Saturday 6 Dec 2014

The Great Elaine Dame!

You’re My Thrill

Whether you’re old or an old soul, jazz is something that always makes a moment great. If you are young or young at heart, Elaine Dame always thrills with her performance!

I was introduced to Elaine a while back, by my dear friend, Mark Grotto, over dinner and drinks at Taverna 750 in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood. It was love at first listen! Elaine’s command of her voice is really something to witness. It’s not that she’s just a good singer, she can take words and sounds, and articulate them giving them the appearance of action. It’s like she’s dancing with her lyrics.

From her regular appearances at The Rainbow Room in New York City to her monthly Sunday night residency at Taverna 750 and her Wednesday-night residency at Macku Signature, to headlining venerable Chicago jazz clubs like The Jazz Showcase, Andy’s Jazz Club and The Drake Hotel’s famed Coq D’Or, Elaine’s is a career spent at the heart of sophisticated, swinging, urban jazz.

Just in time for the holiday season, Elaine has unveiled her sophomore CD, “You’re My Thrill!” She hosted the whole city on December 1st at her release party at Chicago's legendary Joe & Wayne Segal's Jazz Showcase.

Adding to the evening was pianist Dennis Luxion; Bassist Jake Vinsel; Drumer Jon Deitemyer; Guitarist Andy Brown; Trumpeter Art Davis; Trombonist Russ Phillips; Saxophonist Chris Madsen, and Chicago jazz singer Paul Marinaro. Mark and I had perfect seats, tasty wine, and a fabulous time! Check out this clip from the evening. It's one of my favorite tunes from the album, “I want to be Happy”.

You can find more on Elaine Dame via her website, "You're My Thrill!” is available there and on iTunes.

Happy Too!

Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 2 Dec 2014

World of Chocolate Success

Sweets tooth:

HAPPY HOLIDAY’S! You can tell it’s that time of year when the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) throws its annual World of Chocolate gala.This year’s theme, Decadence Defined - was quite the celebration; all to benefit the life changing work of the AFC.

Folks enjoyed sweet and savory chocolate samples from thirty of Chicago's finest culinarians in the Great Hall at Union Station. Guests also enjoyed an open bar and light buffet. VIP ticket holders were granted access to the private World of Chocolate VIP Lounge; hosting exclusive chocolate samples, champagne bar and views from the top.

View a list of Featured Culinarians. For photos of the party go to the World of Chocolate gallary here on

Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 23 Oct 2014

My Gay Roommate: Partner in Crime

Partners In Crime:

My Gay Roomate’s, Noam Ash is wrapping up his third season; surpassing 3,000,000 hits on YouTube with a new installation of #MGR. “…this past year has been a huge one for our team, and we're so excited to end this season with a bang!”, says Noam.  

The season ends with Nick and Ed not coping well with Jack's (the Cowboy) departure, and the Monster takes drastic action to set them on the right course.  But will he succeed?  At a crossroads in their relationship, the boys have to decide what's to become of their friendship after the crazy year they've spent together.

The video is even climaxed with an original song by lyrcist-composer team Carner & Gregor; making for a Broadway feel to the season’s end. I couldn’t stop smiling!

Be sure to follow’s Noam’s YouTube channel. I can promise you, we will see more from this creative mind and his great friends!

I’ll miss you the most Monster!
Bill Pritchard

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Monday 8 Sep 2014

Lakeside Pride shhh...OUT!

Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles has announced the appointment of Scott Malinowski as Director of shhh...OUT! Lakeside Pride Jazz Ensemble. Scott brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and vision to the ensemble. In his previous position as Assistant Director he conducted performances, arranged music for the group, and brought creativity and energy to the role of lead. 

Scott studied trumpet at the University of Illinois and Millikin University, where he received a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Commercial Music. His teachers in trumpet and jazz performance include Randall Reyman, Ronald Romm, Mark Hammelev, and Chip McNeil; he has also studied composition and recording production with David Burdick and Mark Rubel.

In addition to conducting and performing with shhh...OUT!, Scott has served the music community as a professional audio engineer and music producer for nearly ten years, recording and mixing full-length albums, live-concert recordings and demos with bands throughout the Midwest. A sought-after producer in the world of contemporary a cappella, his 37th vocal album was released this April.

shhh...OUT! Lakeside Pride Jazz Ensemble is part of Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles, a marvelous musical community, in the heart of Chicago's LGBT community. Inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame in 2011, the Lakeside Pride Freedom Marching Band, Lakeside Pride Symphonic Band, and shhh...OUT! Lakeside Pride Jazz Ensemble together reach more than one million people annually. is a proud sponsor of Lakeside Pride Music Ensembles and the influience they bring to our city. Keep an eye out for thier upcoming concerts and performances!

Bill Pritchard

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Tuesday 2 Sep 2014

Fork It!

Looking for a way to give back to the community and have fun at the same time?! Join the IFH Junior Board as they “Put A Fork in Homelessness September 5th at Pitchfork Chicago. (2922 West Irving Park Road)

InterACT is partnering with BBQ saloon Pitchfork to host its fall kick-off event, “Put A Fork in Homelessness” Featuring whiskey distributer Jim Beam, Shiner beer and select items from Pitchfork’s award-winning BBQ menu. The event will include a six course pairing. Tickets are just $50 and can be purchased online or at the door.

The fundraiser will feature interactive donation displays, a certified beer cicerone from Shiner and a whiskey expert from Jim Beam. Pitchfork will also feature specials of the beverages sampled that evening.

Interfaith House (IFH) is located on Chicago’s West Side and provides residential care for homeless men and women in medical recovery. The center offers interim housing and support to ill and injured homeless adults who would otherwise lack a stable and safe place to heal, and is the only agency of its kind in Illinois.

Pitchfork Chicago is best known for their extensive whiskey selection of over 120 choices, seasonal cocktail and beer menus and some the best BBQ in the city.

Get your tickets today and “Put A Fork in Homelessness” September 5th from 7-9pm!

Fork It!
Bill Pritchard

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