Monday 5 Nov 2007

Hello Singapore! Come in please!

What a splendid weekend! I think it was made more so for me as I didn’t have any events that I needed to be at. I really love what I do, but I also enjoy a free weekend from time to time!

My weekend started on the right foot by meeting up with Chicago model Zach. (See Picture Above) For those of you out and about last week for Halloween’r you will remember Zach’s out fit. (Or lack there of) You can bet that you will see more of Zach in the coming year!!

I can’t tell you how nice it was to be able to chill on a Friday night! I stepped into Minibar|Winebar for a few cocktails and ran into a bunch of my pals there. With a little ring from my cell phone I was off to Cocktail to meet up with some friends. I’ve got to hand it to Geno,(the owner) he knows how to pick his dancers! Whew! My evening ended on a lovely note when my pal Bill Healy joined me for an adult beverage. He’s been on vacation for 2 weeks and we had lots to catch up on! We were like two girls!

Saturdays are always a pleasure for me! No matter how late I go to sleep, I always wake up early for breakfast with Isaiah. Its something we started years ago. It may be my favorite time of the week! Isaiah had an appointment with hair stylist to the stars, Andru at Chicago Male Salon. Andru, who also cuts my hair, couldn’t be any more cute! He always has a new look. Wait until you see his new platinum hair!

Later Saturday night I went to meet Matt Richards for a night out and about. I have to say, Matt is one impressive guy! He’s got a great heart, smart mind and well….he’s cute! While Matt was running a bit late I had the pleasure to chit-chat with Minibar|Winebar co-owner, Stu Zrin. I’ve always had great respect for my friend Stu, but I was reminded just how smart he is and how much he loves the Boystown community! I am glad to call him my friend!

As Stu and I enjoyed a bit of fellowship we had the pleasure to run into cute Saturday resident DJ Roush! (See Picture) Not only does he bring some awesome music to Boystown, but this perfectly tan boy has the best response given to the question; “Where did you get that tan?” “Tancoon”! Clearly DJ Roush knows the bible verse “Why be white and pasty when you can be tan and tasty”! Amen!

After some fun at Minibar}Winebar, Matt and I headed up to Lakeview Broadcasting Co.. It’s always a pleasure to run into Steven the cute owner. LBC gives a great experience! I am always blessed to run into gal pal Heather while I'm there! (See Picture) There is nothing about this girl that I don’t like. Truth is if I weren’t gay I would be all over that! She is smart, caring, fun and so beautiful!

From LBC Matt headed home and Heather and I went to hang with the straights at John Barleycorn. It’s always wonderful to run into Barleycorn Mananger JR Cranston and bartender Kyle. OH MY WORD, we closed the place down! I placed Heather in a cab and started my walk home to Boystown.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my bosom friend David Beal. (See Picture) Currently the very cute David lives in Singapore, but he’s had the pleasure of living all over the world. I tend to live vicariously through him! I pulled out the CVS long distance card and rang him up. It was about five in the evening where he was and we had the pleasure of catching up for fifteen minutes or so. David is not only one of my best friends, but he is one impressive fairy! Some day soon, he will be here in Boystown for a visit. You will all have to meet him!

Sunday was spent with my bitch Buffy. She always makes me feel good. For a seventeen year old dog, she sure has some spunk!

Shout Out's: PIE HOLE Pizza,(The best late night love a guy can get!) A special thank you goes to Chicago cutie Kale for the great conversation and adult beverage, My ex-boyfriend Jesse (I miss seeing ya around pal!), Derek Britton on the move, Hometown hottie Dylan heading to Africa, Seattle pal Joshua, Ryan "I used to work at LBC" Yoder, The Emilys, and Hydrate Doorman Jimmy (Who I forgive for calling me daddy. Eeeew!)

I hope that you all had a nice weekend! For those of you in Boystown this week, bundle up! It’s gonna be chilly!

