Thursday 13 Mar 2008

Hey DaBeatz. . .My Pants Are Falling!

I don’t even know where to begin about my evening Tuesday night!

Happy Anniversary:
With great pleasure I attended Atmosphere’s 6 year anniversary party! Atmosphere owner, Charlie Brown (See Picture) called me personally to invite me and I was happy to attend! Joining me to make the evening perfect was none other than DJ Phil DaBeatz. I can’t tell you how warm and refreshing it was to get to know Phil. We’ve been trying to go out for the longest time and have never been able to before now. Clearly Phil is a kindred spirit and a welcome friendship to my life.

Friends, Romans, and Countrymen:
We had THE best time running into long time pals and new friends! We were delighted to see our pal and Boystown Icon, Linda Little entertaining friends and sipping libations. I just love seeing Linda out and about. I was happy to be introduced to David Daju Producer extraordinaire of Corkscrew Media Group. I’ve always heard nice things about David and he sure was nice to me! He even snapped a picture of Phil & me. (See Picture)

It was a pleasure to run into my old pal, Franco La Marca whom I’ve not seen in forever and Blogger, DJ Oscar. It’s always a special treat to bump into the communities dear friend, and Blogger, Kirk Williamson of Nightspots Magazine! The moment we see each other we seem to always have a ton to talk about and catch up on! I was especially entranced by his BAB! (Big A_s Belt)! It had a lovely little kitty on it too! (See Picture Above) The comedy of it all was the story that I told Phil earlier in the night about my trousers falling down as I was walking on Halsted. Imagine yours truly readjusting his belt for all to see whilst walking the streets of Boystown! COMEDY! I could have used a BAB right about then!

How Do You Do Foo:
With joy in our hearts Phil and I said goodbye to everyone and headed down to see Miss Foozie (See Picture) at Cocktail. Its always nice to see Foozie and catch up. (Although it’s still time for us to do dinner again Foo!) I was additionally blessed with the wonderful treat to run into Advisor Edward! He truly is a good pal and a WONDERFUL conversationalist. (Even though he refers to the male anatomy as a “Ding Dong”)

Of course what would Tuesday night at Cocktail be without Rob and his pals invading the place! Clearly Rob is someone of good politics and humor! Speaking of politics, my favorite future President of the United States, and Blogger, Zach arrived with Rob and join in on the conversation. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see a nice looking young man who is smart, ambitious, and eager to Make A Difference Blog! I have great confidence in his future! Be sure to check out his blog sometime!

Heading back to Minibar|Winebar to say goodnight to our pals, Phil and I ran into one of my best friends, and Wrigleyville John Barleycorn Manager, JR Cranston. (See Picture) What a great surprise! JR is truly one of my very favorite people! He’s more than a friend. . . He’s family and I just love him! It was also a pleasure to see Geisha Geisha Star Kyle Hustedt! What a genuine person!

Clearly, I had a GREAT night!

Hopefully I will be able to get up to Hamburger Mary’s and it’s upstairs venue Mary’s Attic to see the cast of the "Paper Dolls" drag show do their thing! My dear pal Lady Vera Parker is the special guest this week. What an entertainer she is! I just love that she is taking over the city with her love!! *Grin*

Remember, my dear friend Brian Douglass will be here this weekend! You’ll see us out and about, so be sure to say hello!

SHOUT OUTS: Congratulations to my friend Trey Gonzales who was surprised LIVE on Monday’s Oprah’s Big Give show with $10,000 cash and a Challenge! Please read more about how you can help Make A Difference!


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Always good 2 c u Bill. Fabulous time at @mosphere's anniversary party. ~Oskar
Posted by chicagodjoskar on Thu, 3/13/2008 4:25 AM
Tuesday 11 Mar 2008

Grab A Towel I’m Coming!

What a fun-filled weekend! It was beyond what I predicted and hoped for!


