Sunday 18 Nov 2007


I hope you will all join me this evening at Minibar for the perfect sounds of DJ Chris Eterno!

It may be a school night, but this guy is worth it! The fun starts at 9PM


Thursday 15 Nov 2007

Dumb Ass!


The @tmosphere Gong Show

Come show off your dumb ass stupid human trick... Can you do a bar trick that brings your friends to tears?

I will be serving as guest judge so I hope that all of you will come and enter in the show! First Prize is $100 with lots of other prizes too!

Sign-up by 9PM, show starts at 9:30PM

Proceeds benefit TPAN

Sponsored by and Gay Chicago Magazine
Wednesday 14 Nov 2007

Wait! My Parents Will Hear!

Today feels like fall outside. It’s not too cold, and not too warm. I would have to say that fall in Chicago (See Picture) is one of my most favorite times of the year! The colors are magnificent and the smell of the leaves intoxicating. I guess I am a romantic at heart!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my wonderful Parents (See Picture) coming to town tomorrow. As many of you will remember my parents are truly a pleasure! They are beyond caring; wonderfully smart; and they have some terrific stories to tell!

I think most people hope that they won’t turn out like their parents. I am just the opposite. When I was a kid, I was always called Jonie (My mothers name; pronounced “Johnny") junior. I always loved being called that simply because it meant that I was like my Mom. Now, I think that my friends would probably say I am just like my Father, something I am equally pleased about. I guess when I look at my life, I feel like I’ve been blessed with the best of both in my life. Honestly, if I could be half as good as they are, I would be very happy.

You will be able to see my parents this Thursday night at Conrelia’s. Saturday night we are hoping to stop by Minibar|Winebar for a cocktail and Sunday morning we will be having brunch at Angelina’s. I do hope you will come up and introduce yourselves to these Make A Difference people!

TONIGHT: Be sure to stop by Pie Hole Pizza in boystown for their All-You-Can-Shove Wednesday night!

THURSDAY night I hope you will all join us at Atmosphere as and Gay Chicago Magazine present the ATMOSPHERE GONG SHOW! (See Picture) Yours truly is serving as guest judge so I hope that all of you will come and enter in the show!

SHOUT OUT: Belmont Ultimate Exposure boy, Stephen, Minibar|Winebar Doormen, Nikolaus (See Picture Above), John, and Todd, Los Angeles luv, Nick, Chicago Boytoy, Justin Boltz, Faithful blog reader Holley, Denver buddy (The incredibly attractive) CHAD, New celebrity bloger, Lady Vera Parker, Chicago Dance Hottie, Luke Manly, My Cute Next Door Neighbor, Adrianne, Sandra's Mom, Kristy Riedel, DJ Scotty Thomson, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Evan Trad, and the hardest working Producer in the world,’s Editor Steve

Happy Hump Day!

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Monday 12 Nov 2007

I'm Staying In With My Bitch!

What a weird weekend! It wasn't a bad one by any means, just not what I would call active.

Friday evening was what I would call a normal evening. I met up with my good pal Jeremy (See Picture) at Sidetrack. It's always good to catch up with Jer. We spent time avoiding stalking guys who were staring at us and took time to stare at a few guys of our own. There are some good looking chaps in Boystown!

From there we went to Minibar|Winebar where we spent time loving the lovely Linda Little on the Winebar side. She truly is the icon of Boystown! My good pal and everyone's favorite ad man, Rob came in. Always the magnate for the cute guys, Rob brought the energy level of Jeremy and me up 110%! With Rob was the terribly cute Ted. (See Picture Above) Ted and I are new friends on Facebook and had no idea that we'd run into one another this weekend. We sure had a blast!

Out of nowhere I was groped by my gal-pal Ryan Yoder. (See Picture) With a kiss that would make Karen Walker from Will and Grace blush, all of Winebar must have been wondering what our story was. As many of you know Ryan is no longer working at the fabulous Lakeview Broadcasting Co. He will be "Serving the straights" at Lakeview's new night spot, Wilde. More to come on that I'm sure!

