Thursday 25 Sep 2008

Ice Scream For Ben Andrews

Ice Cream, You Scream:
This Thursday at Chicago area Cold Stone Creamery’s you can get FREE Ice Cream! With a simple donation to the Make A Wish Foundation, you not only Make A Difference, but you get a tasty treat. You will find me at the Boystown location.

Upcoming Weekend:
Join me at CREW Bar & Grill this Friday for the Presidential Debate Watch Party at 8:00 PM. It’s time now for you to really get involved! If you’ve not done so, Register to vote in the upcoming Presidential election!

Don’t miss out on the Chicago Public School’s Fundraiser Friday night at 10 PM at Scarlet

Saturday’s in The House:
Enjoying the fellowship with William French at his house warming party on Saturday night I will then be jetting off to Circuit Nightclub to see Miss Foozie and Visuwil at NIRTO: Prehistoric. Of course I will then make my way to hangout with my boy DJ Scotty Thomson at Hydrate!

Have you been hit with the cold/crud going around???

My future husband, Ben Andrews (See Picture Above) My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My Boystown Crush, Kirk McNamara, My best friend Isaiah and of course, my bitch Buffy

~Bill Pritchard

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Monday 22 Sep 2008

Vote For LANCE

Hey BLOG readers! Do me a fave and vote for my boy Lance Bass! (See Picture Above)

Looking for something to do tonight?? Join me at 10PM for a few libations at Minibar in honor of the birthday of my Gal-Pal, Jake Conrad.

~Bill Pritchard
Monday 22 Sep 2008

A Toast To Vlad!

Why do people ruin chicken salad by putting raisins in it!?!?!???

Weekend Update:
Was it just me, or was everyone in the world out and about this weekend? I saw lines coming out of various Boystown venues. I love to see the economy of Boystown booming in the midst of our lousy national economy!

I hope that you had a nice weekend! Mine was sprinkled with a bit of work here and there, but fun nonetheless. I was blessed once again to have some fellowship with the Socialite, Hunter B. Lyon. (See Picture) I swear to you, we are brothers separated at birth (And a few years)

It was especially nice to have a bit of koinonia (The Greek word that means communion by intimate participation) with Paul Rosie! Aside from his damn good looks, this guy has a lot to say and clearly a lot of experiences to share! Seriously, don’t you just love people like that!

Fellowship of Friendship:
I was a lucky fella to be able to hangout with my besti, Isaiah a few times. As busy as that boy is with school and his work with Chicago Social Magazine, I relish every moment that we get to spend with each other.

Happy Birthday:
Birthday wishes today go to Gal-pal, Jake Conrad. (See Picture Above) Welcome to the world of legality!

SIGHTINGS: Super cute, Arthur Chaney; Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew, at Boystown favorite, Cornelia’s; Boystown crush, Kirk McNamara; (See Picture) Newly shorn, Austin Hoover and his dancing friend Paul; Soap mavin, Jim E. Gregory, Boystown twins, Ryan Andrew and Kevin Anthony, posing for the cameras; Admiral Chris Harnack; Quick texter, Geo Kartheiser; DJ Phil DaBeatz; Scarlet’s Thursday night hostess, Mike Kosko;’s Enterprise Brand Manager Mike Livingston and his cute (TALL) friend!

MISSING: The very sweet, Vlad. (You know who you are!); Kindred spirit, John Reilly; My Mom and Father!

SHOUT OUTS: My friend, Bill Healy, Greg, My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan Or, My new Facebook friend, Rick Lyons, H. Walker, DJ Scotty Thomson and of course, my dear old bitch Buffy

Happy Monday!
~Bill Pritchard

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Friday 19 Sep 2008

TGIF Bitches!

Amy & Freddy:
Last night I was joined by Boystown’s favorite, Johnny Reilly at the Amy and Freddy show at Lakeshore Theater. Yeeehaw, it was a damn fun time! This month they had a “country” theme. The audience was even privy to two (That’s 2!) solo performances by Freddy. Don’t you think he is just the sweetest! (Sigh)

Scarlet Letter:
After the big show, we headed over to Scarlet to grab a tasty libation. SWEET LORD it was “Frat Night”! Have you been there on a Thursday? Scarlet’s Mike Kosko has made a campus of his own with drinking games, (Hello Flip-cup!) guitar hero, and some seriously cute bartenders. I was blessed to be served by the super cute William French. Don’t you just LOVE his name!?

Shorn Pizza:
I stoped by everyone’s favorite Pie Hole Pizza on the way home. I wanted to see who was participating in Poetic Hole; their weekly open microphone night. Seriously, I am SO impressed with the expression that goes on there! I was even convinced to get up and give an off the cuff poem about grooming. I have to say I was happy with it. (Was anyone within earshot to hear it?)

SHOUT OUTS: Advisor Edward and Dr. Drew, (Whom I saw on my way to the Lakeshore Theater) My friend, Bill Healy, My besti, Isaiah (Who I missed by just seconds), Boystown’s Paris Hilton, Evan Or, Birthday guy, Dexter, and of course, my dear old bitch Buffy (See Picture Above)

Cheers to the weekend!
~Bill Pritchard
Thursday 18 Sep 2008

Cheers To Amy & Freddy!

I’m so delighted that the weekend is near! I’m seriously in the mood to forget about any responsibilities and just relax with friends!

A Proud Friend:
Sure, you may be sick of hearing me always praise my bestfriend Isaiah, (See Picture) but this is my BLOG and I can pretty much say whatever I feel. (Grin) I hope you will all check out Isaiah’s write up about Good vs. Evil on Glossed & Found online magazine. He truly IS the “Go To Guy”!

Be sure to vote for Boystown’s own Tommy Andrika (See Picture) for Metromix’s 2008 Bartender of the year! Tommy bartends at Minibar|Winebar. You can vote for Tommy here!

By the way, have you Registered to vote in the next Presidential election? There is still time, but you need to act soon. Seriously, times are tough for everyone and we all need to get involved!

See Amy & Freddy TONIGHT:
Thursday, September 18th, my friends Amy Armstrong and Freddy Allen (See Picture Above) will be performing at the Lakeshore Theater. Be sure to join me!

SHOUT OUTS: My bosom friend, David Cruse Beal, My new Boystown Crush, Kirk McNamara, (See Picture) New York Boys, Mark & Jon, Advisor Edward, My Facebook friend, Mike Koenig, My pals, Mister Walker, Bill Healy, and my dear old bitch Buffy

Here comes the weekend!
~Bill Pritchard

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