Saturday 1 Mar 2008

Kiss My fat A_s Goobye!

So Long Chubby Chasers!:
Many of you have inquired as to my resent workout regimen. It’s true I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard these days! I found it was time to increase my weekly visits to my Gayberhood gym. I’ve been going almost six days a week and really seeing results.

Most of those results are increased energy, uplifted outlook, and determination. I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying my updated habit!

As many of you know I am a sever asthmatic. That tends to get in the way of any physical exertion. I take a life saving medication called prednisone that works wonders but makes one gain a lot of weight. For the last few years it’s been a choice of breath or weight. Well, I am resolute to enjoy both! With workout partner’s Mike and Philip joining me a few times each week I’m kicking my ass and taking names!

Some have suggested that I loose the weight for a cause. I have to be honest, I’ve thought a lot about that but come to the conclusion that I want/need to do this for me alone. I have a number of causes in my life that I try to champion. My health is just that. . .Mine.

I do value your encouragement, accountability and support! It’s been a bit difficult to give up Red Bull at 110 calories. (Source: I’ve heard it also said that you can burn 100+ calories an hour having vigorous sex. Perhaps I need to rethink my extracurricular activities! Would you care to help!?!?!

SHOUT OUTS: Happy Birthday this weekend David, Atmosphere Owner, Charlie Brown, DJ Phil, Drag Diva, Lady Vera Parker, My Best Friend Isaiah, New Blogger, Kirk from NightSpots, Ben & Jen Brittingham, My first Chicago best friend, Jeremy, Editor Steve and Editor-At-Large, Jason Freeman, Everyone’s favorite, Miss Foozie, Minibar|Winebar Bartender and my pal, Alex, My good friends Bill Healy, Advisor Edward, American Idol Correspondent Jim Verraros, Chicago hottie, Brad Hammer, Hot Gay Brothers Ryan & Billy Yoder and John, the former doorman of Minibar|Winebar


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Please send your fat ass my regards and best wishes.
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And I got a shout out too!

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Sunday 24 Feb 2008

And the Oscar Goes To. . .

I do hope that all of you are enjoying the sunny Sunday in Chicago! It may be chilly outside, but the sun sure makes me feel warm! It’s almost as if spring is in the air. (Albeit for only a few hours)

I’m not sure about you, but this has been one action packed weekend here in Boystown.

For me it all started when I was asked to speak to a group of college students from the Associated Colleges of the Midwest at the Center on Halsted on Friday. I had such a fun time and the students asked some great questions! It is SO encouraging to see the openness of young people towards things they may not fully understand.

With so many activities over the last 48 hours its probably better for me to focus on what’s happening tonight!

The glamour of the Oscars starts at Sidetrack at 5:00 PM as the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus hosts it’s Annual Oscar and His Men Benefit. With great food, drink, and live entertainment from the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus there’s no more charming way to enjoy the show and Make A Difference!

Oscars After Party
Of course what would Sunday FUN day without late night fun at Minibar! Tonight is no exception! Brought to you by Minibar will have the Oscars live throughout the room, and DJ Chris Eterno will be on hand afterwards bringing the best in music. And what would Minibar be without its hot Bartenders! Statuesque boys like Shon (See Above) and Kristopher will be gilded and ready to serve you some tasty libations! Please join me!

SHOUT OUT: My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , My hot neighbor, Mark, Advisor Edward, My best friend, Isaiah, Bill Healy, My pal Amy Armstrong, New York Visitor, Timothy, My gal-pal, Zach, My buddy, Brian Douglass and finally, My Bitch Buffy

Cheers Queers!

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Sunday 17 Feb 2008

I Love Frat Boys!

It's a Fraternity Rush Party TONIGHT at Minibar featuring DJ Chris Eterno.

Join me as I host this extended-weekend fun! (Event Details)
Wednesday 13 Feb 2008

She Said Yes!!

And The Winner Is:
What joy and bliss it was to be invited to participate in the engagement party of one of my favorite pair of friends Sandra Riedel and Ryan Vanderbilt!

I’ve been a lucky boy over the last year or so to watch these two fall in love. Although it can get downright schmoopy from time to time, they are a blast to be around and see.

Being that I was friends with Sandra first, I can look back and say that I’ve never seen her more happy. Ryan is every bit the gentleman and is always out to care for Sandra. She truly lucked out getting him.

In Ryan’s case, Sandra is a one in a trillion catch! I’m sure not a day goes by where he doesn’t pinch himself. (Knowing the two of them, they are in to pinching as a form of foreplay.)

In any event, Sandra and Ryan reminded me that love is very much alive and well and should be celebrated! The outward act of their engagement shows the inward action of their commitment! An inspiration to be sure!

Congratulations you two!
Saturday 9 Feb 2008

The Mayor of Boystown meets Janet & Perez!

Greetings from sunny Los Angeles! I’m sorry to rub in the warmth of the place, but it is nice to enjoy temps in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s!

Thursday night my hometown crush and friend Dylan Glocker and I were hosted by none other than former Chicago socialite Nick Thorsen in West Hollywood. Nick, who moved here almost 2 years ago certainly has gotten to know the city. Dare I say it, but I see him becoming the Mayor of WeHo in not time flat! It had been FAR TOO LONG since I’ve seen Nick, so we had ourselves a little reunion of sorts right in front of the Century Plaza Hotel where I’m staying as a guest of

Nick drove us to ARENA where we were hosted by the most generous socialite extraordinaire Jonathan Chang. Jonathan could not have been any nicer in introducing me to new friends throughout the night. Of course is was a real treat to meet Jonathan’s best friend, Bobby Trendy, of Anna Nichole fame. I have to say, Bobby was quite cute in person and a real joy to chat with. Even more surprising was that he came up to me to introduce himself. He said that he read about me in some magazine here in LA. Heavens, aren't I just the cat’s meow. (Ha Ha Ha)

It was a pleasure to run into’s own pretty boy Anthony Faj. He too lives here now and as always, looks AMAZING! Running in to the very popular Rent Boy Extraordinaire, Brandon Baker was a treat as well. He and I seem to know all the same people. He was very nice!

With an action packed night of meeting people and enjoying the sights of the club, I motioned to Nick that I thought we had better go. We both had to be up early and the time was approaching 12:30. (I of course was still on Boystown time) as Nick escorted me out of the club we ran into Perez Hilton who was entertaining the crowd of underage kids below. (Arena has 2 levels. The bottom is for 18+ and the top for 21+) I greeted Perez and he went on to pretend that people were there to see him. Really everyone was there to see the rumored “Special Guest”. Out of nowhere, she arrived. It was like all time stood still. Her cute figure and small frame were exactly what I’d seen on t.v. It was none other than Janet Jackson. The place went crazy! Talk about the right place at the right time! (I was able to get a greeting on her shoulder) I don’t know what was better, seeing Janet or holding on to Dylan's hand for dear life as the mass of people rushed us. (NOTE: Dylan is seriously one of the cutest guys on the planet! More pictures to come later. Sadly they confiscated all cameras since “Ms. Jackson” was going to be there. I guess Perez wanted all the professional ones for himself.)

Talk about cloud nine! I’m sure that the rest of my adventures here in LA will pale in comparison to this, but I had to tell you all.

More to come from LA and my activities with the gang at!

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