Thursday 9 Apr 2009

Jerry Lee Lewis Incarnate...

...Which is pretty impressive since Jerry Lee Lewis is Jerry Lee Lewis incarnate.

Levi Kries featured in this month's edition of Bedfellows.
yes but did Levi marry his teenage cousin? :)
Posted by CPBrian on Fri, 4/10/2009 12:27 PM
Friday 3 Apr 2009

check me out, bitches

it's my bday!
Monday 23 Mar 2009

Fake Fur, Fedora and Foozie

The above photo was recently taken; I don’t exactly remember when—sometime last week, maybe; perhaps the week before?—But I do remember where. It was taken at Cocktail, on a Tuesday, the night Miss Foozie plays host to an ensemble of exotic male dancers shaking their cock and tails on Cocktail’s small, exotic-dancing stage.

In the photo, I’m wearing a fake fur ascot and velvet fedora. Miss Foozie’s wearing her staple smile. And yes, she left body glitter on my face and on my ascot, and I freaking loved it!
Thursday 12 Mar 2009

Yes, S.I.R

Scott Ian Ray, the currator of the Guest Artist Gallery at the Leather Archives & Museum featured in the lastest edition of Bedfellows.
Sunday 8 Mar 2009

CT-Oh fabulous! thanks Chicago Takes Off, benefitting the Test Positive Aware Network (TPAN), for affording the site an opportunity to, once again, serve as a media sponsor of the event.

Chicago Takes Off, TPAN's 3rd annual burlesque show fundraiser, performed two shows to its sold-out-7:30 and 10 p.m. audiences, Saturday March 7. The performances, themed "Once Upon a Time... In the Magical Kinky Kindom," were FAB-U-LOUS, and featured 107 volunteer dancers and choreographers as well as over a dozen volunteer members of the back-stage and front-of-the-house crew. is honored
to have taken part in the event's pre-promotion. also recognizes, and relishes, the participation of our own signature blogger Aray who played a cute mouse-y in a sexy, Alice in Wonderland segment. And while the site may be a bit biased, CP is inclined to feel that Aray was one of the more enthusiastic members of his ensemble. He was the only one smiling throughout the entire segment.

TPAN's next big event is Ride for AIDS Chicago taking place June 6 and 7.

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