What a wonderful treat to run into Advisor Edward and his boss Drew at Cornelia’s! I should have known that I’d run into them! We caught up over a glass of white. As you all know, I’m on a major lifestyle adjustment and have omitted the high calorie (Yummy) Cosmopolitan from my life. The charm of Cornelia’s Bartender John was over flowing when he gave me my wine in a martini glass. Now that’s service! My dinner guest Ryan Andrew joined us in our fellowship. I always love seeing the generations mix over a glass of happy!

What an impressive person Ryan is! We were celebrating his one year anniversary of moving to Chicago from Portland, OR. Clearly he has a heart to Make A Difference and I think you will see more of him in the community in the future! Our pal Kevin Anthony joined us and the revelry continued. I adore the opportunity to get to know people better! Kevin is undoubtedly more substantial than his pretty face! I like him a lot. (“As a friend” as Foozie would say.)

From Cornelia’s we went to Boystown newcomer Scarlet for a cocktail. What a pleasure it was to run into my bus buddy, Stephen Gallagher and his very sweet friend, David Fitzgerald. With fun fellowship going on, Kevin, Ryan and I decided to snap a photo of us. (See Picture Above) What a cute threesome we are! *blush* From there we headed off to close the evening at Minibar|Winebar and enjoy the sounds of DJ Oscar.


I’m pretty sure that I look forward to Saturday mornings with my Best Friend Isaiah more than any time in my week! We have breakfast and catch up on all the latest gossip and stories of the previous week. He is such a good friend to me and I really appreciate his love, care, and support!

Afterwards I had to stop putting off my household chores of cleaning and just do my laundry. Look, nobody wants to do laundry, but it’s got to be done. I was the lucky boy to be able to have a crappy day outside; as that prevented people in my building from wanting to do their laundry. (Side Note: I wouldn’t have minded if hot neighbor, Mark were doing his laundry!) With my book on the history of Chicago in hand I got in some great reading in while I waited for my clothes to get done. Out of nowhere I received a picture text from my dear friend Jon (Pronounced Yon) in Honolulu. I can’t go into details, but I can say that when he sends me texts like that, it rocks my world and makes me miss him a lot! If we only lived in the same city!

Later on I had dinner with my dear friends Sandra Riedel and husband to be Ryan Vanderbilt at Angelina’s. It was the perfect time of catching up and fellowship. Our next stop was to attend the birthday party of Minibar Hot Bartender, Shon and my pal DJ Phil DaBeatz! I have to say it was off the hook! Everyone had a great time! My dear wife-to-be, Lakeview Broadcasting Co. beauty, Heather, came by for a glass of Veuve Clicquot. I can’t tell you how refreshing she is to talk with! SO SMART!

Joining us was Isaiah and his work pal John M.. Turns out that John and I are Facebook friends. Opps! I didn’t recall that. It must have been because his profile pictures were hot. *Blush*. Also joining us was my newly single pal Kirk Bobst. Happily John and Kirk hit it off! :-) Stopping by the fun were my pals, boyfriends Mike Rippe and Philip Trampe. They were hosting their (Very Cute) friend Clay from Los Angeles. We all had a blast chit-chatting. As I was prepairing to go home for the night I was hailed by Boystown party guy, Hadley Rue. He wanted to have me join him for a shot. You’ve gotta appreciate when someone does that! On my way out I was blessed to run into my pal, Minibar bartender Alex and his lovely date Kinsey. Sadly, I wish I were able to have had more time with them as it’s always a good time!


Brunch at Angelina’s is always an experience! It was packed! Attractive Hostess Chris Downey (Whom I call Agador Spartacus, since he does THE BEST imitation of that Bird Cage character) took quick care of getting a table for me and my guests, Mike, Philip and Clay. Our server was none other than my gal-pal Brett Lehmann! Needless to say the comedy was flowing! It was great to fellowship over strongly made drinks (By my lesbian lover, bartender Amy Gaw) with the boys and to get to know Clay better! Seriously, he couldn’t have been any cuter! He had this adorable hat on. (See Picture) It was great to see my pals Ted, Rob, and Alex Rodham Cox visiting from Miami.

