Wednesday 6 Feb 2008

The Mayor of Boystown to visit Los Angeles


Chicago’s Boystown Community Leader to visit West Hollywood

Chicago, IL
-, the number one online resource for Chicago's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, announced that Bill Pritchard, known around the world as the Mayor of Boystown, will be making a stop in Los Angels, February 7-11, 2008, to meet and greet local community leaders, businesses and West Hollywood night spots.

Pritchard, the Senior Vice President of Community Affairs, for, is also scheduled to meet with and promote for locally owned and operated,, the ultimate online guide to the LGBT community in Los Angeles.

“Having Bill visit us at is a great chance to see and hear the state of the LGBT community nationally,” said John McHugh-Dennis President. “His high energy and enthusiasm will be a welcome addition to West Hollywood’s already vibrant community!

“Bill is a philanthropist, an outspoken voice on LGBT rights, and one of my very best friends,” said Nick Thorsen, Production Coordinator for the Amazing Race on CBS and Intervention on A & E. “You’ll be able to see us out and about in West Hollywood starting Thursday evening at ARENA, care of socialite extraordinaire Jonathan Chang.”

About is the leading web-based resource serving Chicago's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The Web site, consistently ranked in the top 1% of all Web sites ( Data), features event calendars, a popular matchmaker, special interest columns, and a comprehensive phone directory emphasizing local gay and lesbian dining and nightlife. Utilizing real-time data and exclusive web tools, allows organizations and advertisers to better develop marketing strategies to reach Chicago's LGBT community.
Saturday 2 Feb 2008

Tight-Ends & Wide Receivers!

Boystown’s Boy!
I can’t tell you how much I enjoy seeing my friend Ronnie Kroell on BRAVO’s hit show, Make Me A Supermodel! Many of us gather Thursday’s at Minibar|Winebar to catch the show. What’s nice to see is that Ronnie is being true to himself and those of us that love him by being himself. His quirky smile; outrageous laugh; and love for good looking straight guys has propelled him to a very popular spot on the show. Of course, I was VERY SURPRISED to see him kissing a girl! (See Picture Above!) I want to take this moment to wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on February 1st.

The Weekend
This weekend is filled with some wonderful EVENTS including the Equality Illinois Gala (AKA: Gay Prom) taking place on Saturday. For those of you not going to that, you can always see my pal Ben Hartman at Cornelia’s or my buddy DJ Phil Da Beatz at Minibar|Winebar!

Super Bowl
Sunday FUN Day at Minibar|Winebar is going to be off the hook! They will be showing the game and follow that up with DJ Chris Eterno. With every tight-end and wide receiver in Boystown joining in the fun, it promises to be a blast!

SHOUT OUTS: My dear Friend, David Cruse Beal, the newly returned Advisor Edward and his boss Dr. Drew, Ronnie, Relaxation task master, DJ Phil, My High school best friend, Jill Anderson Green, Hydrate Doorman, Jimmy, Best Friend Isaiah, Pie Hole Drag Delivery Diva, Lady Vera Parker, New Blogger, Kirk from NightSpots, Myrtle Beach’s own, Jesse Rubly, My gal pal and Wilde's own, Ryan Yoder, Ben & Jen Brittingham, and my first Chicago best friend, Jeremy


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Thursday 17 Jan 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I hope you will all join me tonight as my pal Ronnie Kroell competes on the new BRAVO reality show Make Me A Supermodel.

The fun starts at 9PM at Minibar|Chicago

Friday 11 Jan 2008

He's Famous!

Heavens, it’s been way too long since I’ve written in my blog. I guess with all of the holiday events, time off, and attempts to get back into the normal routine I’ve not been going out as much. I too enjoy those breaks from the events.

Break time is over!

Wednesdays Are A Drag!

With the dawning of the winter months, Pie Hole Pizza has started something quite brilliant!

Ronnie’s Famous!

Oh the joy of seeing my friend Ronnie Kroell on BRAVO’s new hit show, Make Me A Supermodel! Many of us gathered last night at Minibar to catch the show. I was the lucky guy to be able to fellowship with Justin Boltz, (See Picture Abover) and Boystown paparazzo Frank Failing. While there I was SO BLESSED to run into my dear friend Greg the former manager of Hydrate! Those of you who know Greg know what a sweet boy he is! I love him more than friends!


Many of you have read over the years of my Envoy, David. (See Picture) David is my bosom hometown friend who now resides in Singapore with his hot boyfriend. Getting a phone call from David ALWAYS makes my day! Those real time updates are what keeps us close over all the miles. His friendship is a dream come true for me. I share this with all of you because I think it’s important for all of us to model the great qualities of our friends to others. David’s love and mentoring of my life makes me a better person and I am terribly grateful! (Plus he's DAMN FINE!)

The Weekend

This weekend is filled with some wonderful EVENTS including seeing my pal Ben Hartman at Cornelia’s and the birthday party of my pal Mike Rippe (See Picture) at Lakeview Broadcasting Co. on Saturday! Of course there is always Sunday FUN Day at Minibar|Winebar

SHOUT OUTS: The one and only, Boystown Icon Linda Little, Advisor Edward, Former roommate, Clyde, DJ Scotty Thomson, Chicago cutie, Anthony Fajjj, My High school best friend, Jill Anderson Green, Hydrate Doorman, Jimmy, Best Friend Isaiah, The wonderful Make A Difference boy, Dale Kozak, and Pressie winning, Pie Hole Pizza.




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Sunday 6 Jan 2008

Bill Pritchard to go to Rehab

Join me tonight at Minibar for Sunday FUN Day!

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