Wednesday 10 Sep 2008

Join Miss Foozie & Bill Pritchard

I hope you will all join Miss Foozie and me tonight, September 10th at the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago benefit Tropicalia!!

This fundraiser at Sidetrack will be a nice evening of libations, laughs, and luminaries.

Tickets are still available; starting at $50 and up.

My besti Isaiah, The cutest couple in Boystown, Mike & Philip, My good pal, Evan Or, and my bitch Buffy

See you tonight!
~Bill Pritchard
Monday 8 Sep 2008


Home Sweet Home:
Well, the good news is that my sainted Parents made it home from the Love Boat. Getting a call from my Mom was SO nice! Listen, no matter how old you become; hearing from one’s Mom makes you feel so calm. Later that day, I got a call from my Father. You have to understand the dynamic of our relationship. He and I speak with each other every day. Hearing his voice and humorous stories of their trip brought me right back home. It’s true; absence makes the heart grow fonder!

With so many fun moments throughout the weekend! One of the highlights was to meet up with Advisor Edward. Our two schedules have prevented us from our usual fellowship and revelry. We met up at Cornelia’s to have some dinner. Between the two of us, we sure can talk the night away. (It was made better of course by the sounds of Ben Hartman on the main room strings.) I was uber impressed with Edward’s slight of hand as I tried to help pay for dinner and drinks! Like a stealthy Scotland Yard operative, he maneuvered my bank card behind the comment slip in the bill book. Connor our server was none the wiser about it. I can’t thank you enough for treating me Advisor!

We headed down the street to enjoy a libation at Scarlet. In route we ran into a number of good looking guys for us to admire. Keeping up with that motif, we were greeted by the very cute events manager/bartender Tom Dziarmaga. (See Picture) Always with a smile on his face, he took care of our drink orders and looked ever so FINE in his jeans. (What!?!? I can say that!)

We ran into Mike Thompson and Pete Hillman, the owners of Chicago favorite, SIR Spa. (See Picture) They were with one of my all time favorite cute guys, Mitch. It was kind of funny that we ran into them. Not an hour before I was telling Advisor Edward that he needed to try them out. What a special treat that place is!

The Socialite:
This weekend, I was blessed to be able to arrange a time to fellowship with Boystown Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon. What can I say, the guy has a great presence and joy. Agreeing to meet at Minibar, I walked in to hear something very unusual. DJ Phil DaBeatz mix was interwoven with rock songs of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Honestly, every song became better then the last and he had the whole place in a frenzied walk down memory lane.

I ran into my friends Jim Gregory, Kara and Marc who had VIP seating by the DJ booth. It was nice to catch up with them. Jim wanted to introduce me to The Gift Theater’s, Evan Lee. (Be sure and see their show “Streamers”!) Evan was a real nice guy with great energy!

Moments later, Socialite Hunter B. Lyon (See Picture Above) came in. I swear that guy always has the big-a_s grin on his face. It’s one of the many reasons why people like being around him. With Hunter was my new friend, Vlad. Vlad is one damn sweet guy with a heap of potential. I’ve not met anyone in a long time with that kind of love for the political system. Needless to say, he and I get lost in conversation whenever we’ve gotten together. Hunter introduced me to his super cute friends, Paul Rosenkranz and Joey. (Sorry I don’t know your last name Joey!)

Happy James:
Celebrating his birthday was my pal, James Goeke. I ran into he and all his friends including everyone’s favorite Barney’s haberdasher, Jeffrey Wondrely and my besti Isaiah. (I adore running into him!)

Stopping by to say hello and have some fellowship was Scarlet’s favorite son, Mike Kosko, photog, Jay Shaff and man about town, Tommy Holl. It was great to catch up with all of them!

AIDS Legal Council of Chicago:
I hope you will all join Miss Foozie and me this Wednesday September 10th at the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago benefit Tropicalia!! This fundraiser at Sidetrack promises to be a charming evening of tastes and treats. With tickets starting at $50 and up, you can be sure to make a marvelous evening for you and a date!

You Outta Be In Pictures:
This is your chance to be a famous model, as Instinct Magazine and UnderGear sponsor the "Model Star" Casting Call! (See Picture) on September 12th at 7:00 p.m.

Join me at Hydrate as I host this thrilling event giving the chance for a lucky Chicago guy to appear on the cover of the Spring 2009 UnderGear catalog and also appear on an upcoming cover and fashion spread in Instinct Magazine.


Save The Date:
This September 13th is TPAN’s Aware Affair: SUPERHEROS Gala. Yours truly and’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston will be joined by Editor-at-Large, Jason P. Freeman at this popular fundraiser. I have the great honor of accepting an award from TPAN on behalf of everyone at It’s nice to be recognized for our labor of love in the Community!

Afterwards, I will be participating in Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show taking place Saturday at Circuit Nightclub! Make plans to come out for the fun!
 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!