With the wretched time change affecting everyone I headed home for a little Sunday FUN Day fellowship with my old dog Buff. It was like I was in a lackadaisical zone and couldn’t stay awake. We enjoyed a movie or two.

This Week:

My friends at Atmosphere are celebrating their 6 year anniversary! They are having a private party to thank some folks for their patronage. Imagine my reaction when my friend, and Atmosphere owner, Charlie Brown called me personally to invite me! I was really touched! Thankfully I am double blessed to have DJ Phil DaBeatz go as my date! I will let you all know how the party goes!

Also this week my dear friend Brian Douglass (See Picture) will be coming to town! I can’t tell you what a treasure he is to me! He is smart, charming, and beyond caring! To think it all started when I saw his cute a_s on the L-train all those years ago. I spoke with Brian last night and told him I’d be mentioning his arrival in my blog. He told me to tell all of you “. . . I’m coming and they better grab a towel.” I’m not sure what that means, but Brian is hot and can say whatever he wants. You will see us out and about this next weekend! Be sure to say hello!

SHOUT OUTS: American Idol correspondent Jim Verraros, My Best Friend Isaiah, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My ex, Jesse, My pal, Ronnie Kroell, My ex, Matthew, Josh from Seattle and my Mom and Dad!

Have a great week!



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Friday 7 Mar 2008

Three Cheers for the Weekend!

With a chilly weekend upon us, I revel in the warmth of fun ahead.

With all my cardio and weight lifting this week, I’m treating myself out tonight with one of my favorite Boystown Boys, Ryan Andrew. (See Picture Above!) With so many events going on in the gayberhood we’ve got tons of places to choose from. I do enjoy stopping by Cornelia’s for a glass of wine (Hello Low Cal!) to start my evening off right! I’m thinking that I will pay a visit to Boystown newcomer Scarlet and long time favorite, Cocktail! Come to think of it, I might want to go up and see my friends at Atmosphere. They are about to celebrate their 6 year anniversary! Kudos go out to their owner and my friend, Charlie Brown! Of course I’m tempted to run by Pie Hole Pizza at some point. Although not part of my food regimen DJ Doug Brandt is ALWAYS coming up with a new tasty treat!

Pre Marital Counseling:
I am super excited to be having dinner this weekend with gal pal extraordinaire Sandra Riedel and her charming husband to be Ryan Vanderbilt! I’ve known Sandra for years and have always appreciated my fellowship with her and her Mom Kristy! With the addition of Mister Vanderbilt, I’ve been even more blessed! He’s just so damn nice and a “good egg”! (Def: A natural metaphor, when a person who had at first sight seemed OK turned out to be wrong, to call him or her a "bad egg", while someone who proved to be honest and helpful was a “good egg”.)

Hip Hip Hooray!:
What a thrill for me to be invited this Saturday to the Birthday party of the year in honor of my boys, Hot Bartender, Shon (See Picture) and DJ Phil DaBeatz! (See Picture) at Minibar! I’ve been told that the VIP guest list alone is pretty outrageous; including straight Minibar|Winebar hottie, Alex, (See Picture) Boystown Icon, Linda Little, (See Picture) New Chicago Socialite Brad Hammer and yours truly!

Omega: I always love closing out my weekends with a little Sunday FUN Day fellowship! My damn old dog Buff and I usually enjoy a movie or two during the day and of course I will be heading to the Garden of Eden at Minibar with superstar DJ Chris Eterno. I really enjoy Sunday nights because of this weekly revelry! It’s great re-cap, awesome music, and the hottest bartenders in town! You just can’t loose!

