Monday 10 Apr 2006

First time on here and a good weekend

Ok so this is my first post ever. I had a good weekend. I went to my friend Marcy's house for the weekend. We went camping and I about DIED in the tent when LT and Michelley started snoring my ears off. I went back to the house and slept in Marcy's bed. Then her parents made us a hugeeee lunch and I am now back at school. I hope this week goes by fast and school ends soon. This month is dredging on and on. At least there are only like 4 weeks left of school about. Then finals then I am home for the summer. And then not to long til the PRIDE PARADE!!!! and*Shrugs*...this is kind of depressing cuz I always think about my friends when I go to the parade...and I think about Adam...who I won't be able to call in Cali after the parade is over. He died in December and lil things remind me of him. Well my depressing part of this blog is over. I will go watch an OLDDDDD episode of Murphy Brown then hit the hay...Love you all!
Should be an awesome parade this year, with all the gay games visitors in town and all.. And hopefully Adam will be watching with all of us from afar.

Posted by CPMatt on Fri, 4/14/2006 5:39 PM

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