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Building Strong professor-student relationship

Building Professor – Student Relationship

Yes. Some professors may really awake the student’s fear or make nervous. There are a lot of situations when students need professor’s help or advice but are afraid to ask. But the first thing students have to do is not to forget that professors are personality like any other. Just with more experience and knowledge they have to share. So if the student is going to cooperate with professor just start with respect. Here are some things every student should remember when start talking to professor.

1. The first step

Before approaching the professor choose the right title. It may be “professor”, “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, the first name or others. Usually it’s up to professor and students get this information at the first day of class. But if the student is not sure what title is better to choose, don’t rush. Ask classmates and the first approaching step will be done.

2. Don’t lie!

Students are similar. During some semesters professors hear all the possible subterfuges from students. So, each one them seems to be true doesn’t stir up professor’s sympathy at all. Even worse, it may wake his or her unwillingness to help in the future. Student should think twice before starting lying. Fortunately, there are two pretty good ways out. First: tell the truth. Professor will see that student is sincere. It may establish credibility between. Second: if the student decided to lie, he should make his lie unique. So that it could make professor laughing.

3. Points just for work

Students never get points for beautiful eyes. If you want to get knowledge, be ready to work hard. Be ready to spend much time reading books, writing essays, studying for examination during sleepless nights. But it’s worth it. Not ready to work hard? Ok, go to British Essay Writer service for students.

4. Be laconic

Talking to professor student should use words which are closely connected with the point of conversation or with the reason of this point. For example, if the homework is left at home and you are going to tell about it, use just 10-15 words to make professor know and ask how it may be fixed.

5. Come and talk

Each professor has a set of hours per week. During this time he or she has to be available to students. But unfortunately, hardly anybody uses this time.  So, if you are really interested in studying you have a plenty of time for talking to professor. Use this time wisely. Don’t come every day. But several times will be enough. For asking questions, getting answers, telling what are you interested in, listening to a point of view, or just to talk. Form relationship between professor and the students. It won’t take a lot of time, but will bring you a benefit and good vibes.

6. Never flirt!

Don’t ruin the relationship between professor and student with flirting. It may ruin professor’s career and will not help the student to achieve the goals. Any professor will not risk his career. So, noticing just a little danger he or she will immediately step away.  Even if the adult student feels some kind of spark between, it’s better keep moving student-professor relationship anyway. They shouldn’t cross this line.

7. Disappointments happen

Each professor has his own life. And it’s private. It may happen that you need to talk to professor, discuss something, or ask for advice, but approaching you hear refusal or other meeting time. Professors are people too. So if several times you came into the class without assignment for some reasons, be ready for a feedback because you are not the only student.

In general, every professor is ready to share the knowledge and experience. Just be sincere, be ready to finish your work in time and be sympathetic.

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