Wednesday 16 Apr 2008

Better Late Then Never!

Please forgive the delay in getting this blog out! Although I had THE best time last weekend there have been some busy days since then. I’m proud to announce that’s parent company,, has launched our new sister site, With the upcoming Cherry Weekend taking place in Washington DC, is taking its first steps as a proud sponsor. I hope you will take a look at the new site and tell all your friends in Washington DC about it!

The Days of Yore:
After 15 (Or so) years of not seeing one another my long lost college pal Andy Hatton came to Boystown for a visit on Friday evening. It was SO nice to catch up with Andy over dinner at Angelina’s with Johnny M. joining us! John was on his way out of town to fellowship with his family in Michigan, so I wanted to be sure and have some fellowship with him before he left! “I hate goodbyes!” (See: Dumb & Dumber)

From Angelina’s we stepped over to Cornelia’s for a glass (Or three) of wine with Advisor Edward. It never fails, we always strike up the greatest conversations when we’re together! Saying goodbye to John, we all headed towards Sidetrack. My word it was like a big reunion there! I ran into the always sweet Mikey (Name withheld to protect his closet status) and his very cute friend Rob. Piano man Ben Hartman joined us as well. I also had the pleasure of running into my dear friend Scott Parachek! (Clydee you were missed) It was a double pleasure to run into kindred spirit, Matt Richards. (See Picture) Ya know, he is such a pleasure to be around. He always has a smile and a witty thing to say! (More to come about Matt.) Enjoying a lovely evening at the Tracks, Advisor Edward headed off to Little Jim’s; Andy headed back to his hotel and I made the trek home to my Bitch.

Don’t Leave Before You Go!:
Saturday evening began with a light snowfall on my way over to my friend Bill Healy’s home. Bill hosted a number of us including the talented Freddy Allen to dinner in honor of his friends Ed and Chuck from Palm Springs (Smoke Tree) whom he met on his last tropical cruise. I can’t tell you what a delight it was to get to know these chaps! They were full of life and great stories! Ed and I especially bonded as he is from my hometown of Seattle and we know all the same people! Sadly my night had other plans so I said farewell at 10 to my new friends and walked briskly in the cold flurries to Halsted.

On my way home to pick up the present I got for Miss Foozie’s birthday party, I stopped by to say hello to my pal DJ Phil DaBeatz at Minibar|Winebar. With a hug and a kiss I was back on the trail towards home.

Happy Birthday To Foo…:
Everyone knows that I am a big fan of my pal Miss Foozie! Foo and I have known each other for years. John, the man behind Foozie is like family to me; as we have worked together on occasion over the years. Miss Foozie is one loved person in the community and I have the great honor of calling her my friend. The gang at Circuit spared no expense in throwing Foozie one hell of a birthday party! With an all-star cast that included my friends, Paula Sinclair, Cyon Flare, Lady Vera Parker, Tina Torch, Sebastian Cock and more; Foozie was on cloud nine in love! She even did a few “quickie’s” for the 300+ people in attendance! My two favorites were Foozie and a banana. (It was kind of hot) and her finale where in she took off her wig and announced to everyone that she was “Just a man!”. It was one of the best show’s I’ve ever seen Foo do and there was a ton of free Pie Hole Pizza everywhere courtesy of community friend, Doug Brandt!

At Circuit I ran into my gal-pal Jake Conrad and the very cute Kale Ness. What a blessing that was! Jake can’t help but be cute when he dances! (Side Note: Where in the hell were these cute guys when I was young? I would have come out a billion years earlier!) Speaking of cute; your friend and mine, Trey Gonzales of Oprah’s Big Give! fame, was there as well with his friend Richard. Ya know, every time I hangout with Trey I am more impressed! (What was it you said about “Going for the eyes!” Trey?) Plus, he seriously is pretty damn cute!’s Matthew, Brian, Jay, and cute CP Brand Manager, Mike were also there to ring in Foozie’s birthday. It was a real party!!

Don’t Leave Before You Go!:
I got a text from Ronnie telling me he was at Minibar so I headed down to see him. I swear, it is so great to have him home! We were catching up on all the festivities of the night and enjoying a few libations. I was able to introduce him to Trey and watch them get to know each other. (Note: I love when great minds come together to do great things!)

Like Circuit; there were a lot of friends at Minibar. Boystown Icon, Linda Little was holding court behind the bar. Community activist, Kevin Hauswirth greeted me with his usual handshake and hello. Minibar cutie, Kyle was hosting the door and DJ Phil DaBeatz continued playing the incredible music he does. I was delighted to have another Mikey (Name withheld to protect his closet status) sighting! He and I got talking about safe sex in the community and how many seem to not be following that practice. The guy is damn right!