Hometown Friend, Michele Van Der Werff, The hot cab driver I had, My ex, Jesse Rubly, Cute, Matt F, Newlyweds, Sandra & Ryan, Super Sweet, Ross Vigil, My first Chicago Best friend, Jeremy, My dear long lost Greg, My pals, Kyle Hustedt, Alex Choren, plus Boystown's favorite "Gay Manager of a straight venue" JR Cranston, and my very old bitch Buffy

Have a great week!
~Bill Pritchard

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Thursday 4 Sep 2008

Going Out With Miss Foozie.....And Getting Lucky!

Seems like the weekend is more like the start of the week for me! Although most of us had Monday off, it still feels like it’s been a damn busy week! I’m ready for the weekend!

Odd as though it may sound, I miss my Mom and Father! If you’ve been a follower of my writings you know that I am a big fan of my Parents! (See Picture)

This last week they boarded a cruise ship and floated off into the sunset on a 7-day cruise. Although I am uber-happy that they’re relaxing and enjoying themselves, I guess I am used to being able to call them whenever I want to hear their voices. I guess it’s true; absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Making A Difference Next Week:
I hope you will all join my date Miss Foozie (See Picture Above) and me next Wednesday the 10th as the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago hosts Tropicalia! (See Picture) This fundraiser at Sidetrack is guaranteed to be a charming evening of tastes and treats. Of course I'm the lucky one to have my favorite, Miss Foozie with me!

With tickets starting at $50 and up, you can be sure to make a marvelous evening for you and a date! This Make A Difference opportunity is brought to you in part by

Save The Date:
Save the date: Now’s your chance to be famous as Instinct Magazine and UnderGear sponsor the "Model Star" Casting Call (See Picture) at Hydrate on September 12th at 7:00 p.m. Join yours truly as I host this thrilling event giving the chance for a lucky Chicago guy to appear on the cover of the Spring 2009 UnderGear catalog and also appear on an upcoming cover and fashion spread in Instinct Magazine.


My dear friend, Ronnie Kroell (Featured on the cover of Instinct Magazine), My new Facebook friends, Davis Mallory, Karlen Beitman, DJ Susan Morabito, Anthony D'Amato, DJ Tracy Young, Leah Neaderthal, plus the DAMN HOT, Alex LaCrosse and my old bitch Buffy

Have a great weekend!
~Bill Pritchard

P.S. Remember, Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show taking place Saturday September 13th at 8:00 PM at Circuit Nightclub!
 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!

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Tuesday 2 Sep 2008

Happy Birthday To You David Cruse Beal!

Labor Gay Weekend:
I don’t know about you, but I really treasured the extended weekend we just had! Staying in on Friday evening, I was ready for a fun filled Saturday night! I knew it was going to be a busy one, but I was determined not to let my job of showing face at every event get in the way of having a good time.

My evening started with another charming date with Arthur Chaney. Being that it was a perfect day outside, we opted to sit outside of Boystown favorite Cornelia’s. They have the perfect outdoor patio and the sounds of piano man Ben Hartman make it the quintessential ideal date location! Loosing time with each other seems to be an easy thing for us. I find Artie’s real and honest nature to be very refreshing!

Wet Hole:
We moved our fellowship down to Pie Hole Pizza where I’ve started a new tradition. Being that they have a full bar, I like to go in sometime over the weekend to “Start” my evening of bar hopping with a drink there. Seriously, have you been in on a Friday or Saturday night? They have some of the greatest music (by owner DJ Doug Brandt) playing and a number of cute guys serving!

Stars & Stripes:
Getting a few texts from my besti, Isaiah, we headed down to Minibar|Winebar. Although he would disagree, DJ Phil DaBeatz was spinning a great set as I walked in.

Always looking cute, Isaiah was talking with our friend Jim Gregory. It was a true pleasure to run into my long lost friend and former roommate, Mike Rippe with his sweet boyfriend Philip Trampe. It had been forever since I’d seen the boys! It was great to catch up a bit. Clay & Andy were also there.

Joining in the fun was Boystown Socialite Hunter B. Lyon. With Hunter was his pals Nathan and Austin. They’re nice guys. I really enjoyed helping Austin unfold his arms every few minutes. Nathan is as hungry for wisdom/knowledge about life/politics as he is cute! I’ll tell you, it’s damn refreshing to run into people like that! Sadly it’s too rare.

Taking a quick walk around I ran in to none other than the Paris Hilton of Boystown, Evan Or. Gosh, I love that kid! He’s so smart and well-traveled. Seems Ev is newly single too. Boys, take my word for it, he’s worth asking out! His knowledge of Star Trek lore (Not Data’s brother) alone makes him worthy.

My friend DJ Scotty Thomson was DJ’ing at his monthly residency at Hydrate on Saturday, so I headed up there to hear him. I’m not going to go into what it is that I like about watching/listening to DJ’s. Sufficed to say, it is somewhat of a religious experience for me!

Sunday FUN Day:
Enjoying a relaxing day of water and fellowship with my bitch Buffy I was super excited for the evening to begin.

I headed to Roscoe’s to see Miss Foozie at Male Call. Sweet Lord, it was packed with a trillion drunk people. It seems that everyone started early that afternoon. Taking a few moments to connect with my favorite, Foozie, I headed across the street to Cocktail to meet up with my dear friend Adrienne Holt. (See Picture)

It had been forever since Adrienne and I hungout. She is such a joy to be around and has the best sense of humor. We caught up on life and talked about future plans. We were then joined by three lovely friends of Adrienne; Ashley, CJ, and Allison. They were all so pretty.

Walking by the window were my pals John Reilly and Phil Roush. I hailed them in. They sure added some great energy to our fellowship. Joining us in camaraderie was my friend Scotty Thomson; who decided to stay in town a few extra days before returning back to New York. By that time Bartender Val had us all so tipsy we were a damn hot mess. (Side Note: Cocktail owner, Geno has really outdone himself in the selection of his dancers. Not one of them were unattractive. Quite the distraction, really!)

Seen passing by was none other than Bill Healy with his posse of pals, Russell Daugherty, Paul & Boyd, and Lance & husband Freddy Allen! (Reminder: Freddy and Amy will be at the Lakeshore Theater on September 18th)

Heading over to hear the great sounds of my pal DJ Chris Eterno at Minibar|Winebar I had the pleasure of running into Advisor Edward. It had been (Pronounced “bean”) since the end of July since I’ve seen him. It was SO nice to catch up and enjoy a libation. He looked so good too! I’ve missed him!

Ode to David Cruse Beal:
If you’ve read my blog before, you have undoubtedly heard me mention my dear friend David Cruse Beal (See Picture Above) in Singapore. Today is David’s 29th birthday and although he only looks like he’s twenty, (I’m jealous) he sure deserves this birthday mention. I count him as one of my very closest friends and I miss him dearly. Recall his most resent visit to Boystown. I’m still living off of that high! Happy Birthday my friend! I love you!

My Parents on the cruise to Alaska (Where’s your life vest?), The very missed, Greg, Gal-Pal Jake Conrad, My dear friend whom I miss, Ronnie Kroell, my ex, Jesse Rubly (Thank you for the texts this last weekend!), Former roommate, Clyde Allred, and my old bitch Buffy

~Bill Pritchard

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Saturday 30 Aug 2008

You’re So Gay!

Thursday night I had a chance to hangout with my pal Clay Hinkle. We’d been meaning to meet up for quite a while, but my travel schedule really got in the way. Clay and his brother Brett just moved into the Gayberhood to go to school.

I met Clay through my pal Philip Trampe a few months ago. He’s seriously one of the most normal people I know. I think that’s why everyone likes being around him. Seems like I inherited a good pal!

We caught up on the latest gossip and summer recap over dinner at Cornelia’s. I treated myself to a few of Bartender John’s signature cosmos. They are ALWAYS perfect!

From there Clay and I met up with my gal-pal Jake Conrad. I don’t know what it is about that boy, but he looks like he’s been working out or something! (Wink!)

Ode To Doug:
I wanted to stop by Pie Hole Pizza’s open mic night called Poetic Hole. What a FUN time! So many came out and it really had a neighborhood feel to it. In honor of my visit I planned and thought up a poem in honor of DJ Doug Brandt. Although it was completely extemporaneous it did mention something about his “sausage”. (Pizza, that is!)

From there we went to Cocktail where I ran into everyone! It was so much fun! I saw my favorite Doctor Jason Layman and the super sweet Ryan Yoder; who’s sportin a new man in his life. I ADORE seeing Ryan happy like that. He sure deserves it.

Thursday night was Bar AIDS and Cocktail was one of the participating bars. They donated a portion of their proceeds to benefit AIDSCare! On the way out of Cocktail, I ran into my friend Jason Lee too.

We headed over to Minibar to see and hear DJ Phil DaBeatz. Ya know, I can’t say enough how much I care for that guy. He’s just good people!

(Be sure to read the interview with DJ Phil; right here on

Clearly having a great time, Clay and I headed our drunk bums home. Walking in to my sweet bitch Buffy rolling all over the place was a nice sight to see. The old girl (She’s 18) is still so playful and the perfect welcome home present every day!

A great evening to be sure and the best start to a long weekend!

Circuit Night Club is hosting Nitro tonight with DJ DeMarko! My dear pal Miss Foozie hosts "The Alien Invasion" themed-party with décor by my neighbor and pal Visuwil!

One of my favorite DJ's in the whole world, DJ Scotty Thomson (See Picture Above) will be at his new monthly residency Hydrate tonight! With All this great activity in the Gayberhood this evening; its safe to say that I will be getting around! (As it were

For a complete listing of events happening today in and around Boystown, check the Event Calendar!

Advisor Edward, My Besti, Isaiah, The adorable luv, Greg, Socialite Hunter B. Lyon and my very old bitch Buffy


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