Friday 1 Aug 2008

Old Friends And New!

As A Friend:
Having a few days off to prepare for my upcoming trip to NYC, I found myself with the night free on Tuesday evening. Should I stay in or go out? I’ve not got any promotion to be done so I can just go out and enjoy some fellowship with the boys of Boystown. (Seriously, we’ve got some damn cute guys here!)

Heading to everyone’s favorite Tuesday night spot, Cocktail I wanted to spend some time with my old pal (Not a reference to age; rather length of time we’ve know one another) Miss Foozie. What a fun night I had. I ran into so many friends! My pastor Matt Richards and some of his pals were there. I loved meeting his cute BLOG partner Tony Hoshaw. Clearly the three of us are kindred spirits!

I also ran in to everyone’s favorite cute Sidetrack tall man, Jimmy enjoying an evening off as well. It was so nice to be able to catch up with him! He IS quite a catch and wonderfully he has made Chicago his home!

Foozie was in GREAT form doing what she does so well and bartenders David and Val kept me well stocked on libations. I couldn’t play like it was a weekend just yet as I awaiting the arrival of my bosom friend David Cruse Beal from Singapore.

Twenty-Four Hours of Friendship:
I was so excited to be reunited with my bosom Friend David Cruse Beal (See Picture Above) that I awoke at 6AM. He wasn’t due to arrive until 2:20, but I wanted to get everything ready for him. I ventured out to O’Hare to meet his flight. It was such a Capra-esq (See: Frank Capra; Movie Director. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It’s a Wonderful Life) moment as David came out of customs. Sure enough he looked amazing! I mean, he just got off a 13+ hour flight and he looked like he was ready for the red carpet. (Damn Him!)

Not skipping a beat we jumped into a cab and started our 24 hours of fellowship. We headed straight (As it were) to RL for soup and Bloody Mary’s. I can’t say it enough how much I like RL! It’s worth every dime! Our server Caroline Jung was such a sweet southern delight to be around. Of course GM Rich was on hand greeting everyone by name. (Seriously, he never forgets a person’s name!) RL bartender Russell arrived just in time to add to the sardonic wit and charm that he does to any conversation. We had a perfect time!

Moving up to my flat in Boystown, David and I prepared ourselves for a fun evening with Matt F. and my besti Isaiah We all met up for eats and libations at Winebar. Isaiah always looks great! Boystown Icon, Linda Litte hosted us looking ever so summery (I’m not sure if that’s even a word. Is it Mom?) in her dress.

After enjoying a bit of the cheese plate, we were off in Matt’s cute Mini Cooper to catch a show at Baton Show Lounge. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but it was my first time. Boy was it fun! It was a great honor to meet the famous Chili Pepper! She made Matt her bitch (Not in reference to the dog) and we spent tons of dollars on the dames!

Traveling back to Boystown we enjoyed some fellowship at Sidetrack and Minibar. I promised David that at some point we would enjoy a slice of pizza at Pie Hole Pizza. By that time Isaiah and cute Matt left for the night and we were joined by Teacher Jim and my gal-pal Jake Conrad and his very pretty friend from out of town. It was the perfect way to close the day with David.

David and I awoke early and enjoyed spending time together. We stepped over to Caribou Coffee on Broadway where we caught up on the latest gossip. From there we stopped by my favorite Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread and Wine shop. I could die there! They have every kind of cheese! Owner Greg O’Neill greeted me and told me about some scrumptious new cheeses that were available. We got some tasty sandwiches and eats and headed home to partake.

With my bitch Buffy in hand I walked David outside to catch a cab to the airport. I’m not one for goodbye’s but this one was especially difficult. He’s such a dear friend!

Fellowship Therapy:
Later in the day on Thursday, I joined Advisor Edward for a few glasses of white at Jack’s on Halsted. Of course Bartender Drew took great care of us. It was great to catch up with Advisor Edward!

We stepped up the street to Minibar where I was meeting up with Pink Banana’s Matt Skallerud who was in town for a few days. Talk about a kindred spirit! (Grin) With Matt was International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association Global Ambassador Tom Nibbio He was terribly nice and a joy to introduce to folks.

Matt F. and his friends Cher (Seriously. . .not that one) and John join up to fellowship. DAMN Matt looked good! Also joining in the fellowship was none other than boystown’s newest resident Clay Hinkle and my pal Phillip Trampe. I also ran into John M. who was out with co-workers for a few drinky-pooh’s. My friend DJ Phil DaBeatz was in great form making the music. He just knows how to do it! (Be sure to read the interview with DJ Phil; right here on

Heavens did we enjoy the evening like it was a Saturday! At one point I heard DJ Phil shout, “Oh no he’s not” as Matt and I enjoyed a kiss. What’s wrong with you people? I like to kiss guys like you do! (Laugh Out Loud)

Saying good night to everyone, (Including another kiss or two with Matt) I headed back to my flat; stopping bye to say hello to all my pals at Pie Hole Pizza. What a fun happens there on Thursday nights!