Sister Trisha Was Here!:
Saying good night to everyone, I headed North to Hydrate to see my friend DJ Scotty Thomson spin. I’ve known Scotty for years as Sister Trisha Jones introduced us back in Seattle. (Note: I loved that you called me at three in the morning Sister!) Every time I hang with Scotty, I have THE best time. It’s hard to explain but when I like a DJ’s work, I like more than just the music I hear! I like to watch their process of song choice, how they use the music board, and the movement in their step. Like my friend DJ Rodney Becker, Scotty has an incredible focus and feel of the room. I was in heaven! I stood in the booth from 1:30 until 5:00 a.m.! (Note: I don’t make it a practice to stay out that late. *Grin*) Saying good morning to Scotty, I headed home to my sleepy bitch.

Saving The Best For Last:
As if I didn’t stay up all night, I was up at the dawn of crack (Note: That’s earlier than the crack of dawn) and headed to the gym. My workouts are such a joy as I’m feeling great results! At two I was the lucky guy to be able to fellowship with Matt Richards (See Picture) at Caribou Coffee. Honestly, Matt is so damn refreshing! Just when I think that I’m a bit on the crazy side; he reminds me that the mission I have in my life is important. (Note: Matt you have one FINE a_s!)

Around 7 I met up with Isaiah for dinner at Pie Hole Pizza. He’s been busy with various events and work with Chicago Social Magazine. Our normal Saturday morning breakfast had to be canceled as he was wedding shopping with his roommate Sandra Riedel and her wonderful Mother Kristy. Sandra is getting married to the very handsome Ryan Vanderbilt in August and Isaiah is organizing the wedding.

We had a great dinner and caught up on all our gossip. When it comes to having a best friend, he’s the best! All-in-all, it was a marvelous weekend and was the perfect way to start the week.

This Week:
If you’re looking for the ideal pre-weekend date idea, be sure to join me this Thursday evening for a great night of laughs and tunes with my pals Amy & Freddy! (See Picture Above) If you don't have a date, you can be mine!

This evening my sainted Father (See Picture) is coming to town for a visit. In addition to the usual mayhem that we will enjoy; Advisor Edward is throwing a private dinner in honor of my father this weekend. The small gathering will for sure be written about in my next blog. If you see us out and about over the weekend please come up and introduce yourself!!

Special Note:
Thank you goes to my friend John Dalton, co-owner of Minibar for his constant hospitality. Your knowledge of wines is AMAZING pal!

SHOUT OUT: Johnny M., Angelina’s server, Brett, My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , My pal Brent Corrigan, My buddy, Brian Douglass, My first best pal in Chicago, Jeremy Ehrhart, Former Roommate Clyde, The damn cute, Clay Hinkle, Celebrating his birthday last week, Stephen Gallagher, and finally my bitch Buffy

Happy Hump Day!!
One of your paragraphs is repeated twice...just thought you should know.
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I had so much fun last weekend! See you out and about! Take care.
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Tuesday 8 Apr 2008

A Model Day

The Perfect Sun Day:
With the weather outside being just perfect, (63 degrees) I was on cloud nine all Saturday! (Origin of phrase: It was believed that clouds existed on a successful level of layers, and the ultimate high layer was 9. So, anyone who is suddenly super happy was said to be soaring in the clouds and naturally the level of the cloud they were assumed to be on was the highest...level 9)

I’m sure the early start to my day, the breakfast with Isaiah and the many cups of coffee I had helped! Whilst at the counter of Caribou Coffee I felt a sizable cup of my bum and turned around to find my long lost pal Ronnie standing behind me. It was one of those Capra-esq moments (See: Frank Capra, Director: It's a Wonderful Life and Mr Smith Goes to Washington) when all time stood still. It was nice to catch up! We made plans to meet up later that evening for some fellowship with the boys of Boystown.

I also had the pleasure of running into Jason Steele of Red Eye fame. He’s such a nice guy. Clearly we both get our inspiration from being around people at the Gayberhood coffee shop. Watch out Perez!

