dresses, shirts and overalls, are still in the favorites. A metal belt-chain that looks gorgeous on woolen dresses should be allocated into a separate group this season. This belt can be both thin and wide, silver or gold, giving the image a special elegance. Those who are alien to it can safely choose trendy belts with bows, semi-precious stones, silver threads and sequins. Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Donna Karan, Jason Wu, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Rochas, Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Versace call to omplement your fashionable image with belts.


Massive bright rim appeared on fashion shows of many designers. The bigger and brighter they are the better. Such glasses can brighten up gray autumn weekdays and cheer up passers-by. Speaking of glasses, we can say that large and small, round and square, dark and bright ones in the vogue, as well as in the Geeky and funk styles.

About the author: Lauren Power is a fashion-monger at paper writing help, who watches almost every fashion show on TV. She likes casual style, large black belts, elegant red dresses and high heels. Lauren only starts her career in fashion world as a designer.     
Thursday 1 Sep 2016

I’m My Own Fashion Guru: Finding A Style That Fit

What is it about girls and fashion trends that makes us rush to local malls and shop like crazy? Perhaps, this has something to do with magazines and social media, telling us what to wear. Looking through the superficially polished pictures in the recent Elle, one stops to wonder where all these individuals you know buy things, with, you know, not-so-smart salaries and annual incomes. You don’t have to go far, though. There is a way everyone can dress to impress, the key to clothing transition being really obvious – finding your personal style.

I agree ‘personal style’ attitude is kind of clichéd nowadays, but if we stop for a second and think about the true meaning of the trope, we might as well find something for ourselves. The key to “stylish” understanding is deciding once and for all where you want your looks to take you. If you are a sporty, roaring type, why waste your energy on something like high heels and pumps? It is a well-known fact even the trendiest of items are out of the season when their time comes. Individuality comes from smart choices, paired with intuitive elegancy and flawless detail. Be it a cocktail party or your bestie’s birthday, one should be always ready for a challenge called “What do I have to wear?”

In order to avoid massive wardrobe malfunctions, one should opt for something stylish, but not too glamorous. Let the brandy sales not tempt you, for fads that are short-lived and ephemeral are just another way to make you buy more. Advertising campaigns, made to promote this or that type of clothing, often get credit for their creativity. But do they make you buy more? Yes, they do. There is nothing more captivating than a pair of new jeans hanging in your closet. The next morning, however, it’s all the same. The magic of a freshly purchased item fades, and the clothing question rises again. The answer to that eternal problem can be quite simple – buy the basics, not the overpriced stuff. It will safe your money and energy as well as make you the star of the working place.

Recapping the previous statements, we may as well make the fashion gurus out of ourselves by letting our imaginations run free and mastering the art of true magnetism through personal choices. Clothes are an individual option, and no one will blame you for disregarding latest fashion trends or purchasing items of seemingly little worth. By no means a new pair of jeans should cover your personality, and if you see you are kind of desaturated in your oh so expensive outfit, into the bin it goes. Running on errands, going shopping, hanging out with your best buddies - one cannot compromise comfort for stylistic coherence. It’s not worth the effort.

About the author: Kate Turner is a professional freelancer at statistics homework help specializing in articles about clothing and style. Her audacious choices and free spirited nature have won hearts of fashion fans all over the world, and with a touch of friendly attitude, she’s become invincible to nitpicking.

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Friday 12 Aug 2016

We Follow The Fashion Or Fashion Should Be For Us

People think about fashion and fashion trends completely different things and in different ways. Someone thinks that to follow fashion - it means to be a flock of sheep that are not of your opinion and listen to someone's advice. Someone on the contrary carefully monitors all fashion trends, going to shows, exploring the designer collections, knows in the next six months, it will be important and in line with this build your wardrobe.

Someone says that he lives out of fashion, and buying things that just like in the store. Some sellers in the stores often uses the word "fashionable" just to convince the customer to buy clothes (and sometimes these fashion trends dealer comes up with on the fly).

There is a question: how to relate to fashion, is it worth to follow the fashion trends and how much do clothes have to depend on fashion? I suggest you a view of the Italian stylists.

First of all it must be said that to follow fashion - it does not mean to copy in your wardrobe all that you have seen in the fashion-magazine, throw every season the old ( "unfashionable") clothes, buy a new wardrobe or a dress so as to connect one onion all what you see on the fashion-VT.

