Saturday 12 Apr 2008

Ronnie is over supermodel crush

Chicago's Ronnie Kroell, the Make Me a Supermodel runner-up, is featured on the cover of Next magazine in New York City.

Ronnie, the only openly gay partcipant, had a crush on his roommate, the straight married Ben DiChiara. The "bromance" was a large plot line of the Bravo reality show. Bravo even printed "Bronnie" t-shirts.

Now inside Next magazine Ronnie says he's over Ben.

“I’m so over Ben now and he knows it,” Ronnie told Next. “Honestly, my feelings for him have totally dissipated.”

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Wednesday 2 Apr 2008

Will Ronnie Win?!?

It's come down to this... Will homegrown Ronnie Kroell claim the title of "supermodel" on Bravo's reality series "Make Me a Supermodel"?

We'll find out Thursday night!

After weeks of competition, Ronnie has reached the final four (of 14) along along with Ben DiChiara, Holly Kiser and Perry Ullmann. The winner takes the title of "supermodel" and a prize of $100,000, a modeling contract with New York Model Management and a photo spread in GQ.

Much has been made of Ronnie's "bro-mance" with Ben.

"I wouldn't call it a 'bromance,' " Ronnie told the Chicago Sun-Times. "We are two friends who had a great time enjoying our incredible opportunity."
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Good luck to Ronnie!

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Saturday 22 Mar 2008

Episode 11:

As Episode 11 of Make Me a Supermodel begins Shannon is out! Ronnie is safe!

America loves Ronnie.

Four models are left our homeboy Ronnie, Ben, Perry and Holly.

Tyson Beckford says Ronnie's mancrush has the best body of the bunch. Ronnie calls the photos from Ben's photo shoot "hot."

Tyson thinks Holly and Ronnie are fat!?!

Well America, the vote is up to you. Good luck Ronnie!

Friday 14 Mar 2008

Episode 10: New Orleans

Last week on Make Me a Supermodel, our hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell joined his mancrush Ben DiChiara and Casey Skinner in the bottom three.

Completely unbiased, Ronnie is the most talented model of the three. Casey and Ben both lack confidence and have mediocre performances.

Casey is voted off, Ronnie and Ben are safe. Cory Bautista tells Ben he should have been the one voted off the show.

The models head off to New Orleans for an important photo shoot. Ben is excited to be going back to his hometown.

Before heading to the Big Easy, Tyson Beckford pulls Perry Ullman aside to show him the cover of National Enquirer with the story that his girlfriend Amanda "spent time" with Adnan Ghalib, Britney Spears' ex. Perry vows not to let Amanda or the story get to him.

The models arrive in New Orleans and spend the night in a nice hotel in the French Quarter.

The next morning, time for the photo shoot in a cemetery with the models dressing in Goth costumes and makeup.

Ronnie is paired together with Shannon and both seemed to struggle. I loved when Dennis, the crow, crapped on Ben's shoulder.

The next day the models arrive at a Habitat for Humanity site to help build a new home for Cherrie who lost her house in Hurricane Katrina.

"This week my heart was warmed by the Habitat for Humanity and the opportunity to assist Cherrie," writes Ronnie in his blog.

The runway is a dark and dramatic show choreographed by the models. Ben gets praise for his performance while Shannon gets beat-up for her lifeless photo shoot this week. When the judges ask Ronnie for his opinion of Shannon and he admits to having a hard time working with her, she gets upset and calls Ronnie a "kiss-ass" to the judges.

After the judges deliberate, Ben and Holly are in the top, Holly is the winner. Only two models are up for vote -- Ronnie and Shannon. Perry is safe.

"Ronnie and Shannon were in the bottom two and I’m not worried for Ronnie because I feel as though he is a better model than Shannon," write Ben in his blog. "I hope that America sees that as well."

"My work is far from over and I have more to learn but yet again I find my self in the bottom two, and turn to America for support," writes Ronnie.

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Friday 7 Mar 2008

Episode 9: Brand Ambassador

Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Ben DiChiara, Casey Skinner and Frankie Godoy up for the vote. This is the first all-male bottom three.

The verdict comes and Frankie is going home. The battle of the sexes is on.

It's Niki Taylor's birthday and Tyson Beckford tells the group they'll be throwing a party with many luminaries from the fashion industry attending. They guys write a birthday song and the girls back a red velvet cake.

At the club, Tyson leads a blindfolded Niki in where she is presented with the girl's cake and the boy's song.

This week the models learn it's all about branding and selling a product. They must model on film by director Manu Boyer.

The first scene will portrayed people in a big fight. He picks Perry Ullmann, Holly Kiser and hometown favorite Ronnie Kroell.

The next scene has Casey acting as fashion photographer with Shannon as the model. Casey struggles and Manu swaps him out for Perry. Casey feels really bad.

The final scene is a late night scene between two lovers. First Manu selected Casey and Holly, but then swaps Casey for Ben. Wait! It gets better. Then he swaps Holly for Ronnie! It was now a late night scene between Ben and Ronnie - foreshadowing? In the words of CP's Bill Pritchard, it was 'comedy.' Manu finally goes with Ben and Holly.

The next morning, the models are taken to Bloomingdale's where they will be brand ambassadors. They get a crash course from Stephanie Solomon the fashion director of Bloomingdale's. Each model gets dressed up and is instructed to go out and sell their outfits - except Ben because Stephanie thinks he is too stiff to be good at the job. In the end, Stephanie's favorites are Casey and Shannon.

For the runway show, the models must "live the brand."

The judges tease Ronnie about his first walk that made him look like an English butler. They were also disappointed with Ben's sad-sack attitude.

The models return for this week's decision. Shannon and Holly are in the top two, with Holly as this week's winner. Casey, Ben and Ronnie are in the bottom three. Perry is safe. This will be the first week Ronnie and his brofriend Ben will be competing in the vote.

"I feel that I was wronged this week by being in the bottom three," writes Ronnie is his blog. "I respect panels decision but I believe it was based on misfortune and conflicting interpretations of third party feed back. Right now the girls pose the biggest threat and I'm not sure why."

Back at the house, Perry gets a very cryptic call from his girlfriend Amanda, warning him about a story about her that was reported in the National Enquirer. (Click here to read more about the phone call - includes video)

The vote is on and hopefully America selects our hometown favorite Ronnie. He continues to prove he has what it takes to be a Supermodel.

Best guess... Ronnie will soon be sleeping alone as Ben is unfortunately voted off next week.

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