Party Of The Year:
The generosity of John Dalton and Stu Zrin at Minibar|Winebar never ceases to impress me! Once again they spared no expense in providing table service for Ronnie and me. (See Picture Above) We were able to enjoy some fellowship and greet friends with comfort! I was a bit nervous for it all to go well. I knew that everyone wanted to see Ronnie, and he wanted to see them too. I just didn’t want him to have to work so hard. Damn can I be a dumba_s sometimes. Ronnie’s a lot like me; we just can’t leave a room alone! :-) As always, Minibar’s Dexter took such great care of us all night! He kept the Goose and fruit flowing and I kept Ronnie’s glass full. (Note: Special thank you to my Father who always encouraged me to “Get so-and-so another drink”)

Who’s Who:
Everyone was so happy to be reunited with our Boystown celebrity! It was fun to see Bill Healy there with his pal Russell. My family’s Barney’s advisor, Jeffery stopped by to say hello. What an impressive person! It was also a treat to see Obama LGBT Front man, Jamie Cirron. As busy as he is, any time with him is good time! photographer Jay was there to snap pics of all the snazzy dressed folks. My friend Matt Richards surprised the heck out of me by being out and about! He is one very likeable fellow! He’s also a kindred spirit! We’ve made plans to meet up later this week.

New Chicago socialite Brad Hammer was on hand with a very fetching hat! He’s spared no time in getting plugged in to the Chicago scene! The future Mayor of Boystown, Tommy Holl came by as well. Is it just me or does this boy know everyone!?!?! I swear, I will be out of an honorary job before long!

Joining Ronnie and me at the table was Ronnie’s pal (and now mine) Todd Hatoff! He’s a damn good egg and is a true friend for Ronnie. Also joining the table was my pal John M. and his cute friend Brian. Of course more folks sat with us throughout the evening; in between dance breaks and makeout sessions. (Comedy!)

I’m always happy to see my patient & pal John Reilly! He’s always got a smile on that cute photogenic face! Naturally, Ryan Andrew, Jim Bonfield and Chicago Male Salon hottie Kevin Anthony said hello!

Minibar staffer, Kyle (See Picture) was also on hand with boyfriend Danny. What a damn cute couple! Kyle is a very sweet guy and I have to say one of the cutest that I know! The music of the night was damn intense! DJ Phil DaBeatz was in excellent form to be sure! Jersey Boys music man Ben Hartman came by to catch up. Ben is one great guy and I always love seeing him!

Good Night Sweetheart:
Around 1:30, Ronnie looked a bit woofed so I offered to walk him to Todd’s place, where he was staying. I now know what it’s like when Isaiah gets me out of an event. Ronnie didn’t want to ignore the hellos but really wanted to get home. It’s hard to say no sometimes.

Our walk to Todd’s was just delightful! It was the first quiet time we had all night. Ha Ha! Clearly he’s happy to be home. At one point in the evening he said to me, “I love New York but I’m IN LOVE with Chicago”. What a nice boy!

I stopped back at Minibar to say thank you and then brought some of my pals to Hydrate where Tommy Holl had a drink with me! (Scratch that one off the list) As I climbed the steps to my flat I was greeted at the door by my hairy dog. THAT is always a pleasant surprise as she’s really damn old and looking ready to go to heaven these days. :-( All in all, a “Model” day!

SHOUT OUT:Gal-pal, Jake Conrad, My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , Hometown Crush, Dylan Glocker, My pal and movie star, Brent Corrigan, My buddy, Brian Douglass, Advisor Edward, CK, Saturday Birthday boy, Steven Farquhar, My first best pal in Chicago, Jeremy Ehrhart, Former Roommate Clyde, Military intelligent, Josh, Celebrating his birthday this Wednesday, Ryan Yoder, Bus Friend, Stephen Gallagher, and finally my bitch Buffy

Have a great week!
Saturday 5 Apr 2008

Sun Day

I’ve Missed Him:
Still feeling the spirit of the festivities at Winebar the other evening, I can’t wait to get my hands on Ronnie! I know he’s a big star now, but he was my pal before he was a star. I can’t tell you how funny that is to me! I liken it to my family’s relationship with the Gate’s family. Our two families have been friends for so long I can remember Bill before he became the richest man in the world. Just a regular guy, really!

Just before Ronnie left for New York, he and I had coffee together. I’ve thought about that time a lot over the last three months. He’s gone through so much since then. It’s made me think once again about the importance of saying what needs to be said, before it’s too late. I for one feel wonderful about everything that we said to each other. I am also VERY proud of my friend!

Once again I was the lucky guy to meet up with John M. for dinner at Angelina’s John is always great to hangout with! Hear Ye, Hear Ye, single boys, he’s available and might I say, well guarded by his pals. So please no psychos, stalkers, or weirdoes! We had a perfect dinner and were waited on by my pal and everyone else’s, Brett! I have to say hello to Bartender Danni! It was a delight to meet you! The nickname that Brett gave you was right on!!

