Monday 3 Apr 2006

Emotionally Undemanding

Well, I've been dumped again. Great. That makes the millionth time in the past few years that I have been dumped. And I really thought this guy was it for me. Boy was I wrong??? I don't understand it. I'm the most undemanding person in the world. All I ask is that you call me to let me know you're alive and that you don't cheat on me, but that just comes with the territory. I don't ask very much. Why can't I keep a guy? It's very depressing and I don't think I'll understand it for a long time.
boyfriends are overrated anyway.
Posted by JasonPaul on Mon, 4/3/2006 7:04 PM
it sounds to me that you are atracted to the wrong guys,demanding is a good thing when you are involve in a relationship,but if you are just dating thats another story,you would know if the dating is moving to the right place with out forcing it,you seem young and atractive,outgoing.Use a good judgement when it comes to dating a guy,good self esteem is a great way to atract the right guys your way.good luck
Posted by romeoltnlover35 on Fri, 2/16/2007 2:42 PM

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