Saturday 28 Jun 2008


Pride Guide:
Hard to believe that we are already at Pride’s doorstep! I can say with a great deal of authority that a lot of work has gone into preparation for this grand weekend! Club, restaurant, and store owner alike have put out their finest rainbow colored flag and napkin in anticipation of a fun filled weekend!

Wonderfully, the team at have once again produced the Pride Guide; your one stop guide to Chicago’s Pride festivities! With all the events going on in the city this week, you might want to plan ahead!

Pride Fest:
Do stop by and see the boys and me at Pride Fest this Saturday! It goes from 11AM to 9PM. Yours truly will be hosting the Booth with some of the hottest Boystown Boys around! Come get a picture and say hello!

Pride Sunday:
Ronnie Kroell and I will be on the KISS FM/Smirnoff float! Joining us in the debauchery will be none other than KISS FM’s morning DJ, Drex! This is how we “Do’s It” bitches!

I want to say thank you to Richard Pfeiffer and his team at PRIDE Chicago for all their work in making the Pride Parade what it is! Often confused for being the ones who organize the parade, can’t take credit for the awesome service that PRIDE Chicago does for the city’s LGBT community each year. I personally salute Richard and his staff on a job well done!

Happy Pride!
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Thursday 19 Jun 2008

Happy Birthday Ben Andrews! Heeeere's RONNIE!

RONNIE & Roscoe’s: welcomes my pal Ronnie Kroell (See Picture Above) and 103.5 KISS FM to the gayborhood with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour at community favorite, Roscoe's. Sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka, who reminds you to drink responsibly!

Come to Roscoe’s, (Roscoe/Halsted) from 9-12 dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great PRIZES - including airfare for two from! SUPER SEXY KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly!

Happy Ben Day:
Happy 23rd Birthday today to my pretend boyfriend, Ben Andrews! (See Picture) If you are in NYC this Friday night, you can celebrate with Ben and all of the boys at HK Lounge (409 W. 39th St. at 9th Ave). I wish I could be there!!!

Father’s Difference:
Take a moment and read my article on my Father! The difference he makes touches a lot of lives around the world!

Next Week:
It will be PRIDE Bitches! Look for Ronnie Kroell, KISS FM's DREX and me on the KISS FM float! Be sure to stay tuned into the Pride Guide for all you need to know about activities, events, and Parade info. A special thank you to Richard Pfeiffer and his team at PRIDE Chicago. Their hard work and dedication make us all proud!

SHOUT OUTS: Cheers to ALL the DRAG QUEENS IN CHICAGO, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , Cutie, Steve Rollins, The HOT, Clay Hinkle, My very best Friend, Isaiah, Fashionista/Date, Ryan Yoder, Facebook Friend and cutie, Jimmy Walsh, My pal, Miss Foozie, Realtor to the stars, Olin, My friends, Advisor Edward, Bill Healy, and Jeremy Ehrhart, The best team a guy could be part of,, and my fuzzy bitch Buffy.

Cheers Queers!!
Wednesday 18 Jun 2008


Citizen With Pride:
In a resent publication of the GO Guide I was asked to share who my favorite LGBT Icon was and way.

You will find no greater fan of Mayor Richard Daley than I am, so I submitted the following:

"Since being voted in as the 54th mayor of Chicago in 1989, Mayor Daley has been a stalwart advocate of LGBT people. He has shown time and time again his compassion and belief in our community. The evidence of this dedication is everywhere! From the rainbow pylons throughout Boystown to his embracing of the 2006 Gay Games, Mayor Daley continues to be one of the community's greatest friends."

Last night he proved me right at the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations' Advisory Council on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in celebration of Pride Month. His speech was out of this world and from the heart!

I am BEYOND Proud to be a citizen of Chicago under his leadership!

RONNIE: welcomes my pal Ronnie Kroell and 103.5 KISS FM to the gayborhood with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour! Come to Roscoe’s, (Roscoe/Halsted) from 9-12 dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great PRIZES - including airfare for two from! KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly

I hope all of you will take a moment and read my article on my Father! He’s an amazing Make A Difference man!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My Date, Ryan Yoder, My best Friend, Isaiah Sweetheart, Steve Rollins, Hot, Clay Hinkle, Facebook Friend whom I’m really enjoying to get to know, Jimmy Walsh, and my old bitch Buff.

Thursday 12 Jun 2008

Bill + Ben = Forever!

Why Is The Brit In The Bathroom:
Due to weather and “Other” distractions, my London friends Rory and David arrived around 11PM on Saturday. By the time they got to where they were staying it would have been 12:30AM before they would have gotten to Boystown. Too bad to because Advisor Edward was hosting us for Champaign and tasty bits at his and Dr. Drew’s flat. It is always a pleasure to be there! It’s warm, charming, and loaded with books! The conversations are also very entertaining. Joining us was Isaiah (Who was sportin a new haircut) and Bill Healy, and Ben Hartman. Edwards upstairs neighbors and their friend also joined in the fun!

Gay Church:
The next morning Isaiah and I joined Rory and David for Brunch at Angelina’s. What a lively place! We had a lovely visit and enjoyed catching up. Hell, I even love to watch them eat. They even do that better than we in the states!

Brett, Philip and all the gang at Angelina’s sure keep everyone well served and entertained! Of course my Lesbian Lover, Amy Gaw is in residence as the brunch bartender. Damn girl makes a pretty good Bloody Mary! Hair of the dog! (Not your hair Buffy!)