From there we were off to Lakeview Broadcasting Co. to see my dear friend and celebrity bartender, Heather host an open bar. I have to say, if you haven’t been to LBC in a while, get back there! I’ve never had a bad time, the music is right on and owner Steven Westman is pretty hot!

Since Heather and I are going to be married (Side Note: See Will & Grace episode___) someday, she wanted to introduce me to her brother, Ross. Sweet lord was he a big boy! DAMN! It’s clear to see that this cute guy loves his sister! His wife to be, Mary (Side Note: Don’t you love it when a girl named Mary hangs out near Boystown!?) could not have been anymore sweet!

Trying to enjoy my box of wine (I know…) John and I had a great time chatting. (We always do!) Around 10:30, I started the trek home. John wanted me to meet his “FriendBrett who was coming to meet up with him at LBC. Date? Not-A-Date? Time will tell. Turns out that Brett is one of my MySpace pals. We’ve talked about meeting up for a long time. It has to be said, he’s damn cute!

Anthony Fagiano:
With a BEAUTIFUL Saturday in Boystown, (It’s gonna be 63 degrees!) I am eager to enjoy every minute of it! Of course a sunny day always makes folks ready for a randy night later. This evening I hope to run into former Chicago boy and hottie, Anthony Fagiano. He surprised me the other night at Minibar|Winebar Fajjj is living his life up in LA as a promoter most assuredly under the gentle tutelage of Socialite Jonathan Chang.

Native Son:
Ronnie (See Picture Above) and I just met up at Caribou and he wants to come out and about tonight. SO, I will be hosting him tonight at Minibar. Join us!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: I want to take a moment to wish Michael my pal from back in the day working with NIKE a big hi and hello! You are too damn sweet and fabulous to read my BLOG! We should get you to come out to Chicago sometime! The girls, AND guys would be in love with you! ;-)

SHOUT OUT: Editor Steve who, like the lord always seems to be in my head. Gal-pal, Jake Conrad, My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , Chicago Piano Man Ben Hartman, My pal Amy Armstrong, My buddy, Brian Douglass, Advisor Edward, My first best pal in Chicago, Jeremy Ehrhart, The damn attractive, Clay Hinkle, Lakeview Broadcasting Co. beauty, Heather, Billy Yoder, London’s Big Al, and finally, my bitch Buffy

Happy Sun Day!!
Friday 4 Apr 2008

Our Winner

And The Winner Is:
Enjoying the night at Winebar with John M. and Advisor Edward along with my pals Stu and John we enjoyed some great fellowship!

It was the occasion of the final episode of Make Me A Super Model starring my pal Ronnie Kroell. Sadly the award went to some girl, but truly the winner in the eyes of Boystown probably the country was Ronnie!

With a noticeable sigh in the air, we learned the news about Ronnie’s first place status as the last standing male from a cast of hotties from around the country. I would have liked to have seen him win, but anyone who knows Ronnie knows that he won before he even left Chicago!

It was a joy to be able to talk with him for a few moments on the phone. Clearly the boy has had the time of his life. “Give everyone a hug and let them know how special they are to me…”, he said. That is something we know all to well!

Traveling back to Chicago and the family he missed; Ronnie will be back tomorrow. I for one am a happy friend about that!

SHOUT OUT: Advisor Edward, My best friend, Isaiah, Former LBC party boy, Patrick, and finally, My Bitch Buffy


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Wednesday 26 Mar 2008

How Old Are YOU?!

Spring my a_s! I have to admit, with snow and chilly breezes outside the weekend remained rather pretty outside.

Thank God It's Friday:
I was the lucky guy to meet up with cute John M. (See Picture) for dinner at Jack's. John is such a treat to hangout with! We had the perfect dinner as only Jack's can do! Of course, I have to give props to Bartender John who always remembers me and treats me like gold! From there we were off to Minibar|Winebar to host my pal Jim Verraros for the evening.

A True Star: and Minibar|Winebar sponsored an Evening With Jim Verraros. John Dalton and Stu Zrin spared no expense to show us a fun time. I have to say a big thank you to cocktail server Dexter for all his hard work! The Men of Minibar were looking great and kind enough to pause for a photo with Jim and Me. (See Picture Above) I am often fortunate to meet people who are famous for one reason or another. Many times that fame goes to their heads or changes who they are. I can say with great conviction that Jim Verraros is not such a celebrity. Every time I hangout with Jim I am blessed by his humility and graciousness. I was also honored to meet Jim’s partner Bill. How nice was he! A special thank you to Editor Steve for arranging everything! I wish you could have been there pal!