SHOUT OUTS: Sister Trisha, Wilde Bartender and pal, Ryan Yoder, LA Hottie and friend, Nick Thorsen, Single boy, Kirk Bobst, DJ Oscar, American Idol correspondent Jim Verraros, My Best Friend Isaiah, Interior guru, Bobby Trendy, NightSpots Blogger, Kirk, My ex, Christopher Lee Gertsch, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, LA Diva, Jonathan Chang, President Matthew and of course BedFellow, Jason P. Freeman, Famous Boystown boy and my pal, Ronnie, Drag Diva, Lady Vera Parker, My ex, Matthew Barrett, Minibar|Winebar Bartender and my pal, Alex, My good friends Rippe & Philip, Gym Bunny, Advisor Edward, Lakeview Broadcasting Co. beauty, Heather, and Andru, my Chicago Male Salon hair designer!

Cheers Damn it!

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Saturday 1 Mar 2008

Kiss My fat A_s Goobye!

So Long Chubby Chasers!:
Many of you have inquired as to my resent workout regimen. It’s true I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard these days! I found it was time to increase my weekly visits to my Gayberhood gym. I’ve been going almost six days a week and really seeing results.

Most of those results are increased energy, uplifted outlook, and determination. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my updated habit!

As many of you know I am a sever asthmatic. That tends to get in the way of any physical exertion. I take a life saving medication called prednisone that works wonders but makes one gain a lot of weight. For the last few years it’s been a choice of breath or weight. Well, I am resolute to enjoy both! With workout partner’s Mike and Philip joining me a few times each week I’m kicking my ass and taking names!

Some have suggested that I loose the weight for a cause. I have to be honest, I’ve thought a lot about that but come to the conclusion that I want/need to do this for me alone. I have a number of causes in my life that I try to champion. My health is just that. . .Mine.

I do value your encouragement, accountability and support! It’s been a bit difficult to give up Red Bull at 110 calories. (Source: I’ve heard it also said that you can burn 100+ calories an hour having vigorous sex. Perhaps I need to rethink my extracurricular activities! Would you care to help!?!?!

SHOUT OUTS: Happy Birthday this weekend David, Atmosphere Owner, Charlie Brown, DJ Phil, Drag Diva, Lady Vera Parker, My Best Friend Isaiah, New Blogger, Kirk from NightSpots, Ben & Jen Brittingham, My first Chicago best friend, Jeremy, Editor Steve and Editor-At-Large, Jason Freeman, Everyone’s favorite, Miss Foozie, Minibar|Winebar Bartender and my pal, Alex, My good friends Bill Healy, Advisor Edward, American Idol Correspondent Jim Verraros, Chicago hottie, Brad Hammer, Hot Gay Brothers Ryan & Billy Yoder and John, the former doorman of Minibar|Winebar


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Sunday 24 Feb 2008

And the Oscar Goes To. . .

I do hope that all of you are enjoying the sunny Sunday in Chicago! It may be chilly outside, but the sun sure makes me feel warm! It’s almost as if spring is in the air. (Albeit for only a few hours)

I’m not sure about you, but this has been one action packed weekend here in Boystown.

For me it all started when I was asked to speak to a group of college students from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest at the Center on Halsted on Friday. I had such a fun time and the students asked some great questions! It is SO encouraging to see the openness of young people towards things they may not fully understand.

With so many activities over the last 48 hours its probably better for me to focus on what’s happening tonight!

The glamour of the Oscars starts at Sidetrack at 5:00 PM as the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus hosts it’s Annual Oscar and His Men Benefit. With great food, drink, and live entertainment from the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus there’s no more charming way to enjoy the show and Make A Difference!

Oscars After Party
Of course what would Sunday FUN day without late night fun at Minibar! Tonight is no exception! Brought to you by Minibar will have the Oscars live throughout the room, and DJ Chris Eterno will be on hand afterwards bringing the best in music. And what would Minibar be without its hot Bartenders! Statuesque boys like Shon (See Above) and Kristopher will be gilded and ready to serve you some tasty libations! Please join me!

SHOUT OUT: My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , My hot neighbor, Mark, Advisor Edward, My best friend, Isaiah, Bill Healy, My pal Amy Armstrong, New York Visitor, Timothy, My gal-pal, Zach, My buddy, Brian Douglass and finally, My Bitch Buffy

Cheers Queers!

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