Friday 14 Aug 2015



I have attempted blogging without much consistency, but maybe this option will prove bountiful. After experiencing a cataclysmic job loss in 2012, I felt erased, obliterated, psychically DOA.

it's taken me 3 years and the benefit of good friends, and an excellent team of mental health professionals to help me put the pieces back to some semblance of order. At the nadir of my recent past, goal setting was an impossible task, yet one that I consistently worked at formulating. Repeatedly, at the top of the list was to be as active as I possibly could be in the Chicago LGBTQ community. 

To a large extent, I have achieved this goal, a counterpoint to the discrimination I believe I experienced back in 2012. If the goal of the "haters" was to make me feel ashamed of my sexual behavior, their cruelty only made more resolved than ever to know the true meaning of "gay pride."

As this blog exists on the gopride website, I will limit its content to LGBTQ matters, Thank you for reading and feel free to offer comments and suggestions.






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