Monday 7 Jul 2008


Time Off:
It was nice it was to just enjoy time with Friends and my bitch Buffy! There were no promos, agendas, or events that I had to go to. (Sans one meeting on Sunday)

What’s My Name:
I can’t tell you how many times in a week I get asked the question “What’s my name?” I think it’s pretty clear that I meet a lot of people with what I do, but I do not have the gift of remembering names. Sadly, I never have.

Earlier in the weekend someone was offended that I didn’t remember meeting him at an event in March. (Note: No need to test me on this as I will most likely respond from this point on with a kind smile and a joke at your expense.) It’s honestly not the best way to get someone to want to remember your name.

My Friend Justin Meyers always re-introduces himself to me. I’ve known him for some time now and he still does that. In fact, when I saw him from the FM/Smirnoff float during the Gay Pride Parade I could see him saying his name. That’s the way to do it! :-)

Give Me A Beatz:
Any time that I get around DJ Phil DaBeatz I always smile. Let’s face it, the guy just has the gifting to brighten any room he comes in to. Truthfully, I don’t think people know Phil well enough to know that he is more than the great music and entertainment guy about town. He’s got a great heart and a sweet disposition. I’m very proud to call him my pal!

We caught up over a few drinks at Boystown favorite Cornelia’s. I broke health protocols by allowing Bartender John to make me a cosmopolitan. I’ve said it before; I will say it again, the man makes the perfect cosmopolitan and always has the perfect pour as well. (Never over the rim of the glass and never too little beverage) Phil and I enjoyed our tasty fellowship while listening to the sounds of Chicago Piano Man, Ben Hartman

A Shot In The Arm:
Walking down Halsted Phil and I stopped in to Cocktail. As always it was nice to see Bartenders Val and David! We walked in with a greeting worthy of Norm at Cheers, so I suggested a shot was in order. Clearly Val has been learning from our Lesbian sisters as my shot was wonderfully strong. (Side Note: Don’t ya just love the Closet!)

A Harvest of Friends:
As DJ Phil was preparing for his Saturday night residency at Minibar|Winebar, Former Roommate Clyde walked in with his “Friend”. It was great to catch up with Clydee and look at cute guys! Ben Hartman joined us after he was done playing for the evening and then the life of the party, Bill Healy showed up. It had been FOREVER since I’ve seen him! With Bill was our pal Russell Daugherty. He and Clyde seemed to hit it off as the rest of us caught up. The night was made perfect in the arrival of my best friend Isaiah. Anyone who’s been reading my blog for a protracted period of time knows how much I just adore being around Isaiah! He’s just the perfect best friend to have!

On the scene that night, Evan Or and his boyfriend Charles Kerl. Evan Trad and his cute friends also came up to say hello!

I was especially blessed to have Doctor Jason Layman come up and say hello. Jason, you were very kind in what you said to me. I really appreciate it!

I’m Too Sexy Tour at Charlie’s:
This Thursday, welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to Charlie’s with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour! (See Picture) Call in gay to work kids!

Come to Charlie’s at 9PM ready to strut your stuff for some great PRIZES! KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly. Click here for more information.

This Saturday:
Your pal and mine, Miss Foozie will be hosting her FABULOUS Variety Show! (See Picture Above) This show promises to be one for the record books as all of Chicago’s LGBT rich and famous will be there! Come hangout with me!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal (Who will be here soon!), My heart, Greg, The sweet, Jeff Vander Meade, The DAMN FINE, Clay Hinkle, The missed, Hunter B., Long time pal, Billy Berger, Doctor Jason Layman, Facebook Friend, Jimmy Walsh, Advisor Edward (You were missed last week!), Jeremy Ehrhart, and my Chicago family member, my bitch Buffy.

Cheers Queers!!
Tuesday 1 Jul 2008

Pride of the Past!

I’m Too Sexy:
Thursday night, 103.5 KISS FM and Smirnoff * who reminds you to drink responsibly hosted the pre-pride "I'm Too Sexy" event at Hydrate. We had such a blast! My dear friend Ronnie Kroell from Bravo’s “Make Me A Supermodel” joined KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele and I in the hosting duties. We even had a surprise guest star in everyone’s favorite, Miss Foozie. Honestly, that lady could make a paper bag and a phone book fun!

