Friday 19 Sep 2008

TGIF Bitches!

Amy & Freddy:
Last night I was joined by Boystown’s favorite, Johnny Reilly at the Amy and Freddy show at Lakeshore Theater. Yeeehaw, it was a damn fun time! This month they had a “country” theme. The audience was even privy to two (That’s 2!) solo performances by Freddy. Don’t you think he is just the sweetest! (Sigh)

Scarlet Letter:
After the big show, we headed over to Scarlet to grab a tasty libation. SWEET LORD it was “Frat Night”! Have you been there on a Thursday? Scarlet’s Mike Kosko has made a campus of his own with drinking games, (Hello Flip-cup!) guitar hero, and some seriously cute bartenders. I was blessed to be served by the super cute William French. Don’t you just LOVE his name!?

Shorn Pizza:
I stoped by everyone’s favorite Pie Hole Pizza on the way home. I wanted to see who was participating in Poetic Hole; their weekly open microphone night. Seriously, I am SO impressed with the expression that goes on there! I was even convinced to get up and give an off the cuff poem about grooming. I have to say I was happy with it. (Was anyone within earshot to hear it?)

SHOUT OUTS: Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew, (Whom I saw on my way to the Lakeshore Theater) My friend, Bill Healy, My besti, Isaiah (Who I missed by just seconds), Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan Or, Birthday guy, Dexter, and of course, my dear old bitch Buffy (See Picture Above)

Cheers to the weekend!
~Bill Pritchard
You've got that right Monique! She's a little fuz ball! ~Bill
Posted by CPBill on Fri, 9/19/2008 11:38 AM
You are always welcome Johnny! See you out this weekend pal! ~Bill
Posted by CPBill on Fri, 9/19/2008 11:39 AM
"Shorn" pizza... cute! My balls will never feel the same after your words of... of words. Thanks for stopping by Pie Hole and bringing QUITE a different perspective, as always! lol
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Thursday 18 Sep 2008

Cheers To Amy & Freddy!

I’m so delighted that the weekend is near! I’m seriously in the mood to forget about any responsibilities and just relax with friends!

A Proud Friend:

Sure, you may be sick of hearing me always praise my bestfriend Isaiah, (See Picture) but this is my BLOG and I can pretty much say whatever I feel. (Grin) I hope you will all check out Isaiah’s write up about Good vs. Evil on Glossed & Found online magazine. He truly IS the “Go To Guy”!


Be sure to vote for Boystown’s own Tommy Andrika (See Picture) for Metromix’s 2008 Bartender of the year! Tommy bartends at Minibar|Winebar. You can vote for Tommy here!

By the way, have you Registered to vote in the next Presidential election? There is still time, but you need to act soon. Seriously, times are tough for everyone and we all need to get involved!

See Amy & Freddy TONIGHT:

Thursday, September 18th, my friends Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen (See Picture Above) will be performing at the Lakeshore Theater. Be sure to join me!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My new Boystown Crush,  New York Boys, Mark & Jon, Advisor Edward, My Facebook friend, Mike Koenig, My pals, Mister Walker, Bill Healy, and my dear old bitch Buffy

Here comes the weekend!

~Bill Pritchard
Monday 15 Sep 2008


And The Winner Is:
Pictures will be coming soon from Instinct Magazine and UnderGear’s "Model Star" Casting Call at Hydrate on Friday. Produced by my friend Marcus Reynaga and his team, Boystown gave one serious addition to the National search in Alex. (See Picture by the fabulous Alice Llaban Encababian) I’ll tell you what; I am one lucky man to have been asked to host! There were some seriously HOT entries!

The Difference Made:
Saturday I joined’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston at TPAN's annual Aware Affair. What a fabulous event, coordinated by TPAN’s Special Events Manager Rhett Lindsay. The sumptuous comfort food alone, made the event for me.

Of course the entertainment was off the hook! (You’re the best Rhett!) They had some of the hottest guys dressed (See Picture Above) in heroic regalia walking around! In addition there was a train of caped girls roller skating around the venue. It was a lot of fun.

