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Managing Stress At College

High school essentially contrasts with the college and university in a smaller number of tasks, demands, and responsibilities. Once a student enters a college, he finds out that his teachers are more demanding, the study is tougher, and he is expected to be more responsible and independent. All these factors, as well as new environment and new people around, make almost all college freshmen feel stressed.

Coping With Stress

There is no need to get depressed: in fact, there are many supporting services and professionals, who are ready to become a helping hand. For example, new students can’t make a smooth transition from high school to college writing. Sure enough, there may be new types of academic assignments, but there are lots of reliable companies like custom Essay Lab service that offer writing papers in accordance with all the instructions and academic standards.

There are many ways of reducing the level of academic stress: for example, one can improve time management, stress management techniques and attain relaxation. But it is important to remember that stress is a part of our everyday life and it is almost impossible to live without it (unless you are living away from the hullabaloo and modern rural life).

Though for most college students, stress is something that is negative and unpleasant, it might be even life-saving: a fire alarm causes the stress that help people avoid danger. The approaching deadline can inspire a student to complete the task in time. But too much and never ending stress can harm the emotional and physical health, and result in undesirable solutions.

Too Much Stress?

First of all, one has to indicate that he is feeling stress:

  • It is difficult to concentrate

  • Suddenly increased worrying

  • Experience trouble with completing tasks before deadline

  • Not attending lessons

  • Short temper or increased agitation

  • Attacks of headaches

  • Change in eating and\or habits

Please, keep in mind that during the finals or while working on an important project some students may feel anxious and overwhelmed, while some people are able to keep stress under control. Fortunately, people can manage the level of stress by following simple stress-reduction strategies. If you believe that you have difficulties with managing stress during rough times and you need, check out the tips below.  

How To Reduce Stress At College

  • Time managements techniques help manage the level of stress essentially. You should know when it is time to manage the responsibilities, accomplish the tasks and have free time for some activities and relaxation.

  • It is important to know and be focused on a specific goal for yourself that will help improve your mood and keep positive.

  • Never put off indefinitely. Remember: every assignment has its deadline and putting off until the last night can result in mental and physical stress. Procrastination negatively affects many aspects of everyday life, such as the quality of the study, the quality of the sleep hours, and the mood as well.  

  • Be physically active. Regular exercising helps burn off all the negative energy and pressure generated by stress.

  • Try to sleep well. Practicing good sleep habits helps be well-rested, while sleep deprivation is causing lots of physical and mental issues.

  • Keep the limits. People can’t work 24 hours every day and 7 days every week without breaks. Find out your limits and work within them. There should be realistic expectations for your performance. Do not forget about taking regular breaks from study and some activities.

Here is one more tip: laughter is a wonderful tension-reducer. Find things that will make you laugh, spend your time in a company of people who can cheer you up and boost your mood. 
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Friday 13 May 2016

Is It Possible to Apply for a Loan without Parent

Most of the young people with or without a stable income, without a substantial credit history, being or not a student are cautious about applying for a loan without a parents support considering it to be impossible. On the one hand, they are right as the application process, in this case, will face some difficulties. On the other hand, their applying for a quick loan online is indeed possible. Today we are going to consider this issue in detail.

It’s essential to understand fine lines, which separate loans from a charity help. Loans are the main source of revenue for the huge part of the banks due to the interest rate, which you are obliged to pay. In fact, the sums of money they provide borrowers with, they receive back over time. So, the interest rate is a substantial bonus, which allows lenders to win.  When it comes to applying for a loan, both you and the lender must obtain the clear answers to some important questions.

Who Are You?

Before the lender will check out your credit history, you must make a good impression with your impressive appearance. When you enter the door, your main goal lies in inspiring confidence in your own creditworthiness and ability to pay off the debt. You must act as a perfect fit for the acceptable risk, which the bank can assume. The best way to make a flawless first impression covers appropriate clothing and fresh look.

How Do You Plan to Dispose of Your Money?

Assuming the fact that a bank provides you with the financial support, it’s logical that it will require detailed information about its purpose. Either you require the funds for personal needs or for a business use – you are supposed to inform the lender about it. It goes without saying, that unreliable and gambling backgrounds won’t add you points. Still, the banks encourage loans devoted to buying a car, house or personal development (education or overseas internship).

What Is the Source of Your Financial Support?

The place, which will potentially provide you with a financial support, plays a substantial role in the loan application process. Nowadays online financial companies are popular due to the high probability of the loan approval, fast application process, and flexible terms. Affordable online loans are attractive unless you meet cheaters and scammers.

Therefore, conduct a thorough research and look through the reviews of different financial companies before you apply for a loan. Paying attention to the economic situation of the country also makes sense as banks in economically unstable countries tend to tighten the ties of the borrowers with a help of unprofitable terms.

What Affects the Payment Period?

Every loan is a river with dozens of tricky pitfalls, which have a great impact on your payments. The interest rate is the most substantial aspect, which can greatly increase your payments or make them affordable. The duration of the loan is the next important option and means the period during which a borrower is supposed to make payments. A shorter period meets a smaller amount of money dedicated to the interest rate. The type of a loan and its terms also plays a substantial role in your payments.

What Affects the Approval?

Meanwhile, you are a student you must provide a convincing proof of your creditworthiness. Collateral, a good credit, and a stable income are the best proofs of your ability to pay off the debt. Otherwise, the approval process will be more complicated. By the way, your collateral will be given you back in the case, if you manage to pay the debt off. Therefore, if you aren’t sure about your ability to close the debt, think twice before pledging your car or house. 

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