So, after a nice evening of fellowship with the hotties, I started the trek home. (Ya, that's not far unless you've really got to go to the bathroom) On my way out the door I was stopped by my cute next door neighbor Mark. (See Picture) We had never really met but are MySpace pals. Turns out he lives in my building! Mark couldn't have been any nicer!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in total relaxation. Other than to have my favorite breakfast with my best friend and to walk the bitch, I stayed in and enjoyed some videos and relaxation. I do cherish those alone times! Now that I think about it, I may be mentally preparing for the arrival of my wonderful Parents this week. More on those two later.

Be sure to remember the Reeling Film Festival is taking place all this week! With great films and celebrity appearances including Bruce Vilanch and RuPaul!

SHOUT OUT: Homo's Are A Hoot Super Star, Derek, New Chicago resident, Kevin Shannon, Former roommate, Clydee, New Boystown Girls, The Emily's, Chicago cutie, Kale, My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal (Thanks for the Real Time Update!), Here Royal Highness, Lady Vera Parker, and Twenty Something, Justin Boltz. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS go to Zach on getting a new job!

Cheers to a quick Monday and a wonderful week!

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Thursday 8 Nov 2007

I Can’t Whine About Hump Day!

As if the weekend in Boystown doesn’t provide enough fun and fellowship, I was the lucky guy to be able to enjoy a nice week night out! Living in Boystown sometimes makes staying in difficult. Most of the time, I am a good boy and stay in on a school night.

However, on Wednesday I was invited by my pal John Dalton to a merlot wine tasting at Minibar|Winebar. They do these every once in a while to choose their next rotation of wines they will serve.

We tried 17 wines in all and boy were there some tasty ones! My personal favorite was the R. Collection label! It was so rich and woody with light notes of cherry. I found out later that it won as one of the top ranking wines!

In my group (See Picture) of wine tasters was Jessica, the charming hostess from Chicago’s own RL. (Ralph Lauren’s fabulous restaurant off Michigan Avenue) Also in my group was RL Manager, Charlie! Clearly, we had some educated palates!

On my way out of Minibar|Winebar, I ran into their doorman, Todd. (See Picture Above) Could this guy be any cuter!? He always dresses to the nine’s (Referring to gold of 99.9999999 percent purity) and is always the kindest person!

As I walked the streets of Halsted, I stopped by Pie Hole Pizza to grab a slice and say hello. The owner, DJ Doug Brandt (See Picture) is always the excited guy! I felt like Norm from Cheers when I walked in.

In a resent interview with BOI Magazine Doug talks about Pie Hole’s relationship and work with the Youth Pride Center downtown. In fact, Doug told me that he has members of the Center working for him at Pie Hole. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with that level of commitment! It’s no wonder why Pie Hole Pizza is Boystown’s favorite pizza join. (Of course the All-You-Can-Shove Wednesday nights are reason alone!)

As a quick reminder, the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Reeling (See Picture), kicks off tonight at the Chicago History Museum with a party at 6:00 p.m. (Click here for ticket information) In addition to being sponsored by the gang at Stoli, this evening highlights the Midwestern premier of "Shelter", a story of two surfers that plunge into the deep waters of first love. One of the stars of the film, Brad Rowe, will be making an appearance at the film.

Check out the Reeling Film Festival homepage for ticket and party info as well as a list of the celebrity appearances which includes Bruce Vilanch and RuPaul!

SHOUT OUT: Minibar|Winebar pal, Alex, My hometown former roommate, Ben Brittingham, Kansas doctor to be, Brian Douglass, Chicago cutie, Dale Kozak, Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan O. , Former Hydrate Manager and damn cute guy, Greg, Chicago Pretty Boy, (Who has a cold) Zach, and former Minibar|Winebar cocktail waitress, Tom.

Cheers to a continued fun week!

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