Sunday 25 Nov 2007

Sunday FUN Day!

I will be hosting this tonight at Minibar as and Minibar sponsor the perfect sounds of DJ Chris Eterno!

This is THE perfect way to end the weekend! A great DJ, and hot bartenders! I know it’s a school night for some of you, but come on; you’re parents don’t have to find out!
Wednesday 21 Nov 2007

I'll Put The Stuffing In Jimmy!

Ah the holiday is upon us! I don’t know about you, but I love Thanksgiving! It just soaks us with the feeling of fall! This holiday my friend Matthew Barrett (See Picture) has come for a visit. Many of my readers will recall when Matthew and I dated in 2003. He is one special guy with one of the sweetest hearts out there! Rest assured, you will see us out and about this extended weekend!

I am sure that you will all join me for Black Wednesday at Minibar! The very cute DJ Phil DaBeatz will be doing his thing! I will also be attending Hydrag Revue hosted by my pal and yours Tajma Hall at Hydrate. I’ve been told that celebrity bloger, Lady Vera Parker will be in the show too! Of course there might be a stop at Circuit to hear the sounds of DJ Alex Perez!

For Thanksgiving, I will be spending the day with my best friend Isaiah at our pal Bill Healy’s place. Bill has THE perfect kitchen to cook in and we’re going to use it! I am in charge of cooking the bird and Isaiah is covering everything else. I’m telling you, he is quite the cook! All you smart, cute, educated, old-soul boys should take note of my former! He’s quite the catch!

Joining us will be my pals Mike & Philip, Jeremy (See Picture! Yep he’s single. Stop emailing me about that!), Matthew Barrett and Chicago piano man Ben Hartman. I would imagine that we will enjoy the fellowship, food, and fabulous wines all day! YUM!!!

As a reminder: I will be hosting this Sunday night at Minibar as and Minibar sponsor the perfect sounds of DJ Chris Eterno! (See Picture) This is THE perfect way to end the weekend! A great DJ, and hot bartenders! I know it’s a school night for some of you, but come on; you’re parents don’t have to find out!

THANK YOU! : I want to thank the folks at Halsted’s Bar & Grill (See Picture) for their great hospitality to me the other day. Tony, their GM sure knows how to make people feel right at home and of course bartender to the stars, John LaGuardia sure knows how to make the perfect cocktail! My server Justin was not only on top (hee hee) of things, but he was SO DAMN CUTE! (Note: We need to find out if he’s single!) I had the Marinated Grilled Chicken Tenders and they were SO tasty! With new staff and management I hope that you will all stop in and give them a try!

SHOUT OUT: Hydrate’s charming doorman Jimmy, (See Picture Above), Boystown’s Boy, Justin Boltz, My sweet kindergarten Teacher Mrs. G, My Pal Bill Healy, Chicago’s Pairs Hilton, Evan Or, The Super Cute, Dale Kozak, The very sweet, Troy Christopher, My dear friend Miss Foozie, My gal-Pal, Rayn Yoder (Good to see you yesterday gurl!) The best, best friend a guy could ask for, Isaiah, bloger, Ryan Kolodziej, Superstar Zach, and my dear friend Christopher G.!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Monday 19 Nov 2007

A Hole Lot of Love!!

Grab a cup of coffee or an adult beverage! This is going to be a long blog today! With the visitation of my incredible parents this weekend, I was busier than normal.

The fun started on Thursday evening when I met my lovely Make A Difference parents for dinner at Conrelia’s. I can’t begin to tell you how nice that was. Cornelia’s has a great menu of tasty treats and bartender John makes one of the best cosmopolitans in the gayberhood!

Later that evening I served as guest judge for @tmosphere’s Gong Show! and Gay Chicago Magazine combined forces to host this zany night! The highlight of the night for all of us was seeing Chicago’s very own Eric West (See Picture) perform a song as Kermit the Frog. (…whilst stripping down to his unmentionables) Needless to say he won! We were also blessed by the attendance of one Bruce Vilanch! (See Picture) DAMN! That man can party!