I really want to give a special thank you too all the folks at 103.5 KISS FM and Smirnoff for all their hard work and sponsorship of these “I’m Too Sexy” events! Trust me folks, they are giving back BIG TIME into the LGBT community.

I’m Too Drexy:
For those of you who were listening to
103.5 KISS FM with Drex, & Mel-T you were probably able to hear a familiar voice. ME! Heavens did we have some fun! We spent a few minutes talking about Pride, the parade put on by Richard Pfeiffer and his team at PRIDE Chicago and the great news that Drex was going to be on the KISS FM/ float!

Pride Fest:
Pride Fest on Saturday was a great success! Although there were a few bad weather moments it made for some cozy opportunities with new friends underneath the tent. Thanks to JT, Kevin Anthony, Jordan, Jason, Hunter,’s, Michael Livingston and’s Editor-at-Large, Jason Freeman for all their help and support. Thanks also to’s executive team, Steve, Daniel, Matthew, and Brian, for setting up and tearing down the booth.

Ronnie Kroell and I were on the KISS FM/ float! (See Picture Above) Joining us in the debauchery were some seriously cute boys including my best friend Isaiah and friends Olin, Brian, Steve and my gal-pal, Jake Conrad.

Sadly there was an interruption in the parade when one of the floats ran over a spectator. It seems this individual thought they could run between the truck and the trailer it was pulling and since they were going so slow. This incident held the parade for 45 minutes but we all managed to have fun and dance the time away!

Having KISS FM’s morning DJ, Drex on the float was a real treat! Whenever there was a lull in the noise of the crowd he would yell out “George Bush can kiss my ____”. That got them wound up! Having Drex’s cute producer, Jason on the float was fine with all of us too! This is how we “Do’s It” bitches!

It was SO nice to see friends in the crowd! I saw Advisor Edward, Bill Healy, Russell Daugherty, Jim Halsted, and Freddy Allen & his partner Lance. I also caught the eye of Kirk Williamson From Nightspots. I was so happy to see my dear friends Jeremy Ehrhart, Virginia Jones, and Adrianne Holt! (Gosh, I’ve missed seeing her!)

After Pride:
When we reached the parades end, we all collapsed and regrouped. I have to say that Drex went above and beyond in his work on the float. Don’t let the scepter fool ya! He even lost his voice so Paul, the station manager called in to make arrangements for Drex to have the day off on Monday.

Jake and Isaiah went home and Steve, Olin, Brian, Ronnie, and I went up the street to’s after-parade party at Cesar’s on Broadway. We had such a great time recapping the fun of the parade and enjoying some “Killer Margarita’s”! A special thank you goes to Israel and his entire staff for their great service and tasty food!

From there we all went to Firefly to enjoy some libations. There we ran into super cute Kirk McNamara! He is such a dear person and has one petite bottom. (Wink) With Kirk was Cocktail bartender David and uber cute Jeff Conway. I also met Chicago newcomer, Adam Ballard. Talk about a quality guy! We had so much to talk about and I especially related to his old soul! That type is too rare these days. Watch out boys, he’s a cutie too!

We all moved down to Minibar|Winebar for more libations and to listen to my buddy DJ Phil DaBeatz. How much do I love that guy! He’s so damn gifted at getting the room happy and alive! Of course the staff at M|W worked their butts off. Boystown Icon, Linda Litte was there to show her pride!

Around 9:30 I realized that it was time for Billy to move on home to a comfy couch and a furry Bitch. With a pit-stop at Boystown favorite, Pie Hole Pizza, (I know, I broke the low-cal food for the weekend) I ventured on home. Over all, it was a fun Pride!

Today’s shout out goes to all the amazing people in this world who support their gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gendered daughters, brothers, parents, sons, friends, and co-workers! Without all of the support we get in and too the community our Pride wouldn’t be as evident!

Best wishes!
Saturday 28 Jun 2008


Pride Guide:
Hard to believe that we are already at Pride’s doorstep! I can say with a great deal of authority that a lot of work has gone into preparation for this grand weekend! Club, restaurant, and store owner alike have put out their finest rainbow colored flag and napkin in anticipation of a fun filled weekend!