Having Mike around is like strolling with Karen Walker. He’s a kindred spirit! Also in attendance was Jim Gregory (He was one of the aforementioned guys dressed as a super hero) and Jason Lee; both of whom worked at’s Market Days booth this year. I was also able to fellowship with’s Editor at Large, Jason P. Freeman and his date.

Aware Affair Award:
One of the reasons that I attended the TPAN event was to accept an award on behalf of (See Picture) Representing’s President, Matthew Inawat and Senior Executive Vice President, Steve Long in accepting this award was an honor. In addition to the countless people that make function; the three of us truly were blessed to be recognized for what we consider a labor of love!

Foozie Function:
It’s always a pleasure to be a part of anything Miss Foozie does! She hosted her Fabulous Varity Show at Circuit Nightclub. The night was dedicated to here gal-pal Paula SinClaire; with performances by Velicity Metropolis, Thersa Dawn, Lila Star and Kaycee Ortiz. To top it off Boystown favorite, Pie Hole Pizza provided some tasty pizza’s courtesy of owner, DJ Doug Brandt. I can’t remember a better show! The next one will be October 11th.

Where is Vlad!:
Heading to Minibar to meet up with my besti, Isaiah I had a leisurely stroll with Mike through rainy Boystown. Walking in to the sounds of DJ Phil DaBeatz I was greeted by a whole host of people; including Clay Hinkle, Andy Kaim and Philip Trampe. (Missing was Mike Rippe)

I found Isaiah and caught up with him on the happenings of his evening. (Sidebar: It has to be said that I really enjoy being Isaiah’s friend! He is one of the most normal, well adjusted, and thoughtful people I know! Knowing him as long as I have and in various roles; he has assumed a role that I am honored to have him fill; that of family!)

It was so nice to connect with Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon! (See Picture) I thought he was to be out of town, so I was pleasantly surprised. With Hunter B. was the super cute, Paul Rosenkranz. (See Picture) Paul is one interesting guy. I am enjoying getting to know him! Joining us a bit later was Austin Hoover (See Picture) and my gal-pal, Jake Conrad. (See Picture) Boystown twins, Ryan Andrew and Kevin Anthony came in with their cameras at the ready and their posse nearby. Of course we were all blessed at the arrival of everyone’s favorite, VICTORY. He has SO much energy!

I was equally blessed to run into my friends Ben Hartman, and Holley Mouser. Scarlet’s favorite son, Mike Kosko even stopped by to say hello too! (Side note: Check out Mike on page 31 of the latest Time Out Chicago!) It was a special treat to run in to JP Quirk and Erin Cauley as well!

Fellowshipping until the wee hours; with a stop at Hydrate, I was ready to get home. The only thing that was missed over the evening’s festivities was hanging out with the sweet Vlad!

Sunday None Day:
I enjoyed a quiet rainy day doing nothing at all. It was just my bitch Buffy and me with a weekend recap phone call with Isaiah. I really enjoyed this down time and I got some GREAT rest!

Be sure to vote for Boystown’s own Tommy Andrika for Metromix’s 2008 Bartender of the year!

Tommy (See Picture) has worked several different jobs at Minibar|Winebar before settling behind the bar about a year ago. You can see Tommy every Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings; Saturday and Sunday afternoons too. Vote for Tommy here!

(Side note: If you've not Registered to vote in the next Presidential election, what are you waiting for? Do it NOW!)

SHOUT OUTS: Greg, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, my ex, Jesse Rubly, Former roommate, Mike Rippe, Advisor Edward, My good friends, Bill Healy, Alex Choren, Matt F., and Jason Maldonado, My dear friend Ronnie Kroell and my dear old skinny bitch Buffy

Have a GREAT week!
~Bill Pritchard

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Friday 12 Sep 2008

Say Cheese!

