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Working While Studying 

Every student knows how stressful and demanding college subjects are. It is hard to juggle with study, social life and family, especially during the first semesters. That is why adding a job to the busy timetable seems to be a crazy and unwise idea. 

Even being a part-time employee means to have a bunch of extra responsibilities and yards of challenging college assignments. We can't fail to agree that it is rather difficult to cope with essay assignment and meet the deadline for other tasks and be "Employee of the month" at the same time. Unless you are an experienced academic writer, who works for AU essay online service that offers fulfilling the hardest essay assignments before deadlines.

In fact, spending some time for work can provide great benefits. If you needed few more reasons (except the paycheck) why you should like the idea of working in college, here is a special list. 

1.    You improve your chances to  graduate

According to the recent studies, if a student works 10-15 hours every week, he is more likely to get a degree. This fact demolishes the preconception that working during study time makes it more difficult for students to graduate. Being employed 10-15 hours in a week actually boosts your chances to wear a graduation cap.

2.    More useful professional connections

Perhaps, it is not the very first reason why you should work in college, but it is a very nice bonus. Most students after graduation do not know where to go and what to do, so having professional connections with your previous employers or clients can be very helpful in the long view. College work can help learners start building the foundation of professional network. Besides, it may become a good stepping stone for those looking for a post-college job.

3.    College job ensures somebody’s patronage

Most of students are unaware that job hunting requires a lot of time and efforts. Besides it is vital to provide professional references that can advertize student’s strengths and skills. It is always easier to enter the after-college labor market, if one works hard, does a good job, and has a strong performance while working in college. 

4.    It is a chance to gain priceless experience

Students learn a great many of things in college, but most of graduates do not know how to co-operate with colleagues, how to reduce and cope with stress in a work environment, how to connect and behave among other members of a company. 

Some learners do not know how to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Working in college opens the potential for acquiring new, essential skills that might help students succeed in post-college job.

5.    It is a way to clear up professional goals

Every job requires completing tasks one may never, ever want to perform again; but at the same time it teaches valuable lessons. Working in college helps find things one will like and things one may dislike. In other words, working even 10 hours a week during study years can open the eyes to being a full-time employee.  Consequently, there are more chances for students to reconsider and clarify dreams and desired goals before a post-college job.

6.    Financial self-sufficiency

Every student dreams about having a lot of money in college. Whether a student is pretty cashed-up or makes two ends meet, it is always a pleasure to have some extra cash. Actually, this is the main reason why students start working in college.

Definitely, there are certain pros and cons of having a job in college and it is necessary to think wisely. It is important to remember that if working at a coffee shop is not your college job, you can always quit and there won’t be payment professional references. But that work experience will stay with you for the rest of your life and may work in your favor one day. 

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