Wonderfully, the team at have once again produced the Pride Guide; your one stop guide to Chicago’s Pride festivities! With all the events going on in the city this week, you might want to plan ahead!

Pride Fest:
Do stop by and see the boys and me at Pride Fest this Saturday! It goes from 11AM to 9PM. Yours truly will be hosting the Booth with some of the hottest Boystown Boys around! Come get a picture and say hello!

Pride Sunday:
Ronnie Kroell and I will be on the KISS FM/Smirnoff float! Joining us in the debauchery will be none other than KISS FM’s morning DJ, Drex! This is how we “Do’s It” bitches!

I want to say thank you to Richard Pfeiffer and his team at PRIDE Chicago for all their work in making the Pride Parade what it is! Often confused for being the ones who organize the parade, can’t take credit for the awesome service that PRIDE Chicago does for the city’s LGBT community each year. I personally salute Richard and his staff on a job well done!

Happy Pride!
Thursday 19 Jun 2008

Happy Birthday Ben Andrews! Heeeere's RONNIE!

RONNIE & Roscoe’s: welcomes my pal Ronnie Kroell (See Picture Above) and 103.5 KISS FM to the gayborhood with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour at community favorite, Roscoe's. Sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka, who reminds you to drink responsibly!

Come to Roscoe’s, (Roscoe/Halsted) from 9-12 dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great PRIZES - including airfare for two from! SUPER SEXY KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly!

Happy Ben Day:
Happy 23rd Birthday today to my pretend boyfriend, Ben Andrews! (See Picture) If you are in NYC this Friday night, you can celebrate with Ben and all of the boys at HK Lounge (409 W. 39th St. at 9th Ave). I wish I could be there!!!

Father’s Difference:
Take a moment and read my article on my Father! The difference he makes touches a lot of lives around the world!

Next Week:
It will be PRIDE Bitches! Look for Ronnie Kroell, KISS FM's DREX and me on the KISS FM float! Be sure to stay tuned into the Pride Guide for all you need to know about activities, events, and Parade info. A special thank you to Richard Pfeiffer and his team at PRIDE Chicago. Their hard work and dedication make us all proud!

SHOUT OUTS: Cheers to ALL the DRAG QUEENS IN CHICAGO, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , Cutie, Steve Rollins, The HOT, Clay Hinkle, My very best Friend, Isaiah, Fashionista/Date, Ryan Yoder, Facebook Friend and cutie, Jimmy Walsh, My pal, Miss Foozie, Realtor to the stars, Olin, My friends, Advisor Edward, Bill Healy, and Jeremy Ehrhart, The best team a guy could be part of,, and my fuzzy bitch Buffy.

Cheers Queers!!
Wednesday 18 Jun 2008


Citizen With Pride:
In a resent publication of the GO Guide I was asked to share who my favorite LGBT Icon was and way.

You will find no greater fan of Mayor Richard Daley than I am, so I submitted the following:

"Since being voted in as the 54th mayor of Chicago in 1989, Mayor Daley has been a stalwart advocate of LGBT people. He has shown time and time again his compassion and belief in our community. The evidence of this dedication is everywhere! From the rainbow pylons throughout Boystown to his embracing of the 2006 Gay Games, Mayor Daley continues to be one of the community's greatest friends."

Last night he proved me right at the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations' Advisory Council on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in celebration of Pride Month. His speech was out of this world and from the heart!

I am BEYOND Proud to be a citizen of Chicago under his leadership!

RONNIE: welcomes my pal Ronnie Kroell and 103.5 KISS FM to the gayborhood with the "I'm Too Sexy" tour! Come to Roscoe’s, (Roscoe/Halsted) from 9-12 dressed to the nines for the Catwalk and be ready to strut your stuff for some great PRIZES - including airfare for two from! KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele co-hosts with yours truly

I hope all of you will take a moment and read my article on my Father! He’s an amazing Make A Difference man!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My Date, Ryan Yoder, My best Friend, Isaiah Sweetheart, Steve Rollins, Hot, Clay Hinkle, Facebook Friend whom I’m really enjoying to get to know, Jimmy Walsh, and my old bitch Buff.


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