I Do!:
This weekend has some fun times ahead! I will be participating in the wedding of my friends Sandra and Ryan. Having the whole thing planed by my besti Isaiah makes for a good bet that it will be an awesome time! I’m sure I will be out and about as well!

My new neighbor, the damn fine, Clay Hinkle and his equally attractive brother Brett, The wonderful Staff at Minibar who took GREAT care of me on Thursday, The adorable luv, Greg, and my very old bitch Buffy


For a complete listing of events happening today in Boystown and Beyond, check the Event Calendar
I enjoy reading your blogs... but WOW they are getting so long. You're such a busy man you're going to have to start posting daily! Keep up the good work!
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Monday 28 Jul 2008

Giddy With The Girls

A date with Amy & Freddy:
This Thursday night I went with the very cute Matt to see Amy & Freddy perform at the Lakeshore Theater. It was one of their best shows yet! I don’t know what I enjoyed more; watching them or watching Matt watch them for the first time. He was laughing SO much. It’s always such a pleasure to be around Amy & Freddy! I even ran into my longtime pal Scott Parachek! That made it feel even more like old times!

Matt and I walked from the theater to Jack’s on Halsted where we enjoyed a drink. (Thanks for buying Matt!) It was the perfect atmosphere as we were the only ones there. Thanks to Bartender Drew for allowing us to stay while he closed things down for the day. :-) Matt and I closed our evening by enjoying an episode of Will & Grace. It was a perfect night!

Friday evening, Former Roommate Clyde and I met up for some libations. We ran into Jason Lee who was out and about meeting people. How kind was he to give me a lovely gift bag full of goodies! Clydee and I went to meet up with cute Matt and his straight brother at John Barleycorn. Matt wanted to show his brother who was in from out of town, a good time! I’ll tell you what; the folks at John Barleycorn ALWAYS go out of their way to treat me right! (A special thank you to Kyle Hustedt of course!) We had a blast. I even got to meet Matt’s best girlfriend, Cher.

We went from there to Hydrate hear my pal DJ Rodney Becker who was spinning with DJ Brett Locascio. I could listen to Rodney for hours. It was especially nice to hangout more with Matt. He’s really a very sweet person. Sadly since I had a very busy following day, I had to call it an early night. Saying goodbye to everyone; I saved my last goodbye for Matt.

Matt then insisted on walking me home. Oh My God! How charming is that! He gave no consideration to having to wait in the line outside again when he returned. He just took my hand and away we went. I happen to think that may have been my favorite part of the night. With a hug good night we said goodbye. As I darted up the steps to my door I heard Matt say “Wait! I want another hug!” Well, twist my arm! With another hug I was smiling up the steps to my door.

Hey Ladies!:
Saturday night my best friend Isaiah and I hosted our dear friend Sandra Riedel’s Bachelorette Party. What a fun night that was!

Our evening started with dinner and drinks at RL. Seriously, I believe this is my favorite restaurant in the whole city! The ambiance, service, and food are always perfect! My table was blessed with a bottle of Champaign from RL’s Charlie Gitto. He’s too damn nice to me! Attending dinner was none other than the guest of honor Sandra and Isaiah, (See Picture Above) but also Sandra’s mother, Kristy and aunt Heidi. We had the best time!

The Park Hyatt’s Nomi was our next stop. All the girls met us there and we enjoyed getting to know one another. Isaiah put together these lovely gift bags for all the girls with items we bought a few days before. They were a big hit! From there we all went to Le Passage where we were treated like royalty! Our server Dana (Who was hot, by the way!) went above and beyond the call for us! She even brought us shots! If you haven’t been to Le Passage in a while; let me suggest you make it your destination sometime! (Note: I want to give a very special thank you to Le Passage’s Erica Drogoszewski and owner, Matt Linder who arranged everything for me!)

Resident DJ
I headed up to Minibar to meet up with Saturday night resident DJ Phil DaBeatz. We made plans to introduce him to Hydrate’s new monthly resident DJ Scotty Thomson. All the usual suspects were around at Minibar including’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston and his hot Italian visitor, Alex.

It was great to run into (Tonsil free) John M. whom I hadn’t seen in forever. Of course socialite Hunter B. Lyon was holding court with all of his cute friends. I also ran in to my favorite Boystown couple, Mike Rippe (Who looks hot with short buzzed hair) and Philip Trampe! With everyone in tow we headed to Hydrate to see Scotty! It was a blast! I love to watch/listen to him work!