Kiss My . . . .:
Joining me in hosting duties was none other than Editor-At-Large and celebrity advocate, Jason P. Freeman. I honestly don’t know where to begin with him! He’s got so much energy and clearly has some wonderful stories to tell. Every time I would turn around, Jason was introducing Jim to this boy and that person. He was snapping more pictures than paparazzi in heat. He asked me to snap a photo of he and uber-cute Jake Conrad and I was blown away when he grabbed the un-expecting boy and laid a big a_s kiss on his face. Thankfully Jake is able to receive free counseling at the Center on Halsted!

My pal Chicago Male Salon owner, Scott and his date, Sean joined us and my friend Thomas of Lady Vera Parker fame stopped by to say hello. We were especially honored to have Fausto Fernós join in the fun! He’s such a fun guy! A surprise guest was my dear friend Bill Healy! I always love having Bill around! Bill got himself drunk.(See Footnote)

Saturday’s Our Day:
Many times you’ve heard me talk about my best friend Isaiah and our Saturday tradition of going to breakfast. We started doing those years ago when we dated. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate our consistent friendship. It’s something I am very proud of. After breakfast we ventured downtown and did a bit of shopping for things we need. For me it was socks and belts. (Side Note: Socks and belts are like ketchup and deodorant. You just hate to waste you money on them, but you need them) From there we enjoyed each others fellowship at our favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s. I always feel like I’m steeling from them as their prices are so damn low and their quality is so high!

Hello Young Ones:
Saturday evening I joined Advisor Edward for a glass of wine at Firefly. If you’re a reader of my blog you know that I think highly of Edward! He and his boss Dr. Drew are great pals! We enjoyed some fabulous fellowship and then headed over to Scarlet for a libation there with damn cute Bartender Drew and events manager Tom Dziarma.

Afterwards we headed to Minibar to join John M. and his friends Laura and Diana. Isaiah joined us and the pictures ensued. A night out and about wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t meet new friends. This was one such night for us. (I’m one of those weirdo’s that likes to remember where I was and what I was doing when I met someone.) Was it just me or where there a lot of young guys out and about on Saturday. I will never understand what it is about today’s youth that they like us “older” guys. This weekend, I was not the only recipient of that odd attention. COMEDY!
(Note to Parents: Mom & Dad, I am not dating anyone.)

Put that Back On:
My young friend Jake Conrad (See Picture) desperately wanted to see the inside of Lucky Horseshoe. Knowing not to allow him to go by himself (He’s a bit on the cute side) I took him there. Oh my! Sufficed to say, it was a quick experience. I went back to say good night to my pal DJ Phil DaBeatz. On the way home, Jake and I stepped in to Little Jim’s to see if Advisor Edward was holding court. Sadly, he wasn’t. We did enjoy lusting at the $1 mini bag of Cheeze It’s in the vending M.ine though. From there it was off to bed!

I want to thank everyone for the well wishes I received on Easter via text. What a wonderful treat to hear from friends around the world! Sunday was a day that I focused 110% on my Bitch Buffy. (See Picture) She’s one very old dog and clearly doesn’t have much time left with us. I know it’s a bit corny, but having her in my life for all these years has really brought a great appreciation of her companionship. I really do enjoy my “Me Times” as John would say, but having my sweet dog around makes that time even more special. I cooked all afternoon (I like cooking for the week. It cuts down on snacking and eating crappy food) and she cleaned the stuff that fell on the floor. What made for the perfect day were the two phone calls from loved ones. One was from Isaiah and the other from my sainted parents. I think holiday’s always make me miss them more!

SHOUT OUT: My Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal , Chicago Piano Man Ben Hartman, My hot neighbor, Adrianne, My pals Amy Armstrong & Freddy Allen, My gal-pal, Zach, My buddy, Brian Douglass, My first best pal in Chicago, Jeremy Ehrhart, My Mom for her egg education, My Christian brother, Ed Levassure, Difference Maker, Trey Gonzales, The damn attractive, Clay Hinkle, My pal, Ronnie Kroell, Lakeview Broadcasting Co. beauty, Heather, New Blogger, Regina UPright, Hot Gay Brothers Ryan & Billy Yoder and finally, my bitch Buffy

Cheers Queers!

(Footnote: It was not my fault Mr. Healy got himself drunk as I kept my sidearm that I would normally use to convince consumption, holstered)

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