Thursday 1 Nov 2007

57 Drunks In Boystown!

What a Halloween’r in Boystown! Thousands of people came out and about to celebrate! To be honest, I was rather surprised at the amount. It gets bigger every year and yesterdays weather sure made that better.

With Miss Foozie on the stage and thousands of “interesting” costumes, Boystown celebrated one of its gayest holidays! Editor Steve and I hosted the booth. My friend Tom (See Picture) stopped by dressed as an angel. YA HE WAS! Whew!

We were joined later by CP President, Matthew and’s Advice Columnist Princess Darby . New contributor John Moore and his partner stopped by to say hello too! Of course Boystown Boytoy Justin Boltz and his gang (See Picture) stopped by to say hello as well.

My best friend Isaiah and I played the game “Costume or Real life?” this Halloween season. It’s the game where you try to determine if the dressed up person is in a costume or is this, their real look. Well Editor Steve and I were playing that from the VIP seats of the booth. OH MY GOD there were some interesting looks out there!

From the Booth I stopped by Roscoe’s to say hello to owner Jim Ludwig. You would have thought it was a Saturday night in there! From there I went to Minibar|Winebar to drop a few bucks in the donation bucket. They were raising money for the Chicago Fire Department. I love when people take fun and use it to Make A Difference! As always, the hard working staff of M|W were looking great and having fun!

I decided to take a poll while I toured Boystown. I asked 57 (Fifty-Seven) drunken people if in fact they had to work the next day. ALL of them said they did! Amazing!

With Pie Hole Pizza in my hand I went home to my Bitch (See picture) and called it a night. I had to be up early for work. :-)

Shout Outs to: Boystown cutie (Sadly moving to LA) Zach. My first Chicago friend, Jeremy The Beautiful and charming Kinsey! World Traveler Ben Jorian, Home Hostess JR & Kyle and Minibar|Winebar hotties Kristopher, Alex and the normal one of the night Nikolaus.

Tuesday 30 Oct 2007

Having Fun With Lance!

What a fun night last night! hosted Lance Bass at Borders for a book signing of his new book “Out of Sync”. Quite a lot of people came out to see him!

I was the lucky guy to be able to host the contest winners, Ernie and Andy as they were the first in line. As Lance came out of the elevator, he was greeted by local press and photographers.

I greeted him and welcomed him to Boystown and then introduced him to our contest winners. As always he was sweet and took a picture with our winners. He and I then posed for photos. You’ve gotta love the paparazzi!

I took the opportunity to invite Lance to join me later in Boystown. He agreed and we met up at Minibar|Winebar. On the way there I shot a text to Miss Foozie so she would be sure to stop by! I know she wanted a picture!

John and Stu and the entire Minibar|Winebar staff were the perfect hosts! We chatted it up with Lance all evening! All in all it was a GREAT time and everyone had a blast! Be sure to check out the pictures by's Jay Shaff

I am especially grateful to Editor, Steve for all his help to make this possible! I am very proud of’s influence in the community!

Next event. . . The Halsted Halloween Costume Parade this Wednesday!
Monday 29 Oct 2007

Meet Lance TONIGHT

After weeks of planning and Borders are welcoming Lance Bass to the Boystown Borders (2817 N. Clark) tonight.

I hope you will all make it a point to come out and meet him! A few lucky winners were picked from our Meet Lance Bass Contest to be the first to be in line. You can bet it will be quite the scene!

My hope is to get the celebrity himself to join me out and about in Boystown. Be sure to check back with this evening to see where we might be.

Thanks again to all of you who participated in our contest!!

Saturday 27 Oct 2007


Cheers Boystown!

I wanted to make sure all of you knew about Minibar|Winebar's 2nd Annual Smokig Hot Halloween event Saturday night!

Every person that comes in is being asked for a $2 cover. ALL of that will be going to the folks at the Chicago Fire Department.

To top it off, the M|W men will be dressed in the finest fire fighting attire. (Or lack there of!)

Why not make your early evening out and about meaningful! Stop by and support our Boystown Boys and the CFD!

Cheers Damnit!
~Bill Pritchard

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