Fun Day:
I wanted David to meet Miss Foozie on his trip here. Of course he loved her and the fun at Male Call at Roscoe’s. Joining us was my pals JP and Erin. We also made a stop at Minibar|Winebar for a glass of wine. David loved it there! It was a splendid time!

Happy Birthday Track’s!:
At the invitation of my pal (The damn attractive) Jimmy Kays I went to the Sidetrack 26th Anniversary Party on Tuesday. Joining me was my dear friend Steve Rollins. Gosh was it good to catch up and get some boy (Note: When I say boy I’m not referring to children but rather the male gender.) watching in!

While at Sidetrack I ran into/saw David Kaufman of award winning Kaufman Segal Design, and Circuit Mom’s alter-ego DJ Matthew Harvat. I also saw Kale Ness, Paul Kepner (Enjoying the free Miller Lite’s) and Brian May from afar. It was nice to bump into NITRO Producer Will Harrison. From across the room I saw Center on Halsted’s own, (The super cute) Ian Bonner and Homos Are A Hoot maven, Kevin Hauswirth.

I had the pleasure of running into some of the Minibar|Winebar gang showing their support. Jay, Nick, Kyle, Oryan, and Boystown Icon Linda Little.

Art Johnson Is My Hero!:
For those of you Chicago folks who’ve seen WTTW channel eleven’s special documentary on the history of Chicago’s Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender community called Out & Proud In Chicago you know the name of Sidetracks co-owner, Art Johnson. His recant of the challenging times in the LGBT community made me cry. It was especially nice to see him so happy at the party! (Note: Out & Proud In Chicago is scheduled for one more showing on June 15th at 6:00 PM.

Ronnie And His Fans:
My pals Ronnie Kroell, Bill Healy, and Russell Daugherty met up with me at Minibar|Winebar for a few libations. At one point a terribly kind fan of Ronnie’s named Jim Birren bought us some tasty shots. Ronnie’s friend Steve joined us and we headed back to Sidetrack. While there we ran into community friend, Greg Baird. Introducing him to Ronnie was like introducing God the Father to Jesus the son. These two could change the world!

This Week
Thursday evening, welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to SPIN Nightclub with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour of Boystown and beyond! Come dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great prizes - including airfare for two from! Hot KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly!

I want to encourage you to check out Andersonville Midsommarfest going on Saturday and Sunday in Andersonville! They feature international food, great activities, and lively entertainment on four stages!

Sunday FUN Day
Be sure to hangout with Miss Foozie (See Picture) at Roscoe’s Male Call! It’s always a lot of fun and Foozie will make you feel right at home!

My Father’s Day
This Sunday marks Father’s Day. For those of you who have known me for longer than a minute you know how much I regard my Father! (See Picture) He is a person of deep faith, commitment and love for family. There isn’t a day that goes by where his investment in my life isn’t noticed and welcomed. He is a marvelous parent and a dear friend! I love you Dad!

SHOUT OUTS: My boyfriend to be, Ben Andrews (See Picture Above), Sisters, Trisha, Sunday and Michele, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , My best Friend, Isaiah (Get home safely Stripes!), My friend Johnny M., Boystown Icon, Linda Little (Thanks for saying what you did L.L.!), Sweetheart, Steve Rollins, The damn FINE, Clay Hinkle, Fashionista, Ryan Yoder, Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad, Atty/Hottie, James Frederick, Chicago guy with the hot name, Hunter Lyon, Cutie, Bobby Berry, My new Facebook Friend, Jimmy Walsh, My dear pal Advisor Edward and my straight friend, Jake Wolf, and my sweet bitch Buffy.

Cheers Damit!
Thursday 5 Jun 2008

The British Are Coming!!

Rory & David:
It’s with GREAT joy that I announce the arrival of my dear pals David and Rory (See Picture) arriving from the other side of the pond. Enjoying a national tour of the United States the boys are making a stop in Boystown to visit yours truly and my best friend Isaiah. Straight from the Pimlico Palace itself, Rory and David bring with them a great deal of charm, class and sophistication! Who am I kidding!? Fast-forward to the whole lot of us pissed drunk on Veuve Clicquot! (See Picture Above)

British on British:
Wonderfully Advisor Edward and Doctor Drew have invited us to their home for libations on Saturday evening. If you’ve read my blog before you know how warm and charming their flat is! David and Rory are in for a real treat! (We all are!)

This Week
Thursday evening, welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to CREW Bar & Grill with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour of Boystown and beyond! Come dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great prizes - including airfare for two from! Hot KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly!

Sunday FUN Day
I hope you will all come fellowship with my dear friend Miss Foozie at Roscoe’s for Male Call! It’s always a blast and you even get to see her do a quickie or two!

Afterwards, I hope you will join me at Minibar|Winebar for Sunday FUN Day late night! My buddy DJ Chris Eterno plays the best in music and the men of Minibar take great care. I just love beginning my week there!

SHOUT OUTS: My friend Johnny M., Boystown Icon, Linda Little, My heart, Steve R., The seriously cute, Clay Hinkle,My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , My best Friend, Isaiah, Fashionista, Ryan Yoder, My Sweet Friend, JP, Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad, My High school best pal, Jill Anderson Green, Chicago Cutie with the hot name, Hunter Lyon, My new Facebook Friend, Anthony, My longtime facebook friend, Kiel Wuellner, My dear pals Bill Healy (See Picture) and Kristy Riedel, My workout buddy and former Roommate, Mike Rippe, Sweet Facebook friend, Richard Bidmead, My straight friend, Alex Choren, and my dear bitch Buffy.


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