Tuesday 2 Oct 2007

Three Amigos

This picture taken by's Ryan K. show's two of my favorite Chicago personalities, Circuit Mom and Miss Foozie.

Aren't I the lucky boy!
Posted by CPRyan on Tue, 10/2/2007 6:02 PM
where's your wig?
Posted by CPJason on Tue, 10/2/2007 11:33 PM
Friday 21 Sep 2007

Weekend Fun!

I hope you will take a moment and read the newest Make A Difference article here on I know you'll think it's right on!

Also the Crystal Meth Prevention Project (CRYSP) is asking for 15 to 20 minutes of your time to take an on line survey dealing with men's drug use and health. They want to better understand the context of and associations among drug use, particularly crystal methamphetamine use, sexual behavior, and health issues among gay and other men who have sex with men. If interested, and if you are 18 years of age or older, please click on the banner below.

Cheers to my good friend Paul Kepner as he leads yet another installment of the Bars Less Traveled Tour this Saturday in Boystown. This year the Worlds Smallest Apartment production will be getting back to basics and "hoofin it!" from bar to bar. I'm sure you'll see us gallivanting about the gayberhood!

I am super happy to report that Junior Vasquez returns to Chicago's Circuit Night Club, Saturday, September 22nd Admission $20 (Advance $10) Purchase tickets in advance at Universal Gear, Borderline Music (cash only), Beatnix and Mephisto Leathers or online at

Somewhere in there I’ve got to stop by Minibar|Winebar for an adult beverage! They’ve got a great new line-up of resident DJ’s over the weekend.

Perhaps I will see you out and about!
~Bill Pritchard

Friday 14 Sep 2007

The Weekend is Upon Us!

With a slight chill in the air Boystown prepares for an action packed weekend!

I don't know about you, but I adore the autumn weather! It's time to bring out your sweaters and scarves and perhaps even purchase some new items. As always my best pal, Isaiah is one step ahead of us in his fashion mentoring skills. His new "Out of the Closet" article shares some of the new trends in fall fashion! Be sure to check it out!

I am super happy that is sponsoring the AFC Junior Board in the Aids Run & Walk If you've not made a donation to this Make A Difference event you still have time! Remember, every bit helps!!

How excited am I to be able to spend some time with my first Chicago Best friend, Jeremy Ehrhart tonight. He’s one in a million and truly the sweetest!

I also get to celebrate the birth of my pal, Chicago’s very own, Ben Hartman tonight at 9:30 at Cornelia's (748 W. Cornelia Ave.) I’ve known Ben for years and he’s simply one of the best! Come join us in the party!

Of course I will do my best to catch Piano Man Mark Farris at 3160 Piano Bar tonight as well! Mark was one of the first people that I met in Chicago and always provides a great time around the keys!

If I get any time after that I’m going to try and stop by to see my pal Miss Foozie hosting at SPIN’s Shower Contest. Somewhere in there I’ve got to stop by Minibar|Winebar for an adult beverage! They’ve got a great new line-up of resident DJ’s over the weekend. (My personal favorite being the very hot Shawn!)

Perhaps I will see you out and about!
~Bill Pritchard

Thursday 13 Sep 2007

William Wants A Doll

I was reminded today about an old childhood song that I used to love!

Talk about a major clue of what was to become of me! :-)

Monday 10 Sep 2007

Action Packed Weekend

Sweet Lord, what fun was had last weekend!

For those of you who were at Minibar on Saturday I’m sure you noticed the new set-up that John & Stu have done! BRAVO boys! With the arrival of their new Saturday night resident, DJ Shawn, Minibar proves once again to be the perfect place to be!

I ran into former roommate Clyde this weekend! I’ve missed seeing him but we always are able to pick up right where we left off!

I also ran into Chicago’s pretty party boy Ross leading the pack of Boystown hotties! With him, the ever charming Jeffery; the very hot Gio; Michael G. , Birthday Boy Steve, and I even saw former LBC dancing boy, Partick! They were on a bar crawl lead by Michael for Steve’s Birthday. Of course it is ALWAYS nice to run into Dale who was also in tow! He couldn’t be any sweeter or cuter! (DAMN!)

I was able to have a drink with Lady Vera Parker at HYDRATE on Saturday night. She was hosting. I’ve got to say, Vera is one funny lady!

I got a chance to see my pals at LBC. It’s always fun seeing my chum Ryan Yoder! I can’t get over what a kindred spirit he is! Plus his brother Bill is hot! While at LBC I saw the beautiful Heather. I’ve got to say, you all need to get to know this girl! Sure she’s beautiful and always the life of the party at LBC, but I have found her to be very smart and always ready with the wonderful conversation! She’s become a good friend!

I was really touched to have a visit from my New York friends Sky and LeRon on Saturday! Talk about picking up right where we left off, these are some wonderful friends! Many of you will remember when they lived here in Boystown. They are now enjoying the models life in NYC and are always the life of the party!

On my way home I got a text from the very CUTE Jeremy. He and his roommate/gal-pal Zack were having fun at HYDRATE. I stayed and enjoyed some fellowship with them and then slipped off to go home. I have to say, it’s very difficult to say good night to Jeremy!

Sadly, my best friend Isaiah wasn’t able to join me on Saturday night. He’s been doing these long distance runs lately and found himself “woofed” as he put it. Poor little fella! We did enjoy a lovely Saturday morning breakfast as well as shopping though.

I just love the weekend! I can’t wait for the next one!

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