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Importance of assignments which are assigned to t

All the tools which are used by the teachers to fulfill the criteria of the curriculum are useful and beneficial for the students. Same is the case with the assignments which the students have to submit in time for the successful completion of the course.

Significance of assignment and class projects

The assignments and class projects which are assigned to the students are extremely essential for understanding the application of information which is delivered to the students. If the students are unaware of the practical application they may fail to utilize the things learned in the practical world. This is the only reason why the existing curriculum which is designed for the students focuses significantly on practical application. All the things cannot be covered within the class time, hence the students are assigned extra work which engages them in activities which improve their learning.

Class assignments and presentations

The class assignments and presentations are part of the classroom activities which test the students against what they have learned during the course. Through this, they are provided exposure of handling things in the practical world. There are many challenges which the new generation faces on job. The teachers understand the importance of this problem and hence direct the students in that particular direction so that they can understand and overcome the challenges accordingly.

Home based assignments and practice questions

As per the need of the course the teachers give home based assignments and practice questions to the students. This polishes the skills of the individuals and improves their understanding of the course. Home assignment can be considered as an extension of the instructions and guidance, which is given to the students. This improves their knowledge and understanding of the topics which have been taught to them. These assignments can be considered as an epitome for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the students. These give the students a chance to become their own teachers and develop applicative skills.

Benefits of assignments

Besides being mandatory for passing, the course assignments improve the applicative skills of the students. They are fun to solve and improve interaction with the peers. For this reason some of the teachers emphasize on group assignments. The purpose of such assignments is the development of interaction and looking at situations with a problem solving attitude. This is the biggest trait, which the students develop through solving these assignments.

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Sunday 19 Jul 2015


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