I have to say, it is always weird to head home as the sun is coming up. It makes me feel a bit on the cheap side. Wonderfully my old bitch Buffy was alive and well when I arrived. (Laugh Out Loud)

My bosom friend and Singapore Envoy, David Cruse Beal (See Picture) will in town for 24 hours this Wednesday. We will be enjoying all that Boystown has to offer. If you happen to be out on a school night; do come up and introduce yourself! He’s BEYOND worth it!

SHOUT OUTS: My almost my neighbor, the damn cute, Clay Hinkle and his equally hot brother Brett, All the Girls at the bachelorett party, The awesome Staff at John Barleycorn, Advisor, Edward, The wonderful Staff at Le Passage, The adorable Greg, and my very old bitch Buffy


PS: Be sure to check out the great article by Jason P. Freeman about my friend DJ Phil DaBeatz!
Monday 21 Jul 2008

What’s Sleep!?!?!

Men Will Be Men!:
Saturday night, I attended the bachelor party of Ryan Vanderbilt. Ryan’s friend Chris Amico planed everything, and did a great job! I’ve never seen a “Shot Ski” before, but I can’t say that it was a bad idea. I can’t think of a better way to have four of your best pals take a shot at the same time. Of course Ryan almost barfed at the taste of Jager. (I would too!)

My besti Isaiah and I were a bit out of our element with all these straight guys, but were warmly welcomed. I have to say, I’ve never watched Australian Rules Football before. I am now a big fan! Not one of those guys was ugly and Isaiah and I couldn’t take our eyes of those short shorts! Thanks to my dear pal JR Cranston at John Barleycorn for the wonderful treatment! He has THE BEST staff in Wrigleyville!

Boys, Boys, Boys!:
Texting me throughout the evening was socialite Hunter B. Lyon. He was out with all his cronies at Minibar|Winebar and invited me to join up. Lord knows I needed a bit of the Gayberhood after the testosterone filled bachelor party. (Laugh Out Loud)

With Hunter were (The very cute) Paul Accardi and Andrew Luecke. Of course Saturday night resident DJ Phil DaBeatz was on fire with his music! It was a lot of fun. New friend, Adam Ballard stopped by to join the fun. In tow was cutie Kirk McNamara. He’s just a nice guy! (With a nice a_s!) (Don’t worry Kirk; it’s petite and yet perky!)

Greeting me with a warm hug was none other than Doctor Jason Layman. He always goes out of his way to be kind. I was glad to see that he and Kirk hit it off so well. (Pinky to the mouth) Joining in the fun were cute brothers Mike and Steve Rollins. I also ran into my pal and’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston and his hot Italian visitor. (Yep, DJ Phil and I were enjoying that!)

Mikey (Name withheld to protect his closet status) showed up and joined us all as we migrated to Hydrate, where we ran in to none other than Boystown favorite, Victory!

Amy & Freddy:
This Thursday night, my dear friends Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen (See Picture) will be performing at the Lakeshore Theater

I’ve known my friend Amy for 7 years now. She is always so full of energy and zeal. I’ve always said, as talented as she is in music; she is just as equally talented in being funny. She kills me every time! Freddy is the PERFECT sidekick to Amy and always gives a great show! I just adore that guy! (Don’t worry Lance!)

Hey Ladies!:
Saturday Isaiah and I will be hosting Sandra Riedel’s Bachelorette Party. With stops at the Park Hyatt’s Nomi and Chicago’s favorite Le Passage. If you want to enjoy something different on a Saturday evening, join the girls and me!

Scotty The Hottie
Thanks to the wisdom of Hydrate owner, Mark Lieberson, my buddy DJ Scotty Thomson (See Picture) will be spinning this Saturday evening at Hydrate. Those of you who’ve been reading my blog know how much I love my music. Like my pal Chicago’s DJ Rodney Becker; (Who will be spinning along with DJ Brett Locascio at Hydrate on Friday evening) Scotty brings in the goods! I could listen to him for hours.

Next Week
If you’re around me for a night out and about, you will probably hear me talking about my Parents; my best friend; giving back to your community; or my bosom friend David Cruse Beal (See Picture Above) in Singapore. David is from my hometown of Seattle and is such a dear kindred friend. We’ve fellowshipped all over the world together and have made some serious memories! You will all get the chance to meet him next Wednesday, July 30th. He’s in town for literally 24 hours. This handsome boy who resembles a British royal is worth you coming out to say hello. (Note: Time & location to be announced shortly)

SHOUT OUTS: The cute, adorable, hard working, Greg, My Advisor, Edward and his boss Dr. Drew, Missing this weekend, Bill Healy, The very generous, H. Walker, My almost my neighbor, the damn cute, Clay Hinkle, Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad, Boystown’s charming couples, Freddy & Lance and Mike & Philip, My pals, Brian Douglass, Kyle Hustedt, Alex Choren and JR Cranston, and my very old bitch Buffy

Happy Week!

