Monday 8 Oct 2007

Out with the Yoder Brothers

So I was the lucky boy to be invited to the house party of Ryan and Billy Yoder.

These boys are pals of mine, but it must be said that the good Lord in heaven was smiling on our gay little world when he invented two cute brothers like Ryan and Bill!

Friday 5 Oct 2007

Jason Freeman & Jesse Archer TONIGHT!'s Jason Freeman hosts gay "it" boy, Jesse Archer, TONIGHT at Hamburger Mary's (In Mandersonville)8pm sharp. I hope to see you there

Be sure and check out Jason's interview with Jesse!
Thursday 4 Oct 2007

Zack Attack

Everyone knows that I have a thing for Hollywood hottie Zack Efron

Here is a picture of him. DAMN! He's FINE!!
Tuesday 2 Oct 2007

Three Amigos

This picture taken by's Ryan K. show's two of my favorite Chicago personalities, Circuit Mom and Miss Foozie.

Aren't I the lucky boy!
Friday 21 Sep 2007

Weekend Fun!

I hope you will take a moment and read the newest Make A Difference article here on I know you'll think it's right on!

Also the Crystal Meth Prevention Project (CRYSP) is asking for 15 to 20 minutes of your time to take an on line survey dealing with men's drug use and health. They want to better understand the context of and associations among drug use, particularly crystal methamphetamine use, sexual behavior, and health issues among gay and other men who have sex with men. If interested, and if you are 18 years of age or older, please click on the banner below.

Cheers to my good friend Paul Kepner as he leads yet another installment of the Bars Less Traveled Tour this Saturday in Boystown. This year the Worlds Smallest Apartment production will be getting back to basics and "hoofin it!" from bar to bar. I'm sure you'll see us gallivanting about the gayberhood!

I am super happy to report that Junior Vasquez returns to Chicago's Circuit Night Club, Saturday, September 22nd Admission $20 (Advance $10) Purchase tickets in advance at Universal Gear, Borderline Music (cash only), Beatnix and Mephisto Leathers or online at

Somewhere in there I’ve got to stop by Minibar|Winebar for an adult beverage! They’ve got a great new line-up of resident DJ’s over the weekend.

Perhaps I will see you out and about!
~Bill Pritchard

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