Monday 6 Aug 2007

I love Justin Boltz!

I'm so glad to see Justin back on!

I've missed him!
AHHHHHHH! I love that picture!
Posted by JustinBoltz on Mon, 8/6/2007 9:05 PM
Monday 30 Jul 2007

Thanks Matt

Saturday night, I met a rather sweet boy named Matt. He made it a point to come up and say hello.

He was kind and extremely generous with his encouragement of me. Like everyone else, I need to know that I am making an impact from time to time.

His stepping out to say thank you really blessed me!

Wednesday 18 Jul 2007

The continuing story from Hollyoaks!

Great show from GREAT Britain! Sure the guys are cute, but their accents and use of the English language is outstanding!!


John Paul and Craig - Hollyoaks Part 1

John Paul and Craig - Hollyoaks Part 2

John Paul and Craig - Hollyoaks Part 3

John Paul and Craig - Hollyoaks Part 4

Friday 13 Jul 2007


Chicago’s dynamic duo, Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen, return to the main stage this weekend with their new musical comedy revue.

Amy & Freddy’s BIG TIME SHOW – an eclectic mix of classic and popular favorites – makes its Chicago debut this evening, Saturday and Sunday!

I hope you will join me tonight for this PERFECT way to spend the evening with someone you love or would like to love!

Tickets On-Sale now at the TBC Box Office by calling 773-327-5252 Or Ticketmaster at 312-902-1500 Online at

Friday, and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday at 4:00 p.m.
Theatre Building Chicago (1225 W. Belmont Ave.)
Thursday 12 Jul 2007

Caught with my fly down!

How embarrassing is it to realize that you've been walking around all morning with your fly down!

I can answer that one today with a resounding VERY!

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