Friday was spent in fellowship with my awesome parents. I am sure that some of my blog/article readers are sick and tired of hearing me praise my folks, but in a day and age where many people lack hero’s these people are mine! It’s not just that I love them so much; its that I admire them individually and as a team! I challenge you to find hero’s in your life! (Okay, I will get off my soapbox.)

Saturday night was spent honoring my parents at a party hosted by my pal Bill Healy. Bill has a palatial home in the heart of Boystown with the standing order that I agree to fill it from time to time with parties. Bill and our pals Russell, Katrina and Jeff busted their buns to make one hell of a party for my parents. I am in great debt to them!

A special treat for me this weekend was an unexpected visit from my hometown pal, David Fasel! (See Picture) I have to say that I adore the times that David and I have spent with each other over the years. This visit bonded us more than ever before and I do believe that we might have a new resident in Boystown before too long. (The fact that he’s FINE has nothing to do with our time)

Sunday morning I hosted my parents for brunch at Angelina’s. I think of these Sunday morning brunches at Angelina’s as an extension of the Saturday night before. ALL of Boystown shows up! It’s amazing really, how everyone looks so good and eligible. In fact, my Mom continually commented on how all the cute gay guys had great hair. Now that I think about it, she’s right. We do have good hair representation in the community. (See: My future boyfriend Zach Efron)

Joining us for brunch was my best friend Isaiah and Chicago piano man, Ben Hartman. We had the best time recapping the weekend’s festivities and catching up with my folks. My good pal and ad man, Rob came in surrounded by the bevy of cute guys! With Rob was the charming Ted (In fur) and my gal-pal Zach. (It’s always a refreshing treat to see them both!)

I have to say, there was a guy among the group whom I believe I’ve met before, but I can’t recall his name. He is about 5’11 with beautiful jet-black hair and one of the best smiles I’ve seen in a long time! It was difficult to keep my attention on my marvelous table of guest. (Perhaps this will serve as my “Missed Connections” to perhaps meet him sometime) *blush* I do have to make special note about a chap who was sitting to my left. The VERY cute Daniel Silk (See Picture Above) was within lips distance. We were able to flirt and fellowship throughout the morning.

With a few hugs and kisses to my delightful parents we said goodbye until Christmas and off they went. I was able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in fellowship with my bitch and a few episodes of Will & Grace on dvd.

Sunday night I hosted at Minibar as and Minibar sponsor the perfect sounds of DJ Chris Eterno! I’ve got to hand it to owners John Dalton and Stu Zrin, they are always one step above charm and sophistication! They’ve developed THE perfect way to end the weekend! A great DJ, hot bartenders, (See Picture) and upbeat feelings! The night has been developed with the gay community in mind! Even if you don’t have Monday’s off, I would suggest that you make it part of your weekly ritual. A special thanks goes to Isaiah for volunteering to help out!

There it is! A perfect weekend if you ask me!

SHOUT OUT: Angelina’s waitress and good buddy, Brett, Minibar|Winebar bartender and pal, Kristopher (See Picture), Minibar|Winebar hottie, Jack, My Jewish Mother Harriet Wilson Ellis, Hydrate’s own, Jimmy, Girl about town, Justin Boltz, My kindergaurten Teacher Mrs. G, The world’s greatest best friend, Isaiah, bloger, Eric Sosa, Chicago’s Yummy Make A Difference pizza place, Pie Hole Pizza,’s Editor-at- Large, Jason Freeman, My New York Doll, Matthew Barrett, the Cast of Wicked, The very sweet Phil DaBeatz and the best parents in the world, my Mom and Dad!

Happy Monday!

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Sunday 18 Nov 2007


I hope you will all join me this evening at Minibar for the perfect sounds of DJ Chris Eterno!

It may be a school night, but this guy is worth it! The fun starts at 9PM


Thursday 15 Nov 2007

Dumb Ass!


The @tmosphere Gong Show

Come show off your dumb ass stupid human trick... Can you do a bar trick that brings your friends to tears?

I will be serving as guest judge so I hope that all of you will come and enter in the show! First Prize is $100 with lots of other prizes too!

Sign-up by 9PM, show starts at 9:30PM

Proceeds benefit TPAN

Sponsored by and Gay Chicago Magazine

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