For a complete listing of events happening today in the community, check the Event Calendar
Thursday 17 Jul 2008

I’m Too Sexy!

Call in gay to work kids!:
Tonight marks that final “I’m Too Sexy” event. welcomes 103.5 KISS FM to Minibar!

Come to Minibar at 9PM ready to win some great PRIZES! KISS FM midday DJ Nina Chantele (See Picture) (Note: I just love her big boobie squishy hugs!) co-hosts with yours truly! DJ Phil DaBeatz (See Picture) will be bringing the sounds!

Smirnoff, (Note: Remember to drink responsibly) has gone above and beyond the call of duty in sponsoring these events! I am personally jazzed at their commitment to the LGBT community. Make no mistake about it, you will see more involvement with Smirnoff in the future!

Guys Night Out!:
Saturday night, I’m honored to be asked to attend the bachelor party of my friend handsome Ryan Vanderbilt. Many of you will remember back in February when Ryan and my dear friend Sandra Riedel announced their engagement! (See Picture) This truly has been a fun event to be a part of.

Although Ryan’s friend Chris is planning this testosterone event, I have made arrangements with Boystown’s favorite, "Gay Manager of a Straight Venue", JR Cranston to have our group spend some time in VIP treatment at John Barleycorn. It should be a blast.

Ladies Night Out!:
Next week my besti Isaiah and I are hosting Sandra’s Bachelorette Party. I can’t go into too many details just yet, but I can tell you that I’ve arranged some amazing perks for the evening. I guess being the Mayor of Boystown has its privileges!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal (Note: You will all get the chance to meet him on July 30th), Advisor Edward, (Where have you “bean?”), Happy Birthday this Friday to my friend, Mark Liberson, My workout partner, Mike Rippe, My pal DJ Phil, Your friends and mine, H. Walker, Ken Bogard MBA and Chris Bryan, My friend, Ronnie Kroell, Almost my neighbor, the fine, Clay Hinkle, (See Picture) My old bitch Buffy and on my heart & mind a lot this week, Greg!

Friday 11 Jul 2008

193 Days of Bush

Wonderfully, as of this writing we only have 193 days of that nut case George Bush in office. That alone is reason enough to celebrate the weekend!

On my way to the bus Thursday morning I had the marvelous pleasure of running into Boystown Icon, Linda Little! Who needs coffee when you can have a jolt from that high-energy gal! With L.L. was none other than Tommy Segal of Kaufman/Segal Design. Tommy is truly a wonderful gal-pal to Linda and deserves some deserved praise for how he dotes on her!

It’s Raining Men:
Sadly, the I’m Too Sexy event was rained out big time, but gladly the gang from KISS FM, Smirnoff, (Note: Remember to drink responsibly) and were at Charlie’s enjoying each others fellowship. With us was Charlie’s own resident hottie, Dakota. (See Picture Above) Honestly, this terribly kind boy could get me to do just about anything. I heart him!

I was especially happy to meet FFC Halsted personal trainer Ira who stopped by to meet KISS FM DJ/Diva, Nina Chantele! What a nice man! Thanks also to Jason Maldonado and Thomas of Lady Vera Parker fame, for stopping by! (Remember: drink responsibly)

An honorable mention must be said to’s Mike Livingston for coming by last night. Even though he tends to spill more than Amy Winehouse drinks, he sure is a pleasure to have around and always goes out of his way to pitch in!

This Saturday, Miss Foozie (See Picture) is hosting her FABULOUS Variety Show!

Join Miss Foozie and her gifted friends Paula SinClaire, Regina Upright, Tina Torch, DiDa Ritz, and Chicago Mariah for a fun night of acts, tricks, and talents never seen! There’s even a special Appearance by: MikeMail ManKosko

Also, Pie Hole Pizza will be providing free tasty pizza!

SHOUT OUTS: Soon to call Boystown his home, Cute Clay Hinkle, My dear bosom friend, David Cruse Beal , Advisor Edward, Ex, Matthew, The missed ex, Jesse Rubly, From KISS FM, Nicole, My friend, Ronnie, NYC pal, Smeagol, My dear old friend, Christopher Gertsch, Pals Bill Healy, and Jeremy Ehrhart, On my mind, Greg, and my bitch Buffy.

Farewell Fairies!

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