Friday 7 Sep 2007

Fellowship of the Fairy’s

I just love it when another weekend arrives! The ability to sleep in; (even though I know I won’t) the joy of staying up late; the excitement of not having any expectations; the meeting of new friends; (Hot guys) and getting a drink bought for you!

This like any other weekend will be filled with fun! There’s seeing my pal Ryan Yoder
at LBC! I’m sure Ill run into Ross and crew at Minibar|Winerbar. No doubt I will have a Lady Vera Parker sighting! Of course there is my weekly brunch with my best friend Isaiah! (That's my favorite part of the weekend!)

All of that combined with events and unplanned moments.

Don’t ya just love the weekend!?!?!
Friday 31 Aug 2007

Pretty Guys!

Pretty Guys ALWAYS make me happy!

Seeing the Illinois Governors budget has got me SO pissed! He's cut SO many important items and now he made it so the CTA had to raise their rates.

Beginning September 16, the fare for Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus customers will increase from $1.75 to $2.00 per ride, and 25¢ for a transfer regardless of the time of day. In short the Governor IS a Rod and did a BAD job.

The good news is that pretty guys can ALWAYS make me happy again!!
Wednesday 29 Aug 2007

For The Love of Neil!

Once again, cutie Neil from So You Think You Can Dance! comes to mind!

Monday 27 Aug 2007

Sweet Home Seattle

I made the trek last week to my home town of Seattle. I threw a party in honor of my wonderful parents for thier joint 70th birthdays. It was a GREAT time!

I have to say for the record, Seattle boys are a different breed than anywhere else. Cute and weird at the same time.

I will be back in in Boystown for a date with Jeremy tomorrow. Talk about something to look forward too!!

Wednesday 22 Aug 2007

And The Winner Is. .

In an unscientific taste test between the Cheez It and the Cheese Nip, the Cheez It won!

As one participant said, "Cheez Its far surpass any other cheese cracker in all categories – taste, texture, ease of consumption, etc. It is that extra bit of “tanginess”. I love them. The Nip is hardly a contender.

Arguably, defenders of the Cheese Nip have something to say about the subject as well! "Cheese Nips don't have the terrible, awful, nasty after taste that Cheez Its have!" said Sarbara Bharpley of the BAB.

You be the judge! Personally, I am a fan of the Cheez It!

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