Fashion only sets the direction and shows some images and themes that are actual in this season, and everyone already decides how to interpret these images and what to choose. It is important to not more then what kind of things, and some designers to buy the new season, but how to wear these things.

Quite a few people believe that they are quite far from fashion. They say they go to shops and buy what they like personally and consistent with their own taste. If it were really so, now, some would continue to wear a corset and wide skirt with a hat and gloves of the 50s.

This is due largely to the fact that the stores do not sell such things as they are out of fashion and are no longer relevant. The range at a clothing store (color, texture, silhouettes), each season is determined by fashion trends. If a woman goes to the store for a skirt, and then presented some pencil skirt (because they are considered to be fashionable this type of skirts this season), it is likely that a woman will buy it pencil skirt (even if initially she thought such a knitted skirt).

Of course, there are basic things that do not change, and change from season to season (for example, a white shirt or a denim mini-skirt), but these clothes often called boring and buy only when an identical item from an old wardrobe has worn. In this case, it turns out that all those who buy things in the stores, consciously or unconsciously follow fashion.

For all these reasons to follow fashion - it does not mean not to have opinions from essay services and to be like everyone else. It is to be relevant, to follow the current time, to be in harmony with all that changes in the society around them. Fashion designers in this case, inspire and suggest how to achieve this goal through clothing.

Thursday 30 Jun 2016

General Impression on Academic Writing Help

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Price policy

The prices are not fixed. The personalized approach of the service enables a customer to choose a suitable price. If you choose a longer deadline and a cheaper writer, you can get the most affordable price. And vice versa, the top writer and the first-class standard of quality will cost you more. But I appreciate that a lot. If I need an essay for some minor subject, I opt for the cheapest price. When I needed a research paper, which was important for my academic performance, I opt for the premium quality. I knew my investment went right as my expectations have been fully met. Besides, I get permanent discounts through the loyalty program and bonuses from every order.

Ordering process

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Communication with the writer

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The quality of papers 

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Popular Universities of France

University of Grenoble and Joseph Fourier

University of Grenoble I Joseph Fourier (Université Grenoble I - Joseph Fourier) is a large university with a worldwide reputation, specializing in science, technology and medicine. There are more than 19000 students. Faculties: biology, geography, engineering and technology, mathematics and computer science, medicine, physics and chemistry, science and earth, the universe and the environment, physical culture and sports.

University of Burgundy

University of Burgundy (Université de Bourgogne) is French University, belonging to Dijon Academy. It was founded in 1722. Faculties: law, politics and economics; language and communication; philology and philosophy; medicine; pharmacy and biology; physical culture and sports; science and technology; humanities; environment, earth and life.

University of Clermont-Ferrand II

University of Clermont-Ferrand II (Université Clermont-Ferrand II - Blaise Pascal) is one of the French universities, included to Academy of Clermont-Ferrand, which plays a major role in the educational and cultural life. It has the following faculties: humanities, natural and exact sciences, psychology, social sciences and education, technology, applied linguistics, commerce and cross-cultural communication, physical culture and sports. There are around 2,500 students.

Bordeaux University

Bordeaux University (Université Bordeaux) is one of the largest higher education institutions in France. . It is founded in 2013. It includes 4 universities: Bordeaux University I, Bordeaux University I?, Bordeaux University I?I and Bordeaux University IX. Faculties: physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science, biology, medicine, economics, management and administration, etc.

University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis

University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis (Université de Valenciennes - Hainaut-Cambrésis) is young university but not worse than others. Faculties: science, technology and health care; law, economics and management; art, literature, and languages; humanities and social sciences.

West Paris - Nanterre la Défense

This is the tenth University founded on the base of Sorbonne. There are more than 30,000 students. Faculties: Foreign Languages and Cultures, philosophy, information-communication, languages, literature, Economics, Management, Mathematics and Computer Science, Law and Political Science, Social Sciences and Management, physical culture and sports, industrial systems and communication technologies.

University of Caen Lower Normandy

University of Caen Lower Normandy was founded in England by King Henry VI in 1432. Faculties: history; geography; psychology; Political Science and Law; exact sciences; medicine; foreign languages; Economics and management; humanities; physical culture and sports; pharmaceutics.

About the author: Lauren Power is a freelance writer at resume check. She likes playing soccer, going camping and playing the guitar. Lauren is interested in art and sociology.  
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