Thursday 17 Jan 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I hope you will all join me tonight as my pal Ronnie Kroell competes on the new BRAVO reality show Make Me A Supermodel.

The fun starts at 9PM at Minibar|Chicago

Friday 11 Jan 2008

He's Famous!

Heavens, it’s been way too long since I’ve written in my blog. I guess with all of the holiday events, time off, and attempts to get back into the normal routine I’ve not been going out as much. I too enjoy those breaks from the events.

Break time is over!

Wednesdays Are A Drag!

With the dawning of the winter months, Pie Hole Pizza has started something quite brilliant!

Ronnie’s Famous!

Oh the joy of seeing my friend Ronnie Kroell on BRAVO’s new hit show, Make Me A Supermodel! Many of us gathered last night at Minibar to catch the show. I was the lucky guy to be able to fellowship with Justin Boltz, (See Picture Abover) and Boystown paparazzo Frank Failing. While there I was SO BLESSED to run into my dear friend Greg the former manager of Hydrate! Those of you who know Greg know what a sweet boy he is! I love him more than friends!


Many of you have read over the years of my Envoy, David. (See Picture) David is my bosom hometown friend who now resides in Singapore with his hot boyfriend. Getting a phone call from David ALWAYS makes my day! Those real time updates are what keeps us close over all the miles. His friendship is a dream come true for me. I share this with all of you because I think it’s important for all of us to model the great qualities of our friends to others. David’s love and mentoring of my life makes me a better person and I am terribly grateful! (Plus he's DAMN FINE!)

The Weekend

This weekend is filled with some wonderful EVENTS including seeing my pal Ben Hartman at Cornelia’s and the birthday party of my pal Mike Rippe (See Picture) at Lakeview Broadcasting Co. on Saturday! Of course there is always Sunday FUN Day at Minibar|Winebar

SHOUT OUTS: The one and only, Boystown Icon Linda Little, Advisor Edward, Former roommate, Clyde, DJ Scotty Thomson, Chicago cutie, Anthony Fajjj, My High school best friend, Jill Anderson Green, Hydrate Doorman, Jimmy, Best Friend Isaiah, The wonderful Make A Difference boy, Dale Kozak, and Pressie winning, Pie Hole Pizza.




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Sunday 6 Jan 2008

Bill Pritchard to go to Rehab

Join me tonight at Minibar for Sunday FUN Day!
Wednesday 2 Jan 2008

TONIGHT: Make Me A Supermodel

Make Me A Supermodel: Featuring Chicago’s own Ronnie Kroell

Tune in Wednesday, January 2nd at 10 central on the BRAVO Network as Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor host fourteen of the country’s most beautiful people - seven women and seven men - who will compete to launch their modeling careers with $100,000 in cash and that hard-to-get agency contract.

Among the potential seven men in the running is my pal Ronnie Kroell (See Picture Above) of Chicago.

Best known in town for his philanthropic work with 4+1 Productions ( an organization dedicated to bridging diversity through performance, art, literature, media, & education in the Chicago-land Community; and based out of the Center on Halsted, Ronnie has also become quite successful in the field of modeling.

Be sure to tune in and see if our Boystown boy makes the cut!
Friday 28 Dec 2007

Ho Ho Ho MO!

I do hope that all of you had a wonderful time during the holiday! I sure did! I spent a few family filled days in Seattle with my Parents. I have to say, I just love the new chapter they seem to be taking in their lives! I see more relaxation and dedication toward recreation and travels. They SO deserve that in their lives!

It has been tradition in my family since I was a wee one to gather together on Christmas Eve for my birthday. (Yep, I just got another year older!) You might find this hard to believe, but I am not really comfortable with an event that is in my honor. I just don’t care for that type of attention and fuss. Most would assume that I go for that style of attention, but I really don’t. A birthday party for me would be best if all my loved ones are around. Nothing needs to be said or done in my honor. I had just that with the dinner that my Parents hosted at Seattle’s best restaurant Canlis! They have such a wonderful atmosphere & staff, and one of THE BEST wine lists in the world! Continuing a tradition that has been done for 30+ years we had a marvelous meal and experience! I sat next to my sainted Parents and enjoyed the stories and fellowship.

Afterwards I was picked up by my pal Jamile to go to Seattle hot spot, Purr Lounge. Owned by my pal Barbie it was the perfect spot for all my Seattle pals to join me. I had the best time and it was good to see everyone!

With a 4:30 a.m. wake-up call, I was off to my Parents to go to the airport together. They were heading down to see my Brother David and his partner (Yep, there are two of us in the fam) Cliff at their home in Palm Springs. (Side Note: I do hope for you all to meet David & Cliff one day in Boystown! They are two terrific guys and I’m proud to call them family!) This is one just example of my Parents new refreshing attitude in their lives. We had Christmas at the airport and I was able to say goodbye to them as they boarded their plane. It’s always a hard time doing that!

When I arrived in Chicago Isaiah picked me up from the airport. It’s always nice to come home to someone and I can’t think of anyone better than he. He’s the best pal! We traveled to Cary, IL to the home of our friend Kristy Riedel. Her Daughter Sandra is Isaiah’s roommate. Did we have a good time! Kristy’s son Bill made one of the best roasts I’ve ever had! That and the “Butt Balls” (The nickname they gave to the brussel sprouts) were tasty too! The fellowship of the whole Riedel family made for the perfect Christmas and I was touched to be a part of it!

Now as I look toward the weekend and the forthcoming New Years Eve Events, I am very happy to be home in Boystown! I can’t wait to see all my pals and places!

A special thank you to Advisor Edward and his Boss” Drew for hosting me to dinner the night before I left for Seattle. It was DAMN YUMMY and Drew even made me a gingerbread cookie in my likeness. (See Picture Above) Well, almost my likeness.

SHOUT OUT: My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , Twenty Something, Justin Boltz, My hot neighbor, Mark, The very Sweet Larry (Some call him Lars), Your pal and mine, Tajma Hall, My best friend, Isaiah, Editor Steve, President Matthew, and finally, My Bitch Buffy

Cheers Queers!

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