A Date With Miss Foozie:
For years, I’ve been singing the praises of my Friend, Miss Foozie. She never ceases to amaze me. Wonderfully she agreed to be my date (See Picture) to the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago benefit Tropicalia! among others, sponsored the well attended event at Sidetrack. I was so pleased that the hard work of ALCC’s Director of Development, Ricardo Cifuentes paid off so well. This Make A Difference group really impacts a lot of lives!

I was overjoyed to run into the Feast of Fools boys, Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós. I see why they are so popular! We had a lot of fun chit-chatting. That Fausto seems to be one kindred spirit. (See Picture) If you’ve not heard their pod cast, be sure and check out one of their recent ones with’s own Jay Shaff.

I also ran into my long time gal-pal (I have a few) Ryan Yoder. (See Picture Above) Anyone who knows Ryan can testify just how vibrant and alive this chap is. He’s funny, witty, articulate and well. . .as you can see, cute! I am so proud of Ryan and equally as proud to call him my friend.

Tee Many Martoonies:
I don’t know what it is about people buying me a drink. They don’t do it when I really need it; rather they do it when I don’t. (Ha Ha Ha!) Heading home to my beckoning Bitch and bed, I was intercepted by my dear friend Advisor Edward. I should have taken the cry-way. (def: The back alleys where one goes to cry; or run home two go #2. A place to avoid the general public on the way to and from home) Edward was with Dr. Drew and Piano Man, Ben Hartman at Cocktail. I can hardly resist when they ask for fellowship. Clearly I was WAY over my limit on the adult beverage, but I pressed on. Somehow, I made it home to enjoy a good nights rest; in my suit. (Laughs Out Loud)

Visit Seattle:
Thursday night I was delighted to fellowship with my dear friend Rusty Martin (The Conquer) from Seattle. I’ve known Rusty for a long time and have seen him grow into quite a marvelous man. Rusty is traveling with his co-worker and pal Greg Scheaffer. (See Picture) Greg won this “Gaycation” and is bent on meeting every cute boy in Boystown that he can. (Wink) I think it helped his cause to enjoy a few libations at Minibar|Winebar!

Joining us was Instinct Magazine’s, Marcus Reynaga and his equally hot boyfriend (Who freelances for Instinct Magazine) Mark-Austin Rowell. (See Picture) With our event going on tonight, we wanted to meet up and enjoy some fellowship the night before. These California boys sure know how to enjoy themselves! I’ve found some new friends!

With stops at Cocktail and Hydrate, before heading home; I was glad to get back to my humble flat and my sleepy Bitch.

Tonight is your chance to be a famous model, as Instinct Magazine and UnderGear sponsor the "Model Star" Casting Call at Hydrate. One lucky Chicago guy will win the chance to go to New York to compete in the model search and possibly win the grand package of appearing on the cover of the Spring 2009 UnderGear catalog and also appear on an upcoming cover and fashion spread in Instinct Magazine. Whether you audition or observe, this will be one HOT event!

Don’t Forget:
Miss Foozie’s Fabulous Varity Show taking place Saturday at Circuit Nightclub! Make plans to come out for the fun! Be sure to get on the VIP List for complimentary admission.
 Miss Foozie's FABULOUS Variety Show!

For a complete listing of events happening today in Boystown and Beyond, check the Event Calendar

My Besti, Isaiah, Socialite Hunter B. Lyon, Hometown Friend, My first Chicago Best friend, Jeremy, My dear long lost luv, Greg, and my very old bitch Buffy

~Bill Pritchard
Wednesday 10 Sep 2008

Join Miss Foozie & Bill Pritchard

I hope you will all join Miss Foozie and me tonight, September 10th at the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago benefit Tropicalia!!

This fundraiser at Sidetrack will be a nice evening of libations, laughs, and luminaries.

Tickets are still available; starting at $50 and up.

My besti Isaiah, The cutest couple in Boystown, Mike & Philip, My good pal, Evan Or, and my bitch Buffy

See you tonight!